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Molly Yeh Net Worth $3 Million

What Is Molly Yeh’s Net Worth?

Molly Yeh is an American TV star, Instagram celebrity, food blogger, and cookbook author who has a net worth of $3 million. She has become known as the creator of the cooking blog ”My Name is Yeh.”

Yeh was born on May 22, 1989, in Glenview, Illinois, USA.

Her mother is a Jewish New Yorker, while her father is Chinese and from LA.

Molly has a younger half-sister named – Mia, and an older sister, Jenna, who is also a chef. Yeh said:

”My sister went to culinary school, so I learned from her too.”

She attended Glenbrook South High School. Yeh also went to a private performing arts conservatory in New York City called ”Juilliard School.” She said:

”I graduated from Juilliard with a degree in percussion.”

In 2009, Yeh started her blog as a personal diary while on vacation.

During an interview, Molly confessed:

how much is molly yeh worth


”I have zero eye for site design and struggled with this for years when I first started out.”

In a 2018 interview with Refinery29, Yeh said:

”The first recipe that I really got to know and love and what kind of started my love for recipe development was macaroni and cheese.”

Molly was named Saveur’s “Blogger of the Year” in 2015, reported BonAppetit.

In 2016, Yeh published a book, titled ”Molly On The Range: Recipes and Stories from an Unlikely Life on a Farm.”

what is the net worth of Molly Yeh

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It was selected by NPR as one of their Great Reads of 2016. In addition, the book was the winner of the International Association of Culinary Professionals Judge’s Award and it was selected by the NY Times as one of the top releases of fall 2016.

In 2017, Molly was included in the ranks of Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list.

On March 14, 2018, Yeh published her second book, named – ”Yogurt.”

Girl Meets Farm

On June 24, 2018, Molly’s cooking television series, Girl Meets Farm, premiered on Food Network.

It was renewed for a third season on March 12, 2019. The TV show typically shows Molly cooking Midwestern farm meals at her farm on the Minnesota-North Dakota border.  

In 2019, Yeh received a James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Personality as well as a daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Culinary Host.

In February 2023, she inked an exclusive deal with Food Network. “I absolutely love being a part of the Food Network family,” Yeh said at the time.

how much does molly yeh make


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On December 27, 2014, Molly Yeh married Nick Hagen, a fifth-generation farmer who manages the Hagen Sugar Beet Farm with his father.

The two first met at Juilliard in New York City.

In 2013, they moved to a farm outside of East Grand Forks in northwest Minnesota. The farm has a vegetable patch, a cluster of steel silos, a red tractor, and a white house. Molly said about living on a farm:

”Hard work. I am definitely inspired by how hard my farmer husband and other farmers in the area work.”


Her daughter, Bernadette ”Bernie” Rosemary Yeh Hagen, was born on March 30, 2019. Her name Rosemary is after Molly’s maternal great-grandma, while the name Bernie was after Nick’s paternal great-great-great-grandpa Bernt.

After Bernadette was born, Molly said:

”She has a full head of hair and loves to stick her tongue out.”

On February 20, 2022, her second daughter, Ira Dorothy Yeh Hagen, was born.

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how much is Molly Yeh worth


”If you’re thinking about doing a move, try it for a year.”

”I have no choice, I have to keep going!”

”I love helping my readers look at a recipe in a new way.”

”I love collecting sprinkles whenever I go out of town.”

”I would much rather see one great blog post a month than 10 blog posts a month.”

”Focus on your little things that you love to do every day and tell people about them.”

”In Chicago and New York, it was always very easy to connect with Jewish culture.”

”I don’t want to make anything where I have to stand too close to the stove.”


Yeh was a co-host on a podcast showcasing young classical musicians, called – From the Top, in November 2018.

how much does molly yeh make

Molly Ye attends the Champagne & Dim Sum Brunch hosted by Molly Yeh during the Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival – @Getty

Net Worth & Salary Per Episode

So, how much is Molly Yeh worth? Yeh earns most of her wealth from managing her blog, selling her books (”Molly on the Range: Recipes and Stories from An Unlikely Life on a Farm,” “Home Is Where the Eggs Are,” and ”Yogurt”), and starring in the television series – ”Girl Meets Farm.” Therefore, Molly Yeh has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Note – Molly Yeh’s net worth is cumulated with her husband’s.

Molly Yeh’s salary per episode of Girl Meets Farm is undisclosed; however, it is thought to be around $20k.

On Amazon, Molly Yeh’s books have over 3,400 ratings — an estimated 170,000 to 340,000 copies sold.

Molly also makes money from sponsored posts on her Instagram account (over 849k followers).

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Maria Leibowitz

Sunday 21st of April 2024

Love Girl Meets Farm and watch it every weekend. You have such an addicted personality and love to watch the interaction you have with Nick and learning about your girls and what great foodies they are. You are so down to earth and unpretentious. You rock Molly, you are the REAL DEAL. Best wishes for much health, wealth and happiness on your future endeavors!!!

Robert Cohen

Sunday 13th of March 2022

My wife and I love watching Molly's show because she is so energetic, honestly appealing, and has such great recipes to share. It's wonderful to "share" her family with her, and see about life on the farm in Minnesota. I think a lot of people mostly equate Minnesota with cold and snow, not with farming !!!! Good luck Molly and keep up the great work.

Glenda Jacobs

Thursday 10th of March 2022

I love your show. You are so comfortable in the kitchen. I like that you show us how to cook foods that we will eat and that you cook foods from scratch. All of your recipes look delicious and they are foods that I would cook at home. Keep your program going. Love your family ❤️

Susan Boettcher

Sunday 20th of February 2022

Love your show. I always check to see what the ginger cat is up to.


Friday 19th of November 2021

Dear Molly, Just discovered you and your show. Love to see your work and developing Recipes. I am going to attempt your Pastrami sandwich….made my mouth water while watching the process but while searching for pink pickling salt I ran into a problem… hitch was that pink pickling salt could cause illness and worse because of an additive that is toxic…..sooooo I would Like to use Kosher salt for the curing process. Please do not stop your great shows J