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Lt. Joe Kenda Net Worth

Lt. Joe Kenda Net Worth – $2 million

What is Lt. Joe Kenda’s net worth? How much does Joe Kenda make per episode?


Lt. Joe Kenda is an American retired police detective lieutenant from Colorado Springs Police Department.

He was also the star of the Investigation Discovery television show ”Homicide Hunter.”


He was born on August 28, 1946, in Herminie, Pennsylvania, USA, as Joseph Patrick Kenda.

Kenda grew up in the western Pennsylvania town of Herminie. His father was a coal miner.

He first thought about a career in law enforcement around the age of 10.

In 1964, Joe graduated from Greensburg Central Catholic High School. After high school, he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in political science.

In 1970, he earned a master’s degree in international relations from Ohio State University.

In 1973, Joe joined the Colorado Springs Police Department.

In 1977, he was promoted to detective and assigned to the burglary division. Kenda was assigned to the homicide division after he has solved a double shooting.

In 1996, Lt. Kenda retired three years from the Colorado Springs Police Department.

From 1998 to 2008, he worked as a special needs school bus operator.

Homicide Hunter

how much does joe kenda make per episode

Drew Scott, Sunny Hostin, Lt. Joe Kenda, and Jonathan Scott – @Getty

Starting in 2011, he starred in Homicide Hunter, a crime documentary TV series that showcases Kenda’s past cases. Joe said for Men’s Journal about his first day of shooting at Homicide Hunter:

”On our first day of shooting, they handed me something. I looked at it and said, “What’s that?” They said it was a script. I said, “I’m not an actor. I’m a policeman.” Lt. Kenda went on to say: ”You want an actor? Go hire one. I’ll get on a plane and go back to Colorado.”

Former deputy sheriff Carl Marino portrayed younger Kenda.

The TV show had its best night ever (about 1.3 million viewers) on November 12, 2013.

In May 2019, Joe announced that the ninth season of Homicide Hunter would be the last. It premiered on August 28, 2019.

Kenda explained about his decision to end the show:

”I ended this program and I informed Discovery that I would be stopping after Season 9. The reason was rather simple.”

The retired police detective lieutenant added:

Lt. Joe Kenda QUOTES

© Guliver / Getty Images

”I had run out of cases, I ran out of bullets. What I have remaining are either too simple or too disgusting.”

The final episode aired on January 29, 2020. He appeared in 140 episodes.

In 2021, the TV series ”American Detective with Lt. Joe Kenda” premiered on Discovery+.


On December 26, 1967, Lt. Joe Kenda married Mary Kathleen Mohler. The two first met while they were attending the Greensburg Central Catholic High School.

Kenda once said about his wife:

”My wife on occasion, will get very annoyed with me and my cars since I love cars.” Joe continued: ”My response was always the same: ‘It could be women and whiskey, but it’s cars.’”


The couple has two children.


Kenda is 5′ 11½” (182 cm) tall.

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”I never pulled a trigger on a gun in all my years in the police department. I’m very proud of that.”

”I’ve said more to that camera than I have to my wife about things I’ve seen and done.”

”Crying is very old. Laughter tends to break the ice.”

Lt. Joe Kenda Net Worth

© Guliver / Getty Images

”Fear is a good thing. It alerts you, focuses the mind.”

”Success is not money. It’s not friends. It’s not any of that. It’s control of your time.”

”Never mind the bullet with your name on it. Beware of the bullet that says “To Whom it May Concern.”

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During his 23 years career as a detective with the Colorado Springs Police Department, Lt. Kenda solved 356 out of 387 murders. Joe credited his ability to close cases to being good at telling when people were lying as well as to being a student of human nature. He also said in an interview:

”The national average in the US runs between 50 percent and 60 percent, so I am anywhere from 30 to 40 points higher than that.”

Lt. Kenda continued:

”The remaining 8% still bother me all day, every day… I still think about it every day, I really do.”

Lt. Joe Kenda – Net Worth

what is the net worth of Lt. Joe Kenda


So, how much is Lt. Joe Kenda worth?

Kenda earned most of his wealth working as a police detective for 23 years as well as for starring in 140 episodes of the Investigation Discovery TV show ”Homicide Hunter.” It is undisclosed how much Joe Kenda made per episode, but it is estimated at around $15k per episode.

He also made some money from selling his book ”I Will Find You” (2017). In the book, the retired police detective lieutenant shares never-before-revealed case files from his career as a homicide detective.

American Detective with Lt. Joe Kenda premiered on January 4, 2021.

Therefore, Lt. Joe Kenda has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Joe once said about money: ”I have a simple policy about money. If I have it, I spend it. If I don’t have it, I don’t spend it. It’s no big deal.”

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Gary Smith

Sunday 10th of March 2024

This is Gary I work at New Castle correctional facility. I really thank you and the detectives that solve all the cases and bring the to Justice. I have met lots of them and they have told me their cases they are sickening but I’m not judging them and I treat them like a person God would judge them your show I’ll watch it every night. I even went out and bought me a Kimber just like the one carryThank you so much.


Sunday 9th of July 2023

I can't say enough about what a great man he is. I admire his whole family. Our world is a better world because of the choices he's made.God bless the Kenda clan. Peace

Eddy MacIsaac

Wednesday 12th of April 2023

Mr. Kenda, You are an American hero, you just do your job, keep the peace, and don't say anything to anybody. Thank you for sharing all your experiences, or the ones are gonna be televised, in polite language.

Patricia Lafleche

Friday 25th of November 2022

Lt. Kenda is a vert good cop he tries to serve everybody but the again ,there's a crime committed, Somebody is shot and murdered! Joe Kenda is the first called to the scene. He re-capures the incident berfore it even happens. He pictures it and how it really happened. He does a great job at tracking down the responsibe personwho pullled the trigger. Then the person is found brought in for questioning. The next thing I knew it she's arrested and charged with capital murder. I love you Joe! Trisha Lafleche of Woonsocket, Rhode Island,

Budd Crevar

Monday 29th of August 2022

I live in Butler, Pa. About 45 minutes from where Joe was born & raised! Would love to talk to the man. Unfortunately you are a dying breed! Great show! Total Respect to you!