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Paul Di’Anno – Net Worth, Iron Maiden, Biography

What is Paul Di’Anno’s net worth?


Paul Di’Anno is a British/Brazilian rock star who became the frontman of major bands that inspired rock music for decades.

His contribution to the rock community cannot be overstated, as legends spawned from the inspiration his music gave them.

He is a true rock genius.

The Origin Story

Paul Andrews was born May 17, 1958, in Chingford, East London.

Since his father was Brazilian, he has retained both British and Brazilian citizenship.

He later created the stage name Paul Di’Anno, which he later used to claim Italian descent that never existed.

Not much is known about Paul’s childhood except that he spent his teenage years obsessed with music.

He sang in multiple rock bands while also working as a butcher and chef.

Iron Maiden

Years later, he discovered that Iron Maiden was recruiting because the bassist and group creator had just booted every other member.

Paul Di'Anno with Iron Maiden

British heavy metal band Iron Maiden backstage at Pointe East during their Killer World Tour, Lynwood, Illinois, June 26, 1981 – @Getty

He went to audition but was arrested just before because he had a pocketknife in public.

Lucky for Paul, he knew the group’s new drummer, and he was able to secure the lead singer position.

This led to Paul becoming the first recorded voice for the band.

This would lead to others becoming inspired by his music and starting their own bands. Most prominently, the creator of Metallica expressed to Di’Anno years later that it was him that got him into music.

By 1981, he was fired from the band because he wasn’t giving it the dedication it deserved. Paul didn’t care much when it happened and expressed later in interviews that it was the best decision the band could make for the fans.

Paul wasn’t ready to stop making music and teamed up with others to start the band, Lone Wolf.

Unfortunately, that name was already taken, and Paul changed the name to Di’Anno.

Paul Di’Anno’s net worth


This was a short-lived project as they only produced one album of mostly covers and went on one tour.

He performed covers but was considered a disappointment because he didn’t perform any of Iron Maiden’s songs.

He jumped on another opportunity to sing in a band called Gogmagog.

The name was inspired by a biblical reference.

The creator, Jonathan King, had previously created a successful bible inspired band, Genesis, and was excited to try again.

Unfortunately, this was another short-lived band.

There was a lot of infighting due to artistic differences and the inability to write their own music.

Jonathan King got bored of this project due to its lack of success and disbanded the group.

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what is the net worth of Paul Di'Anno


Paul then went on to quickly the band, Battlezone, which was formerly known as Strike.

They had their first tour in 1987. Just after the tour, members John Hurley and Bob Falck were booted from the band.

According to Paul, John had become an egomaniac while Bob had simply become a liability.

Falck was replaced with Paul’s old friend, Steve Hopgood.

They had two albums, “Fighting Back” and “Children of the Madness,” before things started to fall apart. Drugs and infighting resulted in Paul being the sole member performing in their second tour with stand-ins to play the instruments.

New members were signed following the tour, but at this point, there was no management, and the group disbanded.

Paul wanted to give the group another try later on, in 1998, with a false sense of success.

They toured Brazil and were a hit, but when they returned to London, their first gig only had one hundred attendants.

Their second gig was even worse, with only a dozen people showing up. That was the end of that experiment.

Before that, Paul and Steve Hopgood formed the band, The Killers in 1991.

They quickly created an album called “Assault on South America.” This was a live cover album.

It was later revealed that this tour never happened, and the album was recorded in the become of a mobile recording truck in New York.

After getting their first record deal, The killers created the album “Murder One.”

They immediately went on tour for the next 18 months. For the first time, Paul was part of a band that retained all of its members following the first tour.

Paul went on to marry an English girl and took her back to the United States with him to live in New York.

Life was exciting for a minute, but drugs and alcohol got between the two of them.

This resulted in their divorce.

He was fine with this because, according to Paul, he was bored with her.

Paul immediately hooked up with another girlfriend in Los Angeles.

They moved in together, and things quickly went sour. He was arrested for domestic violence and possession of cocaine.

The judge referred to Paul as a menace to society and sentenced him to four months in jail, where he wrote the next album for The Killers.

Before finishing his time in jail, he was deported back to London, where he recorded the next Killers album appropriately named “Menace to Society.”

This album was poorly received as it had a Pantera-like style that people were just not interested in. However, it did get a lot of praise in Germany.

