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Mopi Net Worth 2024

Mopi Net Worth – $500,000

What is Mopi’s net worth? What is Mopi’s real name?


Mopi is an American YouTuber and social media personality who has made a name for himself by performing stunts and pranks and uploading them online.

Many of his stunts are sports-related, and he was once a member of the popular ensemble 2Hype, before leaving in 2020.

His videos regularly receive hundreds of thousands or millions of views on YouTube, which is the main source of his income. 

The Origin Story

Mopi – real name Tyler – was born in 1999 and is from the United States.

He does a great job of keeping his private life away from the public eye, and all that is known about his life is what he has personally revealed in his YouTube videos.


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For instance, he loves basketball, and he’s a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers.

He also enjoys watching Japanese manga and is a big fan of a series called Naruto.

Tyler is an avid hoodie collector and regularly wears new items on his YouTube channel when he appears in his videos.

He’s also managed to steer clear of the controversies that often plague the lives of YouTubers and content creators.

Apart from his falling out with some of the guys in 2Hype, Tyler is friendly with other content creators and regularly appears in their videos. 


Little is known about Mopi’s private life, whether he’s dating or where he lives. 

According to reports, Mopi is probably single.

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Mopi – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Mopi worth? As a popular vlogger, Tyler earns most of his money by uploading videos via his YouTube channel and engaging with his fans on his platform. Therefore, American vlogger Mopi has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

He typically uploads various challenges that some would deem dangerous, which contributes to his popularity.

Tyler got into YouTube and vlogging thanks to his friend Hesse Riedel – JesserTheLazer – who featured him in many of his videos as Mopi was trying to make a name for himself.

The pair focused on entertaining their followers with pranks and crazy stunts, which laid the foundations for Mopi to launch his own channel.


On YouTube, Mopi has more than one million subscribers, and his videos regularly receive hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views.

Some of his most popular YouTube videos include Why I Left, Most Humiliating Basketball Video on YouTube, 100 Bellyflops for 100,000 Subscribers, and 2v2 Mini Hoop Tournament, which all received more than 2.2 million views. 

Mopi’s Bellyflop stunt was one of his first YouTube videos, and he admits that it was one of the most painful things he’s ever attempted. But it helped him increase his follower base, and it remains one of his most-watched videos to this day. 

He is also featured regularly as part of YouTube group 2Hype, which is an American-English group that primarily performs basketball-related stunts on the platform.

The channel is incredibly popular on YouTube, with around 1.85 million subscribers and in excess of 376 million views. 

Tyler left 2Hype at the end of 2020.


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He explained his reasons for leaving in a video, where he said: “I’m not doing YouTube for the money or the clout, and I’ve got serious issues with four of the six members in the group. I walked away from so much money – you guys have no idea – so much money, and I could have faked it and gone along with everything, but I’m not about that.”

In total, Mopi has more than 120 million views on his YouTube channel, which has earned him in excess of $300,000 from ad revenue alone.

Like many other popular vloggers and YouTube personalities, this is one of his primary sources of income. 

He also launched a second YouTube channel in September 2017, which has less than 70,000 subscribers. He doesn’t upload a great deal of content to his second channel, which is more focused on his efforts as a gamer. He plays on the likes of Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Battlefield, which he then streams to his followers. 


Aside from YouTube, he earns money from his presence on Twitch.

His Twitch channel has almost 17,000 followers, and he set up his channel in order to stream himself playing games to his followers.

And like all YouTubers and content creators, Tyler has a presence on social media.

He has just short of 276,000 followers on Instagram, which is where he shares most of his content.

Unlike other influencers, Mopi doesn’t do a great deal of endorsements on Instagram. Instead, he uses his platform to promote and tease his upcoming videos. 

The majority of his Instagram posts encourage his followers to watch his YouTube channel, while some of them tease what’s coming up. He also regularly shares pictures in the company of his friends.  

And although Tyler is adamant that he doesn’t perform his stunts for money or clout, he has been able to rack up an impressive net worth as a result of his YouTube Videos.

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