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KBubblez Age, Boyfriend, Real Name, Ice Poseidon

What is KBubblez’s age?


KBubblez (real name – ‎Kailey Hankins) is an American Twitch star, social media personality, and entrepreneur.

She’s best known for her mastery in the games “League of Legends,” “Hearthstone,” and “H1Z1.”

The Origin Story

KBubblez was born on October 17, 1998.

Her mother and father raised her alongside her younger brother, Travis.

She grew up enjoying gaming and began to hone her skills from a young age.

Growing up in the age of social media, she had the opportunity to upgrade her gaming to the online world to earn money potentially.


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During an interview with “Entrepreneur,” she was asked how she fell into the world of gaming. She responded;

I actually think I was born into gaming because my dad is the most hard-core gamer ever. Even still, his setup is probably nice than mine. I remember being two, and there are VHS tapes of me just learning how to walk with my finger, walking down the hallway, and pushing buttons on my dad’s computer. And then I remember being around like 4 or 5, and he would play ‘EverQuest’ and ‘Black Hawk Down.’ And I used to ask him like ‘Dad, can I play?’ And he would let me play, and I remember he would get mad at me because I would jump in the water and get killed by sharks because I didn’t know how to fight back, but I was always gaming, like since I could play on a computer.”

While Kbubblez was attending high school, she worked a part-time job at Geek Squad as a customer service associate.

In her spare time, she gamed online with her friends.

One of her friends noticed her excellent skills and asked if she heard of Twitch and suggested she start live-streaming on the platform.

She looked it up and thought she could easily do what the other online games were doing.

When she decided to create a Twitch account, she wasn’t doing it for the money; it was just for fun. In fact, she didn’t even know how to set up a donate link, so she was unaware she could even make money on the platform.



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July 2016 was when her Twitch account went live, and she began live-streaming her gaming videos. 

She immediately attracted viewers who grew into fans.

The first game she regularly live-streamed was “League of Legends (LOL),” and because of her skills, she’s known as a “LOL” master.

She spent a minimum of 12 hours each day, 7 days a week, gaming to stay consistent and master her skill. She wanted to be the best in her space.

In addition to “LOL,” she is also known for regularly live-streaming the games “Fortnite,” “Overwatch,” “Hearthstone,” and many other more popular games.

Kbubblez appears to be considerably close with her family, and a lot of her streams include her brother and parents.

Aside from brief glimpses of her family, she keeps her family life private and does not share too much about them.

About one month after live-streaming, Kbubblez received a message from a viewer who asked where her donate link was so they could send her money.


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She quickly learned this was something she needed to set up to begin making money.

One week following this conversation, she figured out how to set it up, and from here, she began earning an income off Twitch.

She recalls the first day with a donation link set up; she made $900 in three hours from her viewers.

Not too long after this, her following proliferated, and upon her growing success, Twitch contacted her to make her a Twitch partner.

Additionally, her account qualified for the subscription button. 

As a result, she began earning money, mainly from subscription fees, and was on her way to quickly becoming a young millionaire.

Once she became a partner and her subscriber list continued to grow, she quickly began being contacted by companies who wanted to sponsor her and partner with her for promotions.

She started attending all-paid-for events, which in turn helped build her brand through collaborations and partnerships.

Some of her more popular videos are where she’s gaming while showcasing conversions with her family members, talking about personal or online issues.


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They may receive so much more attention in contrast to her other videos because there is an element of authenticity to them.

While she feels very grateful for her established career, she said it does come with its downsides.

“I’ve been swatted before, which is super dangerous, and it was really scary. And then people call you names. They used to call me ‘Kbelly’ because I gained a little bit of weight. One summer, they were trolling me, posting photoshopped photos of me looking fat on the internet. Fatter than I was.”

She took this very hard, and for a short period, she left the Twitch platform to help herself cope with the online hate.

She quickly realized these people should not affect her life, so she reactivated her Twitch account and is still competitively streaming to this day.

In addition to her online gaming career, Kbubblez anticipates a career in television and acting. She’s had a few cameos on shows such as “Catfish Trolls” and starred on an MTV show called “Revenge Prank.”


Kailey was romantically involved with Lil Harambe.

In April 2019, she tweeted:

”I miss having a boyfriend.”

KBubblez is currently in a relationship and pregnant.


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In 2019, Kailey and several streamers (DKane, Mitchjones, Pink Sparkles, and Asmongold) were evicted from their gated-community home. During a stream, Hankins said that the streamers probably weren’t “the best fit” for the community. She also said:

“Since day one, our HOA hated us. Our neighbors hate us.”

In 2018, Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino and several of his friends (Bjorn, Asian Andy, and Dankquan) traveled around the country in an RV.

They even stayed one night in a resort in Texas, where Paul paid $3,000 for a room. A big controversy started after it was revealed that Denino paid for KBubblez’s plane ticket.


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KBubblez – Net Worth

So, how much is KBubblez worth?

Kailey earns most of her wealth from streaming on Twitch.

On this platform, a streamer can make money from donations from viewers, ads, sponsors, and subscriptions.

Kailey also makes money from posting paid posts on her Instagram account.

Therefore, KBubblez has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

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