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Nick Hagen Net Worth $3 Million

What is Nick Hagen’s net worth?

Nick Hagen is an American farmer and landowner who has a net worth of $3 million. He is most renowned for being the husband of reality TV star Molly Yeh.

Hagen was born in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, on 30th June 1986.

Nick Hagen’s parents are Roger Hagen, a farmer, and Roxanne Hagen, a chef.

Hagen also has a sister named Anna Sather.

Nick was involved in chores around his parents’ farm from an early age.

He would later recall that he was mowing lawns and performing swathing in the wheat fields as soon as he was tall enough to reach the pedals. As a child, he also thought about becoming a farmer full-time.

Upon graduation from high school, however, he attended the prestigious Juilliard School as a music major.

He would not return to farming until much later.

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How did Molly Yeh meet Nick Hagen?

Nick Hagen met his future wife, Molly Yeh, during their time at Juilliard.

Both of them were involved in the school orchestra, and they became acquainted as a result.

Hagen played the trombone in the orchestra.

Yeh later recounted that their first date involved a long bike ride out to a scenic spot named Rockaway Beach.

Early in their relationship, Yeh gave Hagen the nickname “Eggboy,” due to his predilection for eating massive amounts of eggs.

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Sugar Beet Farming

Hagen is a 5th-generation sugar beet farmer, and he has followed in his father’s footsteps by continuing the tradition.

Hagen was initially unsure about being a farmer and, after graduating from Juilliard in 2009, decided to go back to Minnesota and work for his father.

After a couple of years, however, he got what he described as the “New York Itch” and returned to the city, where he reconnected with Yeh.

The two began dating, and they began to take trips outside of the city.

On one such trip, he and Yeh realized that they were more suited to a rural life than an urban one, and they made the decision to move back to Minnesota.

Hagen decided to return to the family business – a decision that he partially credits to the fact that he felt no pressure from his parents to get involved with the farm.

His father later said that he didn’t want to stand in Hagen’s way when it came to his musical aspirations, but that he was pleased that his son ultimately decided to get involved in the family business.

From 2014 onward, after moving back to the farm along with Yeh, Hagen has been a full-time farmer with his father.

He likens the farming process to the creativity that goes along with music, stating that “every day Mother Nature is throwing something new at you.”


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Nick Hagen and Molly Yeh married on his parents’ farm in 2015. They married in what Hagen called the “old shop” of the farm, and enjoyed the wedding reception in what he termed the “new shop.”

“It was really special for me that Molly would want to be married on this farm and make her life here,” Hagen said in an interview in September 2022.

In the fall of 2022, Hagen and his wife opened a new restaurant, Bernie’s, with “local ingredients, and REALLY GOOD BREAD.”


Hagen and Yeh have two daughters – Bernie (born circa 2019) and Ira (born circa February 2022).

Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Nick Hagen worth? Hagen earned most of his wealth from working a large farm in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, known as the Hagen Sugar Beet Farm. “I loved the idea of being a farmer, as a kid,” Nick revealed in an interview. Therefore, Nick Hagen has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Note – Nick Hagen’s net worth is cumulated with his wife’s.


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