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Frederick K. C. Price Net Worth $1.5 Million

What Was Frederick K. C. Price’s Net Worth?

Frederick K. C. Price was an American pastor who had a net worth of $1.5 million. As an author, Price penned over 50 books on the Holy Spirit, prosperity, healing, and faith. Price is best known for serving as the founding pastor of Los Angeles’ Crenshaw Christian Center as well as being the founder of the Fellowship of International Christian Word of Faith Ministries.

He was born on January 3, 1932, in Santa Monica, CA, USA.

His childhood was frequently troubled by his father’s struggle with alcoholism.

Frederick received an honorary Divinity degree from Oral Roberts University.

From 1955 to 1957, Dr. Price served as an assistant pastor in a Baptist church. From 1957 to 1959, Price pastored an African Methodist Episcopal church in Val Verde, California.

In 1965, Dr. Price joined the Christian and Missionary Alliance at West Washington Community Church.

In 1973, he founded Crenshaw Christian Center in L.A. and built an international ministry resulting in multiple schools and thousands of members.


Through Crenshaw Christian Center, he established prayer ministries, clothing, and food as well as outreach programs to help people battling domestic violence, substance abuse, and depression.

In 1981, Frederick oversaw the construction of a new sanctuary – “FaithDome,” that at the time was the largest domed church in the US.

In 1990, he founded the FICWFM (Fellowship of International Christian Word of Faith Ministries).

In 2009, he passed the torch to his son – Fred Price Jr., who was the pastor of the Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC) until March of 2009.


In March 1953, Frederick K. C. Price married Dr. Betty Ruth Scott Price.

She was 19 at the time they got married.

They met after she finished high school.

She was born on February 9, 1934, in Gloster, Mississippi. In 1952, Dr. Betty Ruth Scott Price graduated from Dorsey High School.

In 1990, to help inner-city ministries overcome the challenges they encounter, the couple launched the Fellowship of Inner-City Word of Faith Ministries.

She received the honor of “Woman of the Year” from the LA County Commission for Women in the Second District. She said:

”It’s not about what we can get for ourselves, though they accuse Dr. Price of that, but they are so wrong—and they’re sure going to have to pay, but it’s just the idea of helping people.”

Dr. Betty Ruth Scott Price is the author of 6 books:

  • A Warning to Ministers, Their Wives, and Mistresses;
  • Wisdom From Above (Volumes 1 and 2); 
  • Lifestyles of the Rich & Faithful; 
  • Through the Fire & Through the Water; 
  • Standing by God’s Man.

Dr. Price and his wife travel extensively all over the world, ministering the uncompromising Word of God. During an interview, he declared:

“When we first started pasturing, we weren’t spirit filled and we didn’t understand the principles of faith, but ever since 1970 we’ve been walking in victory and it’s just gone up, up, up and is very exciting.”

Dr. Betty Ruth Scott Price established the Women’s Fellowship, which has served as a prototype for numerous women’s fellowships throughout the United States.

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The couple has four children – Frederick Kenneth Price, Jr, Stephanie Pauline Buchanan, Cheryl Ann Price, and Angela Marie Evans.

In June 2017, Pastor Fred Price Jr. announced that he would be stepping down from ministry due to “serious personal misjudgments.”

He abandoned the position he had held since March 2009.

Crenshaw Christian Center official Tamara Taylor elaborated on Fred Price Jr.’s stepping down:

“Well, we know what you know. That’s what he said to us.”

Tamara Taylor continued:

”As long as he told us it was personal misjudgment we really shouldn’t speculate.” 

On July 1, 2018, Pastor Fred Price Jr. of the CCC in LA returned to his teaching duties. 

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He said to congregants during a worship service which was broadcast on Facebook Live:

“I really want to say thank you to those that have stood with me and stood by me and those that have interceded, those that have stood in the gap.”

