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Nick Groff Net Worth $1.5 Million

What Is Nick Groff’s Net Worth?

Nick Groff is an American paranormal investigator born on April 19, 1980 and has a net worth of $1.5 million. He was the lead host of Paranormal Lockdown and producer, cameraman, and co-investigator on Ghost Adventures.

He has also done work as a musician. Nick Groff’s net worth is estimated to be

Groff was born in San José, California, on April 19th, 1980, but grew up in New England.

His fascination with the paranormal started when he was a child, after watching horror movies and experiencing some strange things at home and with his family.

Two times within one year, he was involved in life-threatening accidents, which he believed made him more sensitive to the paranormal. ”Personally I think I have had a face-to-face interaction with a spirit,” Nick said in an interview with Patch.

After the second, he reportedly saw a black supernatural figure.

His passion is for investigating paranormal experiences.

After graduating from Pelham High School in New Hampshire, he attended the University of Nevada and earned a degree in film.

In 2004, Nick wrote and directed the movie “Malevolence.”

Ghost Adventures

“Ghost Adventures” was Groff’s first documentary.

In 2007, the movie premiered on SyFy with a record-breaking 1.4 million viewers on its first night.

Nick Groff bio


Groff is one of the cofounders of Ghost Adventures Crew.

His first paranormal TV project was “Ghost Adventures,” which he created, served as co-host, and executively produced for ten seasons (2008-2014).

Ghost Adventures has shaped Nick Groff immensely, exposing him to many paranormal experiences. ”We have been to very interesting and unique locations, all over the world,” Groff told Collider.

His most meaningful experience was seeing an apparition appear at Linda Vista Hospital (Los Angeles, CA) that convinced him there was an afterlife.

He has also executively produced other television shows, including Travel Channel’s “Vegas Stripped” (2012) and Destination America’s “Ghost Stalkers.”

In 2014, he decided to stop working on Ghost Adventures.

He instead began the “Nick Groff Tour” where he Investigates haunted locations with fans he meets around America.

“Paranormal Lockdown” was his next project.

“Paranormal Lockdown” premiered on Destination America on March 4th, 2016, breaking the network’s ratings records.

It was so successful that TLC aired it on ID Discovery / Destination America for a second and third season.

Paranormal Lockdown UK was broadcast in the UK in 2019 on QuestRed, helping Discovery Inc achieve success in the UK.


what is the net worth of Nick Groff


Nick Groff has also dabbled in writing, writing his autobiography in 2012 titled “Chasing Spirits: The Building of the Ghost Adventures Crew.”

As a musician, he released two music albums: “The Other Side” and “Spiritual War: Good vs Evil.”

He produces some independent musicians through his production company, Groff Entertainment.

In June 2013, after years of dedication to sports and wellness, he opened his own gym in Methuen, MA, and owned it until August 2015.

A former “American Ninja Warrior” competitor, he applied again for the 2015 edition, as well as taking part in and winning the Boston Spartan Race.

To raise money for amputees, Groff teamed up with Mike Couch and The Lost Limbs Foundation to create the “Unlimbited Journey” TV series.

A 14-mile obstacle course run in freezing rain, the Spartan Beast, was on Groff’s list of accomplishments.

He completed this in 2019.

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Veronique Roussel is Nick Groff’s wife.

In their senior year of high school, the couple got engaged.

It was at their wedding ceremony that they met Zak Bagans, who was the DJ.

He would later start Ghost Adventures with Nick and Aaron Goodwin.

Nick credits Veronique for being his closest confidante and partner in his paranormal investigator days.


The couple shares two daughters. Anabelle Groff, born on the 7th of December 2010, and Chloë Groff was born on September 2014.

Nick and Veronique Groff and their family have lived in New England since 2012.

Nick Groff Net Worth


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Net Worth

So, how much is Nick Groff worth? Between his film projects, entertainment company, and clothing brand, Groff has multiple streams of income. Nick’s main source of income is his film projects. Therefore, American paranormal investigator Nick Groff has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

He currently works on Paranormal Lockdown, which is streamed internationally.

He also worked on Paranormal Lockdown UK, which has seen great success also.

His projects are featured in over 50 countries, and he recently announced his latest project, “DEATH WALKERS,” in late 2020. The first episode was released in April 2021.

Groff Entertainment writes, produces, and markets songs for independent artists, from which he earns royalties from. Nick also earns royalties from his novel and his solo music career.

Groff has a sizeable Instagram following, where he does feature sponsored posts and brand deals. This means that his social media platforms are perfected for earning income.

Nick had a clothing brand, the Phantom Collection, for a while.

He also owned a gym, but he has since stopped both of these businesses.

Entrepreneurial at heart, Groff constantly seeks new opportunities to grow his business.

On his personal website, Groff now sells clothing merchandise and signed posters.

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