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Latte ASMR is a Korean ASMRtist on YouTube whose tingle-inducing and relaxing roleplay videos have earned her more than 1.2 million subscribers.


She was born on May 16, 1993, in South Korea.

Latte lives and works in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. In the present day, after Tokyo, NYC, and LA, Seul is the fourth largest metropolitan economy with a GDP of more than US$650 billion.

There is no information regarding her parents, childhood, or studies.


She created her YouTube channel on January 4, 2016. Her first ASMR video was published in September of 2016. The channel has more than 1.2 million subscribers.

Not just that, her YouTube channel has garnered a total of more than 265 million views from her YouTube videos.

The YouTuber specializes in tapping, tingling, whispering, brushing, and role-playing videos. She typically uploads videos about two times a week.

The special thing about her ASMR YouTube channel is that for most of her videos, she creates a Korean and English version. She even has at least one video in Japanese.

Her most popular video is called – ”Healing Sleep Cafe / ASMR Sleep Care Service.” The video was published on February 9, 2018, and it has more than 40,000 likes, around 5,700 comments, and over 4 million views.

Her second most viewed video is titled – ”ASMR Japanese Makeup Artist Roleplay.” It has over 32,000 likes and more than 4 million views. The video was published on January 26, 2017.


With more than fourteen million ASMR videos on YouTube and over five million videos tagged ASMR on Instagram, this brain-tingling sensation is not to be ignored. But, what is ASMR?

ASMR (the term was first coined in 2010, however, the popularity has exploded significantly since then) stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, and it creates a feeling of tingling around the crown of the head, that spreads slowly down the physical body.

Many people say the feeling is deeply relaxing, and can even cause them to fall asleep. Others describe the feeling as “tingles” which run through the back of someone’s head and spine.

Heather Feather, another ASMRtist who has over 508,000 subscribers on YouTube, explained:

“Basically, it feels like the amazing chills you get when someone plays with your hair or traces your back with their fingertips.” 

What kind of audio or visual clips can create such a lovely feeling?

It might really surprise you, but the videos are of people doing incredibly calming, quiet, simple tasks, like – flipping magazine pages, brushing their hair, or folding towels.

Steven Novella, a clinical neurologist at Yale University School of Medicine, declared:

”Autonomous sensory meridian response could just be a way of activating the pleasure response. Vertebrate brains are hardwired for pleasure and pain — for positive and negative behavioral feedback.”

Novella went on to say:

”We are rewarded with a pleasurable sensation for doing things and experiencing things that increase our survival probability, and have a negative or painful experience to make us avoid harmful behavior or warn us about potential danger or injury.”

Steven later added:

”Over evolutionary time a complex set of reward and aversion feedbacks have developed.”

According to a recent study that was issued by the University of Sheffield:

“Autonomous sensory meridian response can have the same physiological and psychological benefits as relaxation techniques such as mindfulness.”

Another study that used an fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) to study the brains of both people with an autonomous sensory meridian response and a matched control group without autonomous sensory meridian response established that the DMN of people with autonomous sensory meridian response showed less functional connectivity between the attentional, frontal, and sensory regions of the brain than participants in the control group. 

Latte ASMR – Net Worth

She earns most of her wealth from ads that run on her YouTube channel. So far, she has more than 265 million views.

But, how much money can she earn from all her views on YouTube?

YouTube calculates the income from advertisements through a system called CPM or cost per 1,000 views. According to the latest data, the income can fluctuate between 10 cents and $7 per 1,000, however, in most cases, the average income per 1,000 views would be around $1.50 to $3.

Some determining factors which affect the earnings are:

  • Number of views on PC vs mobile;
  • Subscriber count;
  • Engagement;
  • Audience watch time;
  • How often are the videos uploaded;
  • Type of content (informational, news, viral, comedy);
  • Views by geographic location;
  • Quality of viewers (gender, age, location).

Keeping all this in mind, all her views on YouTube bring about $600,000 in revenue. Therefore, Latte ASMR has an estimated net worth of $0.7 million.

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