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Anthony Padilla Net Worth | Girlfriend

Anthony Padilla Net Worth – $5 million

What is Anthony Padilla’s net worth? Who is Anthony Padilla’s girlfriend?


Anthony Padilla established himself as one of YouTube’s founding superstars after founding SMOSH in 2006.

The insanely popular entertainment channel amassed millions—and then billions—of views in a short amount of time, until the big-scale influencer separated himself from the Smosh brand in 2017.

Since then, Padilla has been making a name for himself as more than just a comedian and YouTube entertainer.

He’s set up a highly successful new venture with his “I Spent A Day With…” series, he’s tackled hard topics, and he’s maintained one of the biggest audiences for a non-mainstream celebrity on YouTube.

Here’s what else we know about the American entertainer, his following, and his career (and also, we’ll tell you who he’s been dating).

The Origin Story

Daniel Anthony Padilla was born on 16th September 1987 in Sacramento, California.

Padilla’s parents, Leezah and Daniel, broke up when he was two years old, and he has spoken openly about the fact his parents hadn’t planned to have a baby when his mom found out she was pregnant with him.

Padilla has two brothers, Matthew Worrel and Brandon Worrel, who were born after his mom remarried.

His mom suffers from severe agoraphobia—a type of anxiety disorder in which you struggle in places or situations outside your home. Going out in public, or leaving your “safe zone” at all, can trigger feelings of helplessness, anxiety, and fear.

Leezah’s agoraphobia—and the fact that Anthony was her eldest son—meant that the burden for taking care of the family fell to him.

Early on, he could count on his grandmother to support them and to share the responsibility with him, but he lost her when he was only 14 years old.

Anthony and his best friend Ian Hecox attended Del Campo High School in Fair Oaks, California.

what is the net worth of Anthony Padilla

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From there, the pair went to American River College in Sacramento.

The move was a good one, but both Anthony and Ian dropped out in their sophomore year.

Anthony once admitted that he didn’t get his driver’s license until freshman year, despite the fact he’d been driving he and Ian around since high school.

Anthony has been vegan since 2013, after giving up animal products to support his former girlfriend, Kalel.

The Birth of Smosh

In 2002, when Padilla was 15, he created a website called

The site was built so he could share his flash animations with Ian, and eventually, the pair began to post videos under the Smosh name on YouTube.

In the early days of YouTube, Smosh gained a strong following, and by 2005 it was one of the platform’s premier channels.

By May of 2019, the channel—which had become primarily a sketch comedy video vault—had more than 10 billion video views and 25 million subscribers.

This officially made it one of the 50 most subscribed channels on YouTube.

The pair even appeared in Smosh: The Movie in their official feature-film debuts.

The End Of An Era

Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox - founders of Smosh

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Padilla left Smosh officially on June 14, 2017, to become an independent content creator.

He announced it in a video and released a follow-up—Why I Left Smosh—he dug deeper into the move.

He explained that Smosh, which by that time was owned by Alloy Digital (and eventually, Defy Media), as an entity had changed.

He felt that his creative decisions all had to be filtered and that he felt imprisoned by the new structure.

Following Padilla’s departure, Smosh dropped in its subscriber count rankings temporarily.

The dip was short-lived, and eventually, the channel regained its footing.

As for Padilla, he spent some time finding his footing as an independent YouTuber—creating a series called “I Spent a Day With…”

The series, which officially aired in February of 2018 with “I Spent A Day With Flat Earthers,” became a massive hit.

It took him a while to shake his need to be the “funny guy” and to keep the content light-hearted.

It was following one video documentary in particular, where viewers were thanking him for taking a misunderstood section of society seriously, that Padilla realized what he needed to do.

“I want to help others see niche groups in a new light and give them a chance to express themselves. I feel less pressure to be funny as a result.”

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One of YouTube’s most beloved influencers, Padilla has no shortage of ladies wanting his attention.

He dated Kalel Cullen from 2010 to the end of 2014, with the pair following each other on socials until 2017.

Kalel Cullen ex-girlfriend of Anthony Padilla

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Around that time, he shared in a video that Kalel was manipulative and that—looking back—he thinks he was being used in the relationship.

Kalel reacted badly to the revealing video, sending offensive and abusive messages and tweets.

She also posted a response, entitled “The Truth,” but she deleted it not long afterwards.

A year later, Padilla was linked to comedy writer Miel Bredouw.

Anthony Padilla and girlfriend Miel Bredouw

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This time, the pair kept their romance under wraps for several years, not going Instagram-official until September of 2017.

In September of 2019, Miel moved to the opposite coast of the US and heavily implied that the couple had split. Neither Padilla nor Miel ever publically acknowledged the break-up.

A few months after Miel’s move to New York, Anthony Padilla revealed that he was dating Glam & Gore’s Mykie.

Anthony Padilla and girlfriend Mykie

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He and the beauty influencer joined the ranks of property owners with a $2.3 million LA Hills home above West Hollywood.


Anthony Padilla is 5 ft 11 in (180 cm) tall.

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Anthony Padilla – Net Worth

Padilla earned most of his wealth from co-founding SMOSH, sponsors, and ads on YouTube. In 2011, Padilla and Ian Hecox sold SMOSH to Defy Media for stock in the company. On YouTube, Anthony has over 835 million views, meaning about $2.5 million in revenue. Therefore, American YouTuber Anthony Padilla has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Real Estate

Padilla and Mykie own a house in Hollywood Hills.

Want to see what Anthony Padilla does now? Check out this video with 12 million views.

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