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Mark Tilbury Net Worth | Biography

Mark Tilbury Net Worth – $10 million

What is Mark Tilbury’s net worth? Who is Mark Tilbury’s wife?


Mark Tilbury is an English entrepreneur, YouTuber, and TikTok star.

He is best known for teaching his viewers business, personal finance, investing tips, and guiding them to a more financially fruitful future.

He is a self-made millionaire based out of London, England.

Mark’s unique story is what drives the organic attraction his audience has for him. He was a high school dropout but left with a powerful vision to be his own boss and make a lot of money.

He is admired for promoting a more unconventional way to success in contrast to what educators and parents typically promote.

He believes in working smart above working hard and taking the time to do what you love, rather than trading your time for money.

The Origin Story


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Mark Tilbury was born September 15, 1968, in Portsmouth, England.

His parents raised him alongside his three sisters.

Mark dropped out of high school at the age of 16, so he could start working to earn money.

He stated, “the reason I left school was that they did not engage with me.

The teachers always had quite a boring way of teaching the subject, yet they were teaching subjects that I know I should have been interested in. But I just found it wasn’t engaging.” He recalls spending his time drawing pictures of planes in class that he would later use in his business.

From a young age, he knew entrepreneurship was his destiny.

While attending high school, he spent his weekends fishing so he could earn money selling fish to local families and business owners.

His initial sales pitch was ten fish for £1.00, but he struggled to secure any customers.

He learned that ten fish was too many and that customers were far more receptive and interested in purchasing a pack of five.

So rather than reducing the price, he sold five fish for £1.00-doubling his profit.

This was the first indication that sales and business were his specialty.

As a child, Mark’s interest in model toys began to prosper when he watched his father build different model airplanes during his spare time.

Unbeknownst to Mark, his father’s hobby would be the catapult that sparked his future as an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire.

Mark is a relatively private person with respect to his family life, but he has mentioned he is married and has one child, his son Curtis.

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After dropping out of high school in Mark’s late teens, he landed a job in carpentry and cabinetmaking, a trade he wanted to learn.

As he recalls, he performed so well and outperformed his colleagues.

Despite his outstanding work ethic, his boss transferred him into a role that appeared to be a downgrade rather than being compensated with a promotion.

While working his full-time job, Mark also worked part-time for a manufacturing and distributing radio control models shop.

As a side hustle, he taught customers how to fly model helicopters.

In addition, he flipped and sold cars as another income stream which made him a relatively decent amount of side money. On account of his many income streams, he managed to accumulate a net worth of £6,000 by the age of 19.

By the age of 20, Mark had accumulated a net worth of £12,000.

With this, he designed a business plan and set aside enough money to pay for a down deposit to open his own radio control model shop. In fact, his boss was selling the shop he was working for, so he planned to buy this particular one. 

He received a business loan for £20,000 from the bank, and he went ahead with the purchase, making Mark a business owner at 20 years old.

The company is located in Portsmouth, England. It is a specialty store that sells model trains, planes, ships, cars, motorbikes, tanks, and much more.

The shop eventually grew so large that it began selling nearly every make and model that an avid collector would be interested in purchasing. In addition, it offers repair and serving needs, which is an active part of the business considering the rarity of the products being sold.

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Within two years of running his shop, he had accumulated a net worth of roughly £250,000, leveraging him to expand his shop so it would be equipped to hold more stock and inventory.

He was doing so well that he paid his business loan off in less than two years.

Mark is of the belief that “if you’re not reliant on your time and selling your time, your actual worth can accelerate, and it’ll keep doing that, all the while you’re making these wise decisions.”

Putting this philosophy into practice simply means, that the more you earn, the more you have to invest.  

By the age of 26, Mark had a net worth of £1 million, which he credits to his frugal lifestyle and constantly investing 50% of his profits.

He can appreciate that his ability to save money is connected to his poor childhood, stating in an interview with Graham Stephan: “I come from nothing and I still respect the value of money, so I tend to look for bargains and deals wherever I can. This is so I am able to maximize my investments.”

Mark’s model shop is still thriving and highly profitable, bringing in roughly £5 million annually.

Part of his investment model is to invest a percentage of his profits into commercial real estate, which he prefers over residential because of the tax break and gains.

One of Mark’s most memorable success stories is when Ridley Scott, director of the film “Black Hawk Down,” called him to redesign some model helicopters and fly them in Morocco to be used in various film scenes.

He agreed and was so proud of this accomplishment; he hung a movie poster in his office.

In addition to his model shop, Mark also sells financial coaching services to help clients become financially free.

His website can be found at Mark Tilbury Coaching.

Aside from his business and investment ventures, Mark is also known for his “personal profile” due to his growing YouTube and TikTok channels which he started in mid-2020. His content is in the investment and building wealth niche, garnering millions of views from interested viewers.

While Mark is still the CEO and manager of his company, he is promoting a few of his managers to more senior positions to help spare up time to spend with his family and different business and wealth-building ventures.



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Mark Tilbury is married to his wife, Kirsten Tilbury.

Mark Tilbury – Net Worth

So, how much is Mark Tilbury worth?

Tilbury earned most of his wealth through his brand and product range, business coaching, commercial rental properties, social media, and other investments.

“I always say that you can only save so much,” Tilbury said in one of his videos. There’s a limit to how much you can save. However, there isn’t a limit to how much you can earn.”

Therefore, Mark Tilbury has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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Wednesday 19th of January 2022

The estimate of $10 million is way out. Along with many other things Mark Tilbury says but the facts don't add up. In the UK, all every companies accounts are posted publicly online by the government so you can see how successful they actually are and their net worth.

His two trading companies are Century UK Ltd and Model World Ltd have a combined net worth of just $659k after 18 years of trade, representing an annual growth in net work of just $36k. Going by filings both companies only have few employees and reading online they look not much more than a model toy shop based in an a retail unit in Kent. More a couple of shops than an empire and not really worthy of telling millennials what to do with their money.


Saturday 19th of February 2022

Sometimes you just eat the melon and spit out the seeds! If he knows something I don’t then I’m happy to listen and set aside the things that don’t apply to me. Cheers mate!


Wednesday 17th of November 2021



Wednesday 13th of October 2021

what a gangsta