IceJJFish – Net Worth, Gay, Wiki, Age, Girlfriend

IceJJFish (real name – Daniel McLoyd) is an American rapper, dancer, songwriter, and hip hop singer who is famous for his intentionally bad vocals.

His sound is unlike anything you have ever heard – uneven, shaky, warbled.


He was born July 30, 1994, in Aurora, Illinois, USA.

Initially, Daniel started to gain popularity when he uploaded short videos on Vine.

He started his YouTube channel on May 13, 2007. So far, his channel has over 111 million views and more than 697,000 subscribers.

His YouTube channel has a short description:

”Finally Famous.”

His commercial breakout came in 2014 with his single – On The Floor. Currently, the song has more than 77 million views.

Since then, Daniel has released other popular hits, including:

  • Got That;
  • No Topping You;
  • My Bae;
  • Like I Want To;
  • Really Tryna Do.

In October 2017, McLoyd live-streamed to his YouTube subscribers to say that he was going to take Canadian rapper and singer Drake’s style and make it significantly better.

His gospel album “Jesus is the way” will be released on March 31, 2020.


Some people are wondering whether IceJJFish is gay or not. He tweeted in 2019:

”Gay people need to stay out my damn inbox nobody want u!! I like girls that have vaginas!! Nothing else!”


IceJJFish is currently not involved in any romantic relationship. 

In 2019, Daniel tweeted that his girlfriend cheated on him. In March 2020, he said:

”Idk how people like to cheat, can’t see my lips kissing someones lips that just been on another person I’m good love.”


McLoyd doesn’t have any children. In February 2020, he tweeted:

”Not having no kids unless I’m married. That just don’t fit right in my spirit at all, never did never will.”


”Trying to fit in with everybody else just ganna make u broke and miserable like everybody else.”

”Biggest mistake in life is thinking we still got time.”

”We are living in a punishment and if we enjoy the punishment we will get a even worse punishment.”


He is frequently compared with William Hung, a Hong Kong-born American former singer who is best known for his terrible singing and unsuccessful audition performance on the third season of the television series American Idol. 

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McLoyd has collaborated with Tyler, The Creator, an American rapper who released his debut solo mixtape Bastard in 2009.

Daniel has smoked weed for about 9 years. But, he stopped smoking in 2019. He tweeted in February 2020:

”Today was the day I quit smoking weed last year after smoking 8-9 years I’m a whole year sober.”

He is a follower of Jesus. McLoyd said:

”Jesus frees you from sin while your alive and I’m living proof of this.”

In 2014, American radio presenter Charlamagne tha God said that McLoyd shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Other famous rappers are Astro, Blind Fury, and RJ.

IceJJFish – Net Worth

Daniel earned most of his wealth from selling his singles and advertisements on his YouTube channel. His 111 million views on YouTube earned McLoyd at least $220,000.

In addition, he sells merch on Therefore, IceJJFish has an estimated net worth of $0.3 million.

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