Paul Di'Anno Net Worth


After only two original members remaining completed another tour, the group ended up disbanding in 2004.

This was due more to health issues with some of the members and less to do with drugs and infighting, as was the case with Paul’s previous ended groups.

Right after, former guitarist from The Killers started his own record label and released all of The Killers’ music, including an unreleased live album, “Killers Live at the Marquee.”

Paul was not happy about this and released all of their music online for free, and the record label was forced to stop selling the music.

The Killers regrouped shortly in 2013 and released the album, “The Lazarus Syndrome.”

Their success was short-lived, and they disbanded while after a very brief tour.

Before this, Paul was injured in stage dive and began receiving government benefits.

Paul did not take the restrictions seriously and pocketed over $40,000 in benefits while continuing to tour.

He was arrested and spent time in jail for benefits fraud.

Paul eventually wrote his autobiography called “The Beast.”

This autobiography goes into great detail about his experiences with band members and things they have said.

He also talks about his exploits with women and his violent tendencies. He also received a lot of criticism for discussing how he was deported and never allowed in the United States again.

After The Killers, Paul jumped from small project to small project. Each time, the bands ended up disbanding. Not ready to end his music career, Paul kept trying to make it with someone else.

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Paul was married shortly, and it ended in divorce as he treated her poorly. His addiction to drugs and alcohol made that a match made in hell.

Immediately following this relationship, Paul got in another with a girl in Los Angeles.

This ended worse than his marriage, with him being arrested and put in jail.

Drug use and his violent temper got him charges with domestic violence.

There is little known about other relationships he was in. He has reportedly said that he is done with marriage, but “bi***es are fine.”

Paul Di’Anno – Net Worth

Despite his amazing success in the rock and roll industry, Paul Di’Anno’s net worth is only estimated to be a measly $1 million.

This is very shocking considering the royalties he should be gaining for the music that continues to circulate today that remains very popular.

This is likely due to industry rules that didn’t pay band members quite as much as they do today. Couple that with his love for drugs and alcohol, and you have a losing scenario for Paul.

Paul also generates revenue from his autobiography and continuing projects he jumps on whenever he gets the chance. 

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Jim Greenwood USA

Saturday 23rd of July 2022

My favorite singer. Actually shook my hand from the stage and that was the best live vocal performance I had ever heard. Pauls' voice live is better than in the studio after Maiden. He was blacklisted by the very powerful PTB in England after Maiden so that is why his career post Maiden was hampered. He basically gets a bad rap after Maiden because Maiden is English and has a lot of power in the world and Paul is half Brazilian anyway. One of the major reasons he left was the fact that Maiden was being steered in a commercial direction after he joined and the first two albums went off the charts with Maiden. So it became about money and the song "women in uniform" was being pushed as a single and it sucked and is nothing like the sytle that got them signed and so successful so quickly after Paul joind Maiden. In a nutshell, Maiden cramped Pauls' style after he put them on the world map and tried to change him into a "heavy metal Elvis". If not for Paul you would probably not know who Iron Maiden is and they probably would not have been signed after going through other singers that didn't have the voice. Paul takes a lot of crap he doesn't deserve from Maiden management that was in place when he was in the band and made Maiden so successfull. A powerful enemy indeed. Yet, he still rocks and put on the best local show I have ever heard by a rock singer. He also did not get enough song writing permissions after the first two albums went sky high. Basically, he made Maiden so popular, so fast that the greedy industry ruined Maiden more than any of the existing members at the time. He and Clive got along well and Paul says it's basically Steves' band and what made them a hit was taken away by the big boys with dollar signs in their eyes. Paul Dianno is the reason I became a singer and got played on my local radio station and cable show. I'm old now and I can honestly say his live show with Killers Murder One album was the best I've ever heard vocally. Don't ever criticize this guy by saying he's old, lost his voice, blah blah blah,....he doesn't give a fuck and either do his fans.

God bless Paul Dianno

Mark Bishop, UK

Tuesday 10th of January 2023

@Jim Greenwood USA, Jim. I totally agree with what you say about Paul. I am just watching him perform Remember Tomorrow ‘ in 1980 in Munich on my laptop. Dannio made Iron Maiden. Paul’s edgy, raw performances his persona and distinctive vocals made him a standout performer. When you watch him performing more than 40 years ago, he had it all. Dickinson’s theatrical and commercial overtones steered Maiden in another direction. Paul Dannio rocks !!!