Pastor Fred Price Jr. went on to say:

”You didn’t know much. You just knew that I was away and I appreciate you not needing to know all of the details. Just know I’ve pretty much been sleeping in the valley of the shadow of death and well I’m no longer there.” 

Regarding his father, he said:

“I believe I’m going to do something different and all I have to do is stand on his shoulders and if I stand on his shoulders, I can see much further than he did.”

Pastor Fred Price Jr. later added:

”He laid the foundation, so I don’t need to lay a new foundation. I just need to build on his.”

Angel C. Price is the wife of Pastor Frederick K. Price Jr.

On March 15, 2009, she became the First Lady of Crenshaw Christian Center after her husband was installed as the Senior Pastor of CCC.

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Some of the books published by Dr. Price include the following:

  • Race – Religion & Racism;
  • Prosperity: Good News for, Name It and Claim It!;
  • Answered Prayer Guaranteed!;
  • How Faith Works.


Frederick K.C. Price passed away on February 12, 2021.

A public celebration of life for the late Rev. Dr. Frederick K.C. Price – @Getty

”Our Husband, Father and your Apostle has gone to be with the Lord this evening,” his son announced on Facebook. ”We accept his decision to go as he got a glimpse of glory a couple of weeks ago. But we are sad.”


”So God cannot do anything on this earth unless we let Him. And the way we let Him or give Him permission is through prayer.”

”Leadership is getting people to work for you when they are not obligated.”

”If you have a challenge believing God hears and desires to answer your prayers, I recommend you study what the Scriptures say about righteousness, as well as read the accompanying article.”

”Our staying in and partaking of the things of Christ is predicated on our staying in Christ and staying steadfast to the end.”

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Dr. Price was influenced by the teachings of Kenneth Hagin, an American Pentecostal preacher who is referred to as the father of the Word of Faith movement.

On May 20, 1994, pastor Kenneth Hagin received an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree.

He served in the United States Marine Corps.

Net Worth

Dr. Price earned most of his wealth from being the founding pastor of CCC and the Fellowship of International Christian Word of Faith Ministries. In addition, Frederick has more than 50 published books.

On Amazon, Dr. Price’s books have about 1.1k ratings — this means an estimated 50,000 to 110,000 copies sold.

Therefore, at the time of his death, Frederick K. C. Price had an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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Frederick R Vere

Monday 6th of November 2023

Hi! I watch late Dr Frederick Price's Video's on YouTube. His expounding of the Word/Scripture is exceptional. An excellent Teacher & Apostle.

William d. Lash

Friday 12th of May 2023

Ive been a follower of the Apostle since early 2000s.He taught me much and I will always refer to his teachings and reading material.Like he says...information makes you confident..not in peace my brother

Deacon Melvin Day

Wednesday 29th of June 2022

Apostle Casey Price was a blessing to my life in the late 80s his teaching of description was a eye-opening to me God bless his family and we will see him in paradise one day.❤️🌈8️⃣🙏🏿✝️

Michael Feliciano

Wednesday 29th of June 2022

Lately I have been reflecting of what Apostol Price meant to me. Although I never met him in person, I used to watch his program Ever Increasing Faith every Sunday morning in Jersey city New Jersey. I used to come home drunk and high on Sunday morning and would turn the TV on to listen to Pastor Price and his wisdom of the word. Years later I was born again, entered ministry and I'm pastoring several churches today. Will always be grateful for Pastor Price and his obedience to the Lord.

Mary Davis Stuart

Saturday 26th of February 2022

I watched pastor Price every Sunday morning before going to my own church service I thought he was interesting, funny and informative! After a while I just went a different route to hear the word! Even though I stopped watch him after so many years I truly had the upmost respect for him and his wife! When his son took over it just wasn’t the same he seemed to struggle a lot to deliver the word! Nonetheless I wish them the desires of their hearts! Stay strong and know exactly what God expects and requires on your own! Rest in heavenly peace sir you are missed.