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Orlin Home Net Worth | Weight

Orlin Home Net Worth – $150,000

What is Orlin Home’s net worth? What is Orlin Home’s weight?


Orlin Home, birth name – ​​Rodrigo Gonzalez, is a Columbian-American social media personality known for his viral Mukbang videos on YouTube. 

The Origin Story

He was born on May 19, 1992, in Columbia, South America.

There is not a lot of public information about his childhood and education aside from that he successfully graduated from his local high school.

If you watch any of his videos, he has a vivacious personality, one that made him destined for fame. He didn’t find fame the traditional way, so he found it as a digital content creator.


Orlin first launched his personal YouTube channel on June 11, 2019, intending to become a mukbanger.

A mukbanger is someone who live streams themselves eating while their fans watch and comment. It is a trend that originated in Korea, and in response to its success, the trend expanded into America.


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To qualify as a mukbanger, one would need to consume copious amounts of food in one sitting while on live camera. The general rule is they don’t talk during their feeding. Viewers who are interested in this peculiar style of content tend to enjoy the sound of people eating, which is why they’re drawn to mukbangers.

The trend draws in millions of viewers across the globe, and successful mukbangers like Orlin can earn a good living from eating.

And this is precisely what he does.

His first video was posted on June 12, 2019, and it was titled “Sonic Drive-In.”

The video shows Nikocado Avocado successfully eating multiple orders of foot-long chili cheese hot dogs, corn dogs, double cheeseburgers, french toast sticks,  extra cheesy mozzarella sticks, deep-fried tots, and crunchy onion rings.

The total number of calories is astronomical, however, this is what makes his content so compelling to interested viewers.

Following the upload of this video, Gonzalez continued to upload additional content, and not too long after posting a few videos, he had become relatively known.

He became popular enough to be considered a social media influencer. 

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Regarding his personal life, he is very open about his romantic relationship and throws every detail on the table. Orlin Home married his long-term boyfriend, Nikocado Avocado (real name – Nicholas Perry), in 2017.

The couple live a happy life and left everything on display for his fans to see. But like most things in life, the couple decided to call it quits after only six short years of marriage.

In July 2022, Gonzalez announced via social media that he and Nikocado Avocado have decided to part ways.

Orlin’s fans knew his husband well, considering he was not only regularly featured in his content but also participated in the mukbang challenges. It’s safe to say he was a fan favorite because he received a lot of positive feedback from Orlin’s fans.

As for Nicholas’s success, he has a significantly larger YouTube channel with over 3.6 million subscribers. His content specialty is also mukbanking. His channel is a lot more lively since he brings on other famous mukbanger guests, where they have eating competitions.

According to what Nikocado Avocado has mentioned to fans, he is from the United States and started his YouTube career years before Orlin did.

The duo first met through a popular Facebook forum exclusively for vegans.

They would frequently chat and eventually exchanged numbers.

They hit it off instantly, which makes sense because they seemingly share a lot of the same interests. 

Already in 2020, the couple had problems.

On February 9, 2020, Perry uploaded a video titled – “This is why Orlin left me…..Pizza hut Mukbang.” It was followed by “We Broke Up” in March 2021, in which Perry said:

“He [Orlin] says he wants to leave, he doesn’t leave. I said it’s time for me to leave, I don’t leave. I feel dependent on him because I’m so overweight I can’t even tie my own shoes.”

On June 28, 2021, Perry published another video – “WHY WE CAN’T BREAK UP,” in which the two are back together.

In May 2022, Nikocado Avocado posted a video titled “We Broke Up.” In the video, Gonzalez was heard saying, “You literally ruined my life.”


Orlin Home, who is known as a YouTuber and the husband of Nikocado Avocado, reportedly weighs approximately 110 kg or 242 lbs. However, this information might be outdated as people’s weight can fluctuate over time.

Orlin Home – Net Worth

So, how much is Orlin Home worth? Gonzalez earned most of his wealth from ads on YouTube. On YouTube, Rodrigo has over 37 million views — about $100k in revenue before taxes. He also has an OnlyFans account. Therefore, Orlin Home has an estimated net worth of $150,000.

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