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Olivia Ponton Net Worth 2024 | Girlfriend

Olivia Ponton Net Worth – $3 million

What is Olivia Ponton’s net worth? Who is Olivia Ponton’s girlfriend?


Olivia Ponton is an American star of the Instagram modeling scene, but don’t let that fool you; she has real bona fides in the world of fashion.

Working as a model for Wilhelmina USA before embarking on a whirlwind traveling and lifestyle success story under her Olivia Ponton Instagram account, Olivia embodies the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that social media enables and rewards.

The Origin Story

Olivia Ponton was born May 30, 2002, and resides in Naples, Florida, with her family.

Ponton’s mother works as a homemaker, and her father is a librarian.

Olivia displayed a marked talent for acting from a young age. She also aspired to be a dancer and performed in multiple competitions.

Those who know her have said that Olivia was always destined for the spotlight and worked hard for everything she achieved, demonstrating dedication, perseverance, and humanity throughout her life.


Olivia Ponton age


Born and raised in Naples, Florida, Olivia enrolled in Naples High School.

She graduated from Naples High School though she has not entered any university programs as of press.

This is not surprising as, on multiple occasions, Olivia Ponton expressed a desire to continue performing in some way and is not known for being particularly passionate about academics though she was an excellent student.

While at Naples High School, Ponton competed in track, waterskiing, and yoga. Her specialties were the 4×100 relay and the 60-meter dash.  


With her first Instagram post in 2016, Olivia has since amassed a huge following on that platform as well as Tiktok.

This has led to a slew of brand deals with companies like Pretty Little Tingz and Urban Outfitters.

Her affiliation with Hype House has brought her to even greater prominence in the social media sphere, while her work for Wilhelmina USA has indulged a job she never thought she would have.

In fact, suggestions for Olivia to try modeling began at an early age.

Olivia Ponton girlfriend


A visit to Miami Swim Week had her fielding multiple inquiries from different brands and gave her the anecdotal evidence she needed to pursue modeling seriously.

Since joining Wilhelmina USA, Ponton has traveled the world, including stints in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, where she taught English.

When asked what the best aspect of being an influencer was for her, Ponton answered in an interview on YouTube with Heard Well:

“Seeing your fans like react to you when you meet them in person. It’s like I’ve had like fans run up to me and hug me, and it’s just like, oh my God, it literally makes my heart so happy. I’m like they run up to you, and they’re like oh my God hi, and I’m like ‘ahh!”   


Olivia Ponton is currently in a relationship with Kaila Novak.

Update – according to some reports, the two have broken up.

She was in a previous relationship with another Instagram star, Kio Cyr.

Ponton announced their breakup in an Instagram Story on her account, and this statement was accompanied by an equally warm message from Kio Cyr himself, confirming their amicable split.

There were rumors that she was dating her roommate Nate Wyatt at one point. She quickly dispelled those notions.

Since then, she has also been linked to Harry Jowsey from “Too Hot to Handle.”

A Tiktok lip-sync video made by Ponton made some among her fandom question whether she was bisexual though this was never confirmed or denied by the Tiktoker at the time.

Some speculate that she was just lipsyncing to the lyrics of the song without thinking that it implied anything about her personally. These speculations were later put to rest with a YouTube video done in collaboration with Influencer Live wherein Olivia details how she met her current girlfriend, Kaila Novak.

When asked “how did you know” she was interested in her current partner, Olivia answered:

“I would when I first…I first, ok, so I saw her on my ForYou page, which is super basic and generic. …And it was kind of just like one of those moments where it was like ‘oh do you like this girl as a friend or something more than that?’ And whatever just followed her for a little bit and then we ended up seeing each other in a bookstore and just like really trippy she kind of like, we both kind of look at each other like ‘I think I know you like we follow each other,’ and we just ended up talking.”   

Olivia Ponton Net Worth


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Olivia Ponton – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Olivia Ponton worth?

Primarily known for her Instagram content, Olivia is also an avid TikToker.

These two platforms provide her with an estimated income of $400,000 per year.

Olivia Ponton also maintains a presence on platforms such as YouTube. However, her monetization of those efforts is unclear as of the press.

Obviously, these channels could become more prominent in her portfolio mix of income sources in the future if present growth continues.

She currently maintains or has had in the past brand deals with Pretty Little Tingz and Urban Outfitters, among others.

While that alone would be impressive, let’s not forget that she is active on the Wilhelmina USA roster.

Though it is unclear exactly what impact this has had on her income, Ponton’s affiliation with Hype House has certainly boosted her following and potentially led to some of the lucrative deals she has received.

In 2023, Ponton bought her very first home in New York City for $1.25 million.

Therefore, Olivia Ponton has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

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