JJ Da Boss – Net Worth, Wife (‘Midget’), Precious, Kids, Prison

JJ Da Boss (real name – Jonathan Day) is a reality television personality who rose to fame after appearing on the Discovery Channel series – ”Street Outlaws: Memphis.”


He was born on August 10, 1973, in Memphis, US. His birth name is Jonathon Day.

JJ Da Boss attended the Rivercrest School in his hometown.

JJ took an interest in driving at a very young age since he came from a family of roofers. Also, JJ took up the family business and spent most of his money on fixing old cars.

For instance, he modified his first race car,”1966 Chevrolet Nova,” by getting a 402 big block engine out of a Bob truck and installing it into his car.

Street Outlaws: Memphis

The racer rose to prominence after appearing on the ”Street Outlaws: Memphis,” an original Discovery Channel series.

It is estimated that Jonathan earns around $20,000 per episode of ”Street Outlaws: Memphis.”

In this racing series, the reality TV personality leads his team to race and bet together.

Also, the team takes on every challenge which presents to race. He once said:

”I don’t race for a living. I race because I love it and it’s something I believe in.”

Additionally, he owns a car shop business, in which he modifies or repairs his customers’ vehicles to their liking. Furthermore, JJ gives them tips for the best possible performance of their car.


His Instagram account (jj_da_bossmso) has over 162,000 followers.


Many times, the racer didn’t have the money for car parts or to compete on race tracks. Hence, he made some questionable decisions and choices. 

The reality TV personality spent just over 8 years in a federal penitentiary.

After serving his prison sentence, JJ started fixing old cars to make additional money.

Wife (‘Midget’) & Kids

JJ da Boss married Tricia Day. Regarding the date of their marriage, JJ said in a 2018 interview that he and Tricia had been together for about 10 years.

Interestingly, Tricia is also a racer in the show Street Outlaws: Memphis. She is known by her nickname ‘Midget.’ With many years of experience with cars, Tricia Day also helps out with fixing cars.

Though JJ is tight-lipped about his family affairs, it is known that he has 11 children and five grandchildren.

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Note – during an episode in November 2018, it was confirmed that the couple has 4 children together, and JJ has children outside his marriage with ‘Midget.’


On his social media in August 2018, JJ Da Boss glimpsed his two daughters, Aubrey and Vada, who prepared for their first day in school.

Precious Cooper

JJ has a partnership with other experienced drivers, like – Precious Cooper (also known as the queen of the street).

Precious Cooper is a racer who rose to fame after her appearance as a contestant in the series “Street Outlaws: Memphis.”

He said about Precious:

”Precious, her family always loved street racing. I love street racing.”

JJ continued:

”She grew up with my wife, Tricia. She helps take care of all of my bills. She helps me as much as I help her. It’s just kind of a neutral respect. Nothing crazy. Nothing unmorally.”

In another interview, the racer stated:

”Precious is the Godmother to my kids. All of us, we grew up in a little town outside Memphis [with] about 700 people.”


In 2017, after falling asleep behind the wheel of his GMC Sierra pickup, JJ was involved in a car accident.

Da Boss suffered a busted eye, broken ribs and hand, and various cuts.

In a bit of positive light, the racer says, ”luckily, it broke my right arm … I’m left-handed.”

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Da Boss founded the street race scene known as ”Spin City.”

JJ’s mantra is, “treat everyone like you want to be treated.”

A street racer named Chad Larkin and his wife accused Da Boss of assaulting them with the intention to cause severe bodily harm.

According to a federal civil complaint, “Larkin literally believed the Street Outlaws were attempting to kill him. He literally feared for his life.”

Da Boss is the owner of numerous cars, including his first 66 Chevy II Nova.

Da Boss is popular for setting off (during a street race) on the count of ”2” instead of ”3.”

Another famous street racer that appeared on ”Street Outlaws” is Big Chief.

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”Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

”No amount of money could hire me to go and be with another group or another city. I’d rather stay in Memphis if I didn’t get paid a dollar. Just to do it for love.”

”If I’m going to die, I want to die being happy and doing something I believe in. And that’s where it is with the streets. It is dangerous, yes. It’s not for everyone.”

”Respect everyone that works and spends their hard-earned money on doing what they love.”

”I feel like, as a street racer, you have to have a relationship with your car. Because that car will get out there, and on each different street, it will do something different…”

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”For the countdown, some are wondering why only 5 days away is our countdown!”

”You know, we use water burn out because really that’s what our grandfathers used, but really we don’t glue our street down and turn it like into a track surface.”

JJ Da Boss – Net Worth

JJ Da Boss earns most of his income from the street racing show Street Outlaws on Discovery as well as buying and fixing old cars. Therefore, JJ Da Boss has an estimated net worth of $1.25 million.

