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Did Vicky White Have Children?

Did Vicky White have any children?


Over the years, we’ve seen some truly horrific crimes in the news, committed by a wide range of individuals, some of which were the most unlikely you can ever imagine.

While it seems as if nobody is above the law, the last person you’d expect to commit a crime would be somebody who is supposed to keep the peace and uphold the law themselves.

Despite this, back in April 2022, the US was rocked by former law enforcement officer Vicky White, when she allegedly helped an inmate escape from an Alabama prison.

The Vicky White case ended in tragedy and what’s even more remarkable is the fact that there were literally no warning signs that the former law enforcement officer and correctional officer, was capable of such crimes.

The Vicky White case is still talked about to this day, and one question that people always seem to ask is whether Vicky had any children.

So, did Vicky White have children?

Let’s take a look and find out.

Short biographyDid Vicky White have children

We’ll get to whether Vicky had children a little later on, but first, let’s learn more about the woman responsible for one of the most unique and out-of-character crimes in recent memory.

Vicky White, aged 56, was a former assistant director of corrections at the Lauderdale County Jail.

Vicky was an upstanding citizen and had never been in trouble before in her life.

In fact, she was considered a model employee and was very respected at work. However, all of that changed when she met 38-year-old inmate Casey White.

While he was incarcerated, the two began a romantic and intimate relationship with one another, resulting in Vicky putting her entire life on the line to help Casey escape from jail with her.

What’s even more upsetting is the fact that she was just days away from retirement when she committed the shocking crime.

Outside of her professional life, however, not a great deal is known about her personal life.

Were Vicky and Casey White related?

Because the two share the same last name, some reports online have claimed that the two were, in fact, related to each other, but that is not the case at all.

The two are believed to have started a romantic relationship in 2020.

The two would often talk on the phone to try to hide their relationship and keep it quiet.

While relationships between inmates and correctional officers are forbidden, they are unfortunately fairly common, especially in the US.

These relationships highlight the fact that something has to change, as they make a mockery of the entire system.

Casey White was locked up for a series of violent crimes, including the murder of a pregnant woman, and the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend.

Just three months prior to their attempted escape, Vicky’s husband had passed away.

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What happened?

As mentioned, Vicky White was apparently a model citizen and model employee.

She had never been in trouble with the law and was just days away from retiring with an impeccable record.

Somewhere along the way, she had fallen in love with Casey White, and while it is unknown whether he truly loved her or was manipulating her, she literally threw her entire life away for him.

So, what exactly happened?

After embarking on a relationship, the two hatched a plan for Vicky to use her position at work as a way to help Casey escape from jail.

The plan was for the two lovers to then go on the run together, and live happily ever after.

Needless to say, that did not happen.

Vicky concocted a plan whereby she told her colleagues she would be transporting Casey out of jail for a psychological evaluation appointment.

There, they would then ditch her patrol car, change their clothing, jump into a getaway vehicle, and escape into the sunset.

Before breaking Casey out of jail, Vicky had sold her house for more than 50% less than its market value of $235,600.

She sold her home for just $95,500 and withdrew $90K in cash.

She used the money to purchase new clothes for the pair, and a series of getaway vehicles, along with an assault rifle, a shotgun, ammunition, wigs and disguises, and adult toys from a sex shop.

After Vicky escorted Casey out of jail, they ditched her patrol car miles away, hopped into one of many getaway cars she had purchased, and went on the run.

The police launched a manhunt which lasted around ten days, before tracking the pair to a motel in Indiana.

The fugitives drove off in their fourth getaway vehicle before the police rammed them off the road and into a ditch.

Before officers could arrest the pair, a single gunshot sounded from inside the car.

Vicky had shot herself in the head and was later pronounced dead by suicide.

Casey was arrested and unhurt.

He asked the arresting officers to help Vicky, stating that she had shot herself and emphasizing the fact that he had nothing to do with it.

Had Vicky survived, she would be facing a very lengthy spell in jail on a number of charges.

Despite having a decent amount of cash, the couple apparently had no long-term plans in place, which is why the police were able to track them so quickly, and with relative ease.

Did Vicky White have children?

Despite being married, Vicky White had no children at the time of her death. She led a very quiet and private life and kept herself to herself. She was survived by her mother, who, in her late 80s, stated that she couldn’t believe what her daughter had done and that she was in a complete state of disbelief.


Did Vicky White marry?

Vicky was married; however, she divorced in 1991.

He died earlier this year. Casey White allegedly referred to Vicky White as his ‘wife,’ though investigators do not believe the pair were actually married.

Vicky White was married to ex-husband Tommy White in 2002, and U.S. Marshals said there is no proof Casey and Vicky were married.

It appears that Vicky White did not marry Casey White, though they had a close relationship, and he talked about Vicky as his “wife.”

How is Casey White doing?

Casey White has been making headlines since 2022, when he escaped custody with the help of a corrections officer.

In July 2022, he was indicted for felony murder in connection with the death of Vicky White, the corrections officer who helped him escape.

Since then, Casey White has been in and out of court proceedings. Most recently, he pleaded not guilty to escape and felony murder charges. He is currently awaiting trial.

In addition to his legal troubles, Casey has also been the subject of media attention due to his relationship with Vicky White. It was revealed that they had nearly 1,000 phone conversations before his escape.

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