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JJ da Boss and wife accident – Did JJ the Boss wife passed away?

Here’s why Tricia Day was in a wheelchair in 2022:


Tricia Day is considered in many racing circles to be the queen of the Memphis street racing scene.

She is, after all, married to Street Outlaws: Memphis icon JJ Da Boss.

So, when Tricia “Midget” Day showed up on social media and on the Discovery network’s latest episode of the hit show in a wheelchair—fans were alarmed.

They took to social media to find out what was going on, and what was wrong with the street racing starlet.

Tricia set the record straight, telling fans:

“[I know it] looks bad but is only temporary.”

As it turned out, Tricia and her reality television street racer husband had been in a pretty serious car wreck.

Fortunately, the pair survived it, but that wasn’t much consolation to JJ, who tweeted:

“I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to who I was before the accident.”

Here’s everything we know about JJ Da Boss and his wife’s accident.


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When did JJ Da Boss and his wife get into a car accident?

On January 12, 2022, a fan posted to the Deep South Street Racing page to share that the couple had been involved in a crash.

At the time, they were filming Street Outlaws: America’s List in South Texas, and it is believed they had been driving separate vehicles.

The post included several photos, showing multiple damaged vehicles on the scene.

As it turned out, both JJ Da Boss and his wife Tricia had crashed their cars on the same night.

JJ’s wife was in bad shape, and was taken immediately to the hospital, while JJ had paramedics checking him over at the scene.

From there, JJ was also moved to hospital, where both he and his wife were being treated over the next few days.


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What happened to cause the car accident JJ Da Boss and his wife were involved in?

Both JJ Da Boss and his wife were experienced drivers—even at the kinds of high speeds involved in filming Street Outlaws: America’s List.

That was the reason many fans couldn’t help but speculate as to what had gone wrong.

JJ—whose real name is Jonathan—and Tricia both remained quiet on the circumstances surrounding their accident for those first few months.

The Discovery network, which produces the hit show and its spin-offs, did the same.

But one unofficial recap included a comment from someone who claimed to be at the site when the accident took place.

The commenter, who has since deleted their post, shared that JJ’s vehicle had caught fire and he had crossed the center line.

From there, his vehicle hit Tricia’s, which pushed it into three minivans housing the filming equipment. JJ’s vehicle rolled.


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Has JJ Da Boss been in another car accident?

Sadly for JJ Da Boss, this wasn’t the first time he’d been involved in a serious car crash.

He revealed in an interview that he was once in a wreck after falling asleep at the wheel.

His vehicle struck a concrete culvert at around 50 miles per hour, as he was driving home to Arkansas.

Fortunately, Jonathan’s injuries weren’t too severe—he suffered rib injuries, some cuts and bruises, and a broken hand, and nobody else was hurt in the crash.

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Are JJ Da Boss and his wife OK? Or, did JJ the Boss wife passed away?

The same Facebook page that broke the terrifying news of JJ Da Boss and his wife’s accident posted an update on January 14 when JJ was released from the hospital. He had suffered minor burns to his hands and face, but was expected to make a complete recovery. Tricia wasn’t doing quite so well, though she was bravely working her way through things.

She received hip surgery for her injuries, as well as several other treatments for minor injuries, cuts, and bruises.

After several months of radio silence, JJ’s wife uploaded a video to Facebook at the start of April 2022.

She explained in the Facebook video that while she and JJ were both thankful for all the support and kind words they’d received from fans, the pair had been holed up at home and had lost their mobility “for months.”

She also shared that she had screws in her legs following her hip injury—adding that this was the reason she had been in a wheelchair.

That month, one of the screws was removed, and she was excited to be on the mend.

Fast forward to July of 2022, and the pair seem pretty much back to normal.

JJ has been seen in the background of Midget’s live streams as he works on his cars.

JJ has also been spotted hosting racing events through the summer and fall and is scheduled to appear for the showdown between himself and Kye Kelley at Battlefield Dragstrip in October.

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