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  1. Street Outlaws: Memphis, is my favorite show. I love the street racing and the family/friend relationship that is showed, and better yet how the littles ones want to help. I’ve watched since show one, got my husband watching and learning about street racing. Would love to take a vacation and come and meet JJ as well as the team and maybe come to one of the races, while we’re there. A little information would be great to know if something could be possible. Please this show running!!

  2. J.J. my son and I are coming to my. 08-14 and 15- 2020 and we would love to meet you and your family there. I live in kingsport tn. Just let me know what I have to do to meet you all up there James Davidson.

  3. Hey J J. My husband worked for General Motors Van Nuys plant for 33 years. He’s 62 and loves watching the show. I didn’t know about all the street racing stuff but I’ve learned alot. Of course Don a motor head and has built several muscle cars. He has oil pulses through his veins. He talks about wanting to build another car. We’re in Seattle Wa living on a 42+2 Ocean Yacht Trawler. Life is good but Don is hunger for street care building and racing, plus we travel to Nascar Racing. This year has been sad. Perhaps some day we will meet who knows. Enjoy watching the show and love your family. Your family has lot of love for each other. Don’t change be proud of yourself and the family your raising.
    May 2021 be far better than this year. I’m a old southern girl from Mississippi and Don born in Illinois but raised in Calif. But I’ve told him hes a good ole boy. Take care

  4. Sending a Happy New Years to all your crew.
    My wife and myself watch the show which comes on Monday nights in Hawaii.
    She knows everybody’s name and the name of all your cars.
    You all be safe doing what you love to do, maybe one day I can come watch you guys race live, that would be cool. Aloha from HAWAI’I🤙🏽🤓

  5. JJ DA BOSS love the show would love to meet you and your family one day my son races drag bikes that my husband builds and when I say drag bike I mean motorcycles like they race on NHRA my husband use to race them until we had are son and then he retired from it for awhile to coach our son in baseball and basketball which he got a full scholarship to University of Indiana for baseball but lost it his senior year due to having emergency open heart surgery so he raced drag motorcycles instead now.but he went race if my husband is not there. But he still does everything to Ryan’s motorcycle and paints motorcycles on the off season. But we are faithful watchers of the show and would love to come meet you and your family and the rest of the MSO family some time if we can ever make it happen would make are day if you ever come to Indiana please let us know so hopefully we can meet you and your family. Take care and be careful cause like you say you never know when you buckle up if it is your time to meet are maker cause I saw my son wreck doing a 180 miles per hour I thought he was a gonna but the good lord was watching after him that day he was life lined to Methodist hospital and was there for a week but made a full recovery and. Y crazy husband had him another bike waiting on him when he got out and they had it all rebuilt chassis and all and had it ready to go come the next season. Take care and hope to hear from you or Trisha soon.

  6. My name is O’Neil Jones I watch all JJ’s shows on tv I love all his people they are all family and family that’s the way it should be all for one and one for all i race a77 luv truck I hope to meet you one day good luck

  7. You guy’s and lady’s are so awesome to watch racing we watch u every episode from the beginning to when ever u decide to stop which we hope never. We would love to come watch u race because we come from a small town as well I think we have about. 500 people in are little town and when are dad was alive he was always building 68 camaro and 66 chevells we growed up very poor with dad working hard hours at the stone Corey to provide for us 10 kids he really didn’t have time to do what he loved and that was drag racing on an old country back road when he wasn’t working hard hours at the stone Corey but when he raced he was claimed to be the fastest street racer back in the day he would put together a $100 motor and go out and out run a car that had a $10.000 dollar motor but in them was the good old days but there long and gone for us now but we love the show and your family keep up the good work and keep them chevys winng I wish we could come watch u all race but I’m not going to lie we are just getting by and sometimes not it really sucks not being able to do what u love to do but I’m happy u and your family is getting to enjoy what u guy’s love to do I will keep watching and hoping u guys win it all all the time be safe and have fun your favorite fan Ryan Rosenberger I’m from Clarksburg Ohio 43115 p.o. box’s 25 I will always be cheering for your team to win I love u all

  8. JJ,
    Your team is the best in the business. I’ve been watching every week .
    I came from a family of racing cars on dirt and even some drags from time to time.
    It’s a real pleasure watching your family do what they love .
    My wife and I would love to come down and meet you and your family.
    Keep doing what you love ,and we will keep watching, You guys are a lot better to watch in the real street racing .

  9. I get u a bday cake for your birthday jj my grandsons want a pic of you we dont have money for vip and can’t waite to see you i record the racing for them and are watching as im texting you

  10. JJ. It’s all about family, NO family NO life. This is why ( BIG Chief ) couldn’t hang . Cry babies back stabbers. With each other. You have a lot of good racers. I hope they keep you on, I enjoy watching your show. I’m a Hugh fan of yours , keep burning those tires brother.


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