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Sabrina Stocker Net Worth | Boyfriend

Sabrina Stocker Net Worth – $2 million

What is Sabrina Stocker’s net worth? Is Sabrina Stocker dating anyone now?


Sabrina Stocker is a British entrepreneur who is best known for her appearance on the