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Linda Vater Net Worth 2024

Linda Vater Net Worth – $700,000

What is Linda Vater’s net worth?


Linda Vater is an online influencer who is best known for her YouTube channel.

Her content focuses on her love for her garden, and she regularly shares tips and techniques with her followers that educate and inspire them to care for their gardens in a similar way.

She has spent more than thirty years cultivating her outdoor space, and she has made a career out of inspiring others.

Below, we explore Linda Vater’s net worth and explain how she has earned her money.

The Origin Story

Linda Vater was born on December 06, 1956, and lives in Oklahoma.

She lives in a period English Tudor house with a huge garden, which is where she broadcasts most of her videos from.


Linda Vater is married to her husband, Jamie, and they have two sons together.

Although she occasionally speaks about her family in her videos, she tries to keep her personal life away from the lens, which is something that we respect.

As well as gardening and sharing videos on YouTube, Linda has a passion for writing and shares lots of gardening tips and tutorials via her blog.

It’s not clear whether she currently monetizes her blog or whether she just publishes content for the joy of writing and offering advice.

Linda sometimes appears on other influencer’s channels, as she invites people to tour her garden and learn about her techniques in person.

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Linda Vater – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Linda Vater worth? As a blogger, garden designer, and lifestyle influencer, Linda Vater makes most of her money from her online endeavors. As a result of her popularity as a gardener, blogger, and YouTuber, Linda Vater has an estimated net worth of $700,000.

All of the skills that she has learned are self-taught, and she has developed a reputation as being highly skilled and green-fingered, which has helped her attract a broad audience and fanbase.


Linda has multiple sources of income, and one of those is through her YouTube channel.

At the time of writing, Vater has more than 151,000 subscribers.

Her videos have been watched more than 35 million times since she joined the platform in 2010, which has earned her ad revenue as a result.

Her videos are regularly viewed by tens of thousands of people on YouTube, and she also shares her content on other social media sites, including Pinterest.

The fabulous design and layout of her garden have resulted in it appearing in many publications and on various shows in the past, which is a credit to her talents.

Another way that she earns money is through her membership schemes, which she promotes on her website.

For $2.99, she invites people to be LV Supporter, which provides them with a range of benefits, including members-only shout-outs in her videos.

There is also an LV Insider membership, which comes with access to a members-only Facebook group, product perks and benefits, and access to Linda’s personal diary.


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The enhanced membership is available for $4.99 per month.

While it’s not clear how many people have signed up for a membership with Linda, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the main ways that she supports her channel and earns from her life in the garden.

She regularly thanks her members during her videos, highlighting the relationship that she tries to maintain with them.

Linda also sells merchandise on her online store, which includes her ‘Boxwood Babe’ tees and sweaters, as well as a tote bag and other garden essentials.

As a social media personality, it’s clear that Linda has tried to maximize various income streams, and there’s no doubt that they all contribute to her net worth.

One unique thing about Linda’s channel is that she often invites her subscribers and other influencers to tour her garden, and these videos regularly attract lots of viewers.


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They also help to increase Linda’s personality and boost her numbers.

On one such tour, she said:

“When we first moved in, we had nothing here other than one, old redbud. When we first landscaped, I had some river birches, but they just couldn’t handle our storms and weather. So I just thought that I would let something grow that wants to be here.”

If you’ve tuned in to one of Linda’s videos, it’s hard not to be impressed by the exquisite design and vibrant colors of her garden.

It’s evident that she puts so much time and effort into perfecting her garden, and she’s extremely generous with her advice and tips when interacting with her viewers.

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