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Kyle Exum Net Worth $3 Million

What is Kyle Exum’s net worth?

Kyle Exum is an American YouTuber who has a net worth of $3 million. He rose to fame on the now-defunct video hosting platform with more than 600,000 followers, posting comedy skits, rap videos, and generally entertaining antics.

He moved to YouNow and YouTube, where he became one of the platform’s best-known comedy influencers.

Known for his unique content and engaging style, Kyle Exum is winning hearts—and a lion’s share of the demographic.

Kyle Exum was born on the 26th of August 1998, in San Antonio, Texas.

While he was born in the Lone Star state, his family made the move to Connecticut when he was a year old—and that’s where Exum grew up.

Exum was raised in West Hartford, Connecticut, where he attended Hall High School.

There he played soccer and displayed a lot of sports skills.

He also had a passion for the outdoors, and when he’s not creating content for millions of viewers, he still enjoys getting out and reconnecting with nature.

After graduating from Hall in 2016, Exum made the move to Howard University, where he studied business and marketing.

Exum is close to his parents.

His mom, Tammy, is a politician and was elected to represent the 19th district in the statehouse in 2020.

Kyle’s father, Earl, is a VP with aerospace manufacturing giant Pratt & Whitney.

In a lot of his videos, the mom and dad characters are inspired by his parents.

The grandpa character, Kyle explains, is most like his real-life grandpa.

When asked if the girlfriend character in his videos is inspired by a real-life girlfriend, Kyle is a little more tight-lipped.

With no mention of a long-term girlfriend on the scenes, it looks like the entertainer is enjoying being young, free, and single.

I’m Big On Vine

what is the net worth of Kyle Exum

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At age 16, Kyle did what a lot of teens were doing—he started playing around with Vine.

The platform was well-known for its 7-second videos, and Kyle used the short attention span of users to his advantage.

He created a video called The Thotie Song, which, at last count, had more than 2 million views.

Following on from The Thotie Song, Exum created a video titled, When you get your report card, and you know your grades are bad.

The video would become Kyle’s most viewed ever, with over 5 million views racked up by the time the platform called it a day.

As a thank you—and a nod to the Vine users who made him famous in the first place—he released a Vine video compilation on his YouTube channel.

In a way, this was a testament to the fact that most of Exum’s fan-base now are younger than the Vine crowd and discovering the funny man anew on YouTube.

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The Move To YouTube

Exum had a YouTube channel for several years before he actually got around to sharing content on it.

His first video, which was uploaded in 2016, was The Mom Rap.

The 3-minute clip launched what would become one of Exum’s signature series—him playing the role of every character in his family.

To date, Kyle’s most viewed video—with a whopping 30 million views by 2021—is Dad’s Plan.

The video parodies Drake’s God’s Plan and earned the social media star kudos for its originality and comedic timing.

Hot on the heels of Dad’s Plan was his Trap 3 Little Pigs, which showcases the young rap fan reading the classic kids’ story super-fast.

In 2020, Kyle took out Vid IQ’s Creators Choice Awards for the top favorite Comedy Channel.

He was also nominated at the 12th Annual Streamy Awards for the YouTube Comedian category.

And Then There Was Disney

In December of 2020, an even bigger opportunity came Exum’s way. Animation giant, Disney, reached out to promote their new movie, Soul.

They explained to the young influencer that they were looking for a core creator to work with their cast—including uber-celebrities Jamie Foxx, Questlove, and Tina Fey.

Exum jumped at the opportunity. Not only was it a major chance for the young influencer to reach a new audience, but it also fit with his existing audience, and it was the first animated Disney / Pixar movie to feature a Black lead.

It probably didn’t hurt that Jamie Foxx was one of Exum’s bucket list celebrities and long-time idols.

Exum displayed a strong work ethic and took the role seriously, promoting the movie heavily and in a way that resonated naturally with his audience.

He freestyled with Jamie Foxx, got down in the kitchen with Josh Weissman, and built engagement with other influencers and viewers to “find his spark.”

When asked about the movie, Exum said, “It’s really my favorite Disney movie to date.”

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Net Worth

American YouTuber Kyle Exum has an estimated net worth of $3 million. Exum earned most of his wealth from sponsors and ads on his YouTube channel. On YouTube, Kyle has over 717 million views, meaning about $2.15 million in revenue before taxes.

Kyle has secured sponsorship through big brands like Axe, Amazon, Disney, and Raid Shadow Legends.

On Spotify, Exum has about 500k monthly listeners.

Want to see what Kyle Exum can do? Check out his Dad’s Plan video—which has racked up 25 million views and counting!

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