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Keemokazi Net Worth | Girlfriend

What is Keemokazi’s net worth? Is Keemokazi dating anyone?


Keemokazi (birth name – Kareem Hesri) is an American Syrian actor, rapper, performer, and social media star.

He is best known for uploading comedy videos on TikTok, which is what propelled him to fame. 

The Origin Story

He was born on November 29, 2002, in California.

He was brought up in the Muslim faith and still practices the religion as an adult.

As a young child, he attended private school, and it is believed that this lasted the duration of his secondary education, though there is limited information on his personal life.

He was raised by his two parents alongside his five sisters, Sima, Saby, Sophie, Sara, and Serene.

His parents own and run a successful car dealership in which the kids are expected to work at after school and on weekends.

Despite this, however, Kareem managed to evade his family’s responsibility due to his successful and lucrative social media career.

He grew up showing extreme signs of interest in the music industry and always knew he wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment space.

Road to fame

What is Keemokazi's net worth


The early stages of Kareem’s career include singing and dancing roles.

His first known appearance was when he was cast as Walid, a Syrian refugee, in a few episodes of the American action-drama series “The Last Ship.”

He was cast in two separate episodes, including Allegiance and Tempest.

He has yet to be cast in any additional feature films or TV series.

In 2017, he took the initiative and began working on a singing and musical career.

Prior to his fame, he was known among his family and close friends as someone who preferred music above all.

As such, his parents helped him to build a music studio in his home, which is where he would spend his time on his passion. “Wake Em Up,” “Lions,” “King of My City,” “Foreign,” “Feel,” and “New Kid” became some of his top-rated songs as of 2022.

In March 2021, he released his album “Arab Money,” which was highly appreciated and has gained over 2 million views.

Most of his music includes a piano, as this is one of his favorite musical instruments.


Keemokazi dating anyone


Hesri is also known as a TikTok star, where he streams comedic-style videos and skits as well as vocal videos.

His entire family, including his mother and five siblings, are all well-known in his TikTok videos, and together, they’ve built a substantial fanbase.

During a family interview on the YouTube media company “Revamped,” he goes into detail about how he built a celebrity platform on TikTok.

How I started, it was all music. I never even wanted to download TikTok when I first saw it.” He added, “It started off with pranking my mom, but now I really focus on the family aspect because I know that will always last and that will always blow up, and it’s something people can relate to.”

how much is Keemokazi worth

Keemokazi attends Real Hype presents: The Great Gatsby Affair – Dayna And Alex’s birthday bash with special guest Rich the Kid at Candela La Brea on July 02, 2023 in Los Angeles – @Getty

The TikTok video that propelled him to fame was when he pranked his sisters and mom by spraying them with water, which garnered the video over 20 million views overnight.

As a result, his sister’s Instagram and TikTok accounts also blew up overnight, elevating the family to micro-digital fame.

As a part of his routine to keep his content up to date, current, and relevant, he spends, on average 4-hours daily monitoring the daily trend so he can adapt his new content to it.

He will then create a hybrid of his unique ideas mixed with the trends as a way of ensuring his content stands out and continuously stands out.

In 2020, Hesri started a second TikTok page named The Hesri House.

He explained his reasoning during a YouTube interview alongside his family.

I created a new page where we can gain followers and monetize off that as well and create a different kind of content. Just like the high powers of the clubhouse, you know they have their separate house. I wanted to make the Hesri House, but it’s just so hard.”

While it appears his success came easy, he explains that it required a lot of work and dedication for him to begin earning a few million dollars each year. 

I try to post every day on Instagram; I post a story every hour or two. I post twelve, four, and eight on TikTok.” — Hesri explained how many posts he challenges himself to upload daily. “Four posts in total; one on Instagram, three on TikTok, and then every day throughout my day, I just post stories. If I see my engagement or impressions go down, I don’t like it, so I’m like grinding this. I post every single day just to get it back up.”

Once Hesri began to notice the spike in his success, he shifted his focus to working toward a reality TV show.

He has aspirations of getting his entire family signed to a network that will document this life, similar to that of “Keeping up With the Kardashians.”

He has been reaching out to large American companies and networks to no avail.


There is information about Keemokazi’s romantic life. At the time of writing, Keemokazi is probably single.

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Keemokazi – Net Worth

So, how much is Keemokazi worth?

Hesri earned most of his wealth from ads on YouTube as well as posting on TikTok and Instagram.

On YouTube, Kareem has over 4.9 billion views, meaning about $15 million in revenue before taxes.

Therefore, Keemokazi has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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