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Mike Rosenthal Net Worth $2 Million

What is photographer Mike Rosenthal’s net worth?

Mike Rosenthal is an American celebrity photographer, director, cinematographer, and TV personality who has a net worth of $2 million.

He is most notably known for being the guest judge and photographer on the reality TV shows America’s Next Top Model and Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2.

Additionally, he is the husband of celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, the founder and creator of OUAI, a globally recognized hair product brand.

Mike was born on June 10, 1977, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Raised by artistic parents, Mike credits his influence and love for the arts to his mom and dad.

One was a ceramist and the other a meteorologist. 

As a child, he watched many movies, and rather than gravitating toward the storyline, he was drawn into the cinematic imagery.

mike rosenthal (photographer)

Leslie Brog, Mike Rosenthal and Jen Atkin – @Getty

His parents recognized his talent for imagery and photography, so they encouraged him to follow that path in life.

Mike began playing with cameras as a child and developed a deep-rooted passion.

His self-taught skills eventually became marketable, and by the age of 17, it landed him a job in visual effects for Warner Brothers Digital.

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Mike Rosenthal Net Worth


He was still attending Penn State High School at the time, so this was a part-time job. Additionally, he spent three years apprenticing under Oscar-winning Russell Carpenter, ASC.

Upon graduating high school, he enrolled at the American Film Institute and the University of Southern California, where he would academically train to become a professional cinematographer.

During university, he discovered an enthusiasm for still photography. He preferred this to film because it was smaller, faster, and delivered immediate results. 

Upon graduating from university, he bounced around from jobs at some of the most significant photography and production companies in Hollywood and global magazines. His work centered around magazine covers, movie posters, and advertisements.

In 2006, Mike had his first taste in move making.

He took part in the creation of Generation Lost, a rockumentary/documentary about the Chicago Rock band Rise Against.

For his first experience, it was an excellent one because the film obtained a constant IMBD rating of 7.9/10.

The highly anticipated film went live on December 5, 2006, accumulating nationwide attention and feedback.

Since the mid-2000s, Mike transitioned from photography to motion pictures and has been working as a director, directing music videos, commercials, and feature films in a pre-production state.

In 2003, Mike was invited as a judge and guest photographer for the hit reality TV show Americas Next Top Model.

He began to gain notoriety at this point, and his work started gaining broader traction among the elite circles. This turned into a long-term contract lasting 11 seasons.

What is photographer Mike Rosenthal's net worth

Rochelle Gores Fredston and Mike Rosenthal – @Getty

In early 2013, Mike was chosen to be the director of the music shoot for pop, jazz sing Matthew Morrison’s hit song, I Don’t Mean A Thing.

This was his first experience in the music scene, but his work certainly didn’t reflect that. The music video appeared as though a tenured music director directed it.

When his contract with America’s Next Top Model concluded, he was eager to pursue another contract in a similar role, allowing him to capture both still and motion images.

In 2013, he was invited to judge on Asia’s Next Top Model, where he would spend two seasons.


In 2011, Mike met Jen Atkin, a Hollywood-based celebrity hairstylist, at an Academy Awards after-party at the Peninsula restaurant.

Mike Rosenthal Net Worth


They immediately hit it off, and in 2016, they married in a lavish ceremony at the Jardin du Luxembourg Paris.

Since their wedding was last minute with only a few quests, they decided to plan a larger, more intimate wedding to celebrate with their family and friends in Los Angeles.

In 2017, Mike was offered an opportunity different from what he had done in the past.

He joined Jessica Neuman and Andrew Ondrejcak as the third director for the ten-series film Heaven. This role further broadened his experience from photography to film directing.

In addition to his career as a celebrity photographer, which he acquired through being a judge on hit Reality shows, Mike associates and rubs shoulders with A-list celebrities. He has had minor appearances on the hit reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians with his wife, Jen.

While his professional photography portfolio is his claim to fame, his wife has played a pivotal role in his broader celebrity recognition.

mike rosenthal wife


Jen is a hairdresser for some of the highest-ranking celebrities and is a part of their social circles.

She marketed his brand for years, and from there, he gained more traction than he had already accumulated. Not to mention, their association with the uber-famous Kardashian clan struck in endless contracts and gigs with high-profile companies.

He is often featured as a guest on his wife’s large YouTube channel, answering fan questions and talking about life.

Aside from public appearances and his hefty work schedule. He is relatively low-key and prefers his privacy to the celebrity limelight.

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On March 5, 2021, Mike and Jen welcomed their first son together.

They named him River Julien Rosenthal, so he spends a lot of his time raising his son as a new father.

Mike Rosenthal worth


Net Worth

So, how much is Mike Rosenthal worth? Mike Rosenthal has an estimated net worth of $2 million tied to his many ventures, including a career in high-fashion and celebrity photography, appearances on reality TV shows, and small acting gigs.

He is among some of the highest-paid photographers.

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