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Nessa Diab Net Worth | Parents

Nessa Diab Net Worth – $2.5 million

What is Nessa Diab’s net worth? Who are Nessa Diab’s parents?


Nessa Diab—known to her adoring public as Nessa—is the voice behind Nessa on Air, one of Hot 97’s most popular drive-time radio shows.

She’s also the host of NBCUniversal’s TalkStoop, a former MTV host, and a vocal supporter of civil rights and the fight against police terrorism.

She’s also the long-time girlfriend of former NFL legend—and controversial activist—Colin Kaepernick.

The Origin Story

Nessa Diab is the daughter of an Egyptian father and Middle Eastern mother, and she was born on May 6th, 1981.

Nessa and her two brothers were raised as practicing Muslims, and she split her childhood between Southern California and Saudi Arabia, where her dad did a lot of work.

In 2001, she graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications.

Hey, Ms. DJ

nessa kaepernick net worth


While she was still studying at UC Berkeley, Nessa scored an internship at Wild 94.9—a mainstream San Francisco radio station.

Management gave the outspoken, savvy student her own Bay Area news show—The Baydestrian Report—and thus began her fascination with the radio industry.

Eventually, Nessa branched out to celebrity interviews on Wild 94.9. With YouTube slowly gaining recognition at this point, Diab started using the platform to promote her shows—and herself.

Her online presence captured the attention of MTV executives.

They sought the vivacious radio celeb out to be on Girl Code. Girl Code was a US comedy series that made its debut in 2013.

As a spin-off to the runaway success, Guy Code, the series follows the lives of female entertainers—actresses, musicians, and a radio DJ—and their opinions on the sisterhood.

The show also aired a spin-off talk show—Girl Code Live—in 2015. Nessa was one of the hosts of the show.

She went on to host various shows on MTV and MTV2, before moving on to Hot 97 and the drive time shift, where she currently hosts the hit show, Nessa on Air. It is currently the top-ranked hip-hop afternoon show.

While managing her responsibilities for the major hit show, she also took on a role at NBCUniversal in 2018, hosting TalkStoop.

Enter The Social Avenger

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Nessa Diab isn’t just known for her career in mainstream entertainment.

She’s also an outspoken activist and passionate advocate for social change.

Alongside her partner, Colin Kaepernick, the savvy beauty founded the Know Your Rights Camp.

The initiative focuses on providing disadvantaged youth with empowering education—and travels across the continental US to provide it.

In 2016, Nessa launched a campaign for Plan B—in association with Girl Code co-host and close friend Carly Aquilio—to help young women. Each year the pair host a pre-prom pamper session for disadvantaged teen girls in NYC.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Nessa funds a scholarship and mentoring program for the Lower East Side Girls’ Club.

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The Defender Makes Her Stand

hot 97 dj nessa


If you’re thinking Nessa’s an angel—think again.

She pulled no punches calling Jay-Z out for partnering with the NFL, a notoriously racist organization run predominantly by white, wealthy men.

The football league blackballed her partner in 2016.

Speaking on Jay-Z’s decision, which would see him significantly increase his own wealth and visibility, Nessa said:

“I don’t mind you doing a business deal — but I do mind you wrapping it in social justice when you’re working with an organization that denies someone an opportunity.”

She came for the NFL in 2020, too.

She tagged NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, on Twitter for being deliberately misleading about Kaepernick’s status in the league. On the NFL website, former QB to the San Francisco 49ers is listed as ‘retired.’

Anyone who follows the NFL, or the US civil rights climate, knows that Colin Kaepernick was blacklisted by the NFL following his attempt to peacefully protest police brutality against the Black community.

Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem, in an effort to stand up to the injustices and oppression put upon black people, while still honoring the sacrifices made by the US military who served the country. He said he would continue to do so until the flag represented equality for all people.

He knelt for the anthem at every 49ers game of the season.

He was released from his contract with the 49ers and became a free agent in March 2017. As of 2021, he has not been picked up by any NFL team.

Following Nessa Diab’s vocal opposition to having her boyfriend listed as ‘retired’ the NFL changed his status to ‘UFA’—or unrestricted free agent.


In August 2022, Nessa Diab welcomed her first kid with Colin Kaepernick.

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Nessa Diab – Net Worth

What is the net worth of Nessa Diab


So, how much is Nessa Diab worth?

American radio and TV personality Nessa Diab has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

Want to know what Nessa’s doing next? Check out her Instagram here.

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