KBubblez – Age, Boyfriend, Real Name, Ice Poseidon

KBubblez (real name – ‎Kailey Hankins) is an American Twitch partner and YouTuber, who is best known for streaming popular games like H1Z1, Hearthstone, and League of Legends on Twitch.


Hankins was born on October 17, 1998, in the United States. There is no information about her parents and education.


Kailey started to stream on Twitch in July 2016.

Her Twitch channel has over 106,000 followers and more than 2.4 million views. She also has over 225 subscribers.

Hankins has appeared on the Twitch stream of Mitch Jones, an American Twitch streamer who started to stream in 2012. Currently, he has over 461,000 followers. Jones usually streams World of Warcraft gameplay.

In 2017, during one of her streams, Kailey told her father she is not having a good day. Her father replied:

”You push the envelope everyday. I don’t even log on to your stream because I could be embarrassed at any moment by what you say or how you act. You don’t think of anybody else. You just think of you and look at you.”

Her father went on to say:

”I’m just all up in you s###, just ruining it for you. It’s not my fault you can’t come up with any content so you just f*cking bury yourself!”


Hankins started her YouTube channel on July 27, 2016, So far, she has over 1.6 million views and over 9,800 subscribers. But, she only has one upload.


Her Instagram account has over 40,000 followers.


Kailey was romantically involved with Lil Harambe. In April 2019, she tweeted:

”I miss having a boyfriend.”


”It’s 430 am, I’m blasting music and cleaning my room in my underwear.”

”I miss my family so much I almost just wanna stay here.”

”There’s a little bit of devil in her angel eyes.”

”[Regarding online haters] You literally don’t understand how bad it sucks, like, especially like I don’t know.”

”Why does everybody always want what comes easy?”

”My mind is hungry for new things.”

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In 2019, Kailey and several streamers (DKane, Mitchjones, Pink Sparkles, and Asmongold) were evicted from their gated-community home. During a stream, Hankins said that the streamers probably weren’t “the best fit” for the community. She also said:

“Since day one, our HOA hated us. Our neighbors hate us.”

In 2018, Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino and several of his friends (Bjorn, Asian Andy, and Dankquan) were traveling around the country in an RV.

They even stayed one night in a resort in Texas, where Paul paid $3,000 for a room. A big controversy started after it was revealed that Denino paid for KBubblez’s plane ticket.

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Her astrological sign is Libra.

Hankins is a fan of the professional ice hockey team New Jersey Devils.

KBubblez – Net Worth

Kailey earns most of her wealth from streaming on Twitch. On this platform, a streamer can make money from donations from viewers, ads, sponsors, and subscriptions. Hankins has over 225 subscribers, meaning about $562 in revenue per month.

Kailey also makes money from posting paid posts on her Instagram account. Therefore, Twitch streamer KBubblez has an estimated net worth of $0.2 million.

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