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What is JJ da Boss and Precious Cooper relationship?

JJ da Boss and Precious Cooper relationship:


JJ Da Boss is arguably one of reality television’s most famous street racers.

The outspoken, brutally honest personality and star of the Discovery Channel’s hit series Street Outlaws: Memphis has gained a massive following for himself.

JJ has always been a family man, too—kind of hard not to be if you have 11 children and some grandkids, too!

He’s known to be loyal to his family and close friends, and he’s long been a mentor to fellow drivers and up-and-coming street racers.

One of those up-and-coming street racers was Precious Cooper, who came up in season 9 of Street Outlaws.

The tenacious little risk taker has established herself as one of the bravest racers on the streets of Tennessee now, but she started out as just another racer hounding JJ Da Boss for a come-up.

Now that Precious Cooper is a cast regular on the show, and she and JJ spend a lot of time together, fans want to know: what is JJ Da Boss and Precious Cooper’s relationship?

We’ve got everything you need to know right here—and most of it has come directly from JJ himself.

But first… a little backstory.


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4 Fast Facts on JJ Da Boss (Trust us: it’ll all make sense in a minute)

#1. He was raised in Joiner, Arkansas.

JJ Da Boss—whose real name is Jonathan Day—was welcomed into the world on August 10, 1973, in Memphis, TN.

He was raised in Joiner, Arkansas, surrounded by cars and mechanics and a love of street racing through the back woods of Arkansas.

#2. JJ’s wife is from the same town.

Tricia “Midget” Day is JJ’s wife—and mother to four of his eleven children.

She’s known JJ her whole life, but she didn’t actually consider dating him until he was 30—and by that stage, he already had 7 kids.


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#3. He was racing by age 10.

JJ never even tried to resist the call of the muscle car. At 10 years old, he’d already tried his hands at racing on the back roads of Joiner.

#4. JJ Da Boss earned his nickname.

JJ didn’t just randomly come up with his own moniker—it was given to him.

People started calling him ‘the boss’ as he rose up in the streets of Memphis as a racer.

Eventually, his informal leadership role on the racing circuit became a part of his identity.

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4 Fast Facts on Precious Cooper

#1. Precious Cooper wasn’t born into street racing.

She was born in 1989 and grew up in the same small town as JJ and Tricia.

However, she didn’t discover the street racing scene until her rebellious teen phase hit in the 2000s.

When it did, Precious knew that racing was what she wanted to do with her life.

#2. Racing transforms her.

Precious explained in a 2020 interview that she’s usually shy, reserved, and “don’t hardly talk at all.”

Behind the wheel, though, she’s a whole different beast, known for trash-talking and cocky behavior that attracts fans like moths to a flame.


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#3. Precious moved to Memphis for JJ.

When Precious set her heart on street racing, she knew where she needed to be—Memphis, Tennessee.

She moved there to convince the iconic JJ Da Boss to be her mentor.

JJ had just been released from prison and signed a contract with Street Outlaws for a new spinoff show.

#4. Precious is a fast learner behind the wheel.

Precious moved to Memphis, and within 12 months, she was one of the Street Outlaws: Memphis regular cast.

The feisty Florida girl with the big mouth was also one of JJ’s top talents.

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What is JJ da Boss and Precious Cooper’s relationship?

We know Precious Cooper moved to Memphis, Tennessee, to work with JJ Da Boss—but fans always want to know if there’s more to the duo’s relationship than that.

And there is…kind of.

Precious is a pocket rocket who needs to be reined in by JJ from time to time—but she’s also a loyal and level-headed friend, off the track.

Jonathan and his wife trust her so much, in fact, that she is godmother to all four of their children.

Precious and Tricia—who goes by the moniker Midget—have been close since they were kids, and the crazy haired street racer has proven time and again that she can be counted on when it comes to JJ’s family.

When questioned directly about his relationship with Precious Cooper, JJ Da Boss said:

“We’re friends. Her and my wife Tricia grew up together. She helps [with] our bills, and she helps me just as much as I help her. It’s nothing crazy. Nothing unmoral.”

In a previous interview, he gave Precious a shout-out, too, saying that she is the godmother to all his kids and he grew up with her.

“Trust like that is everything, man.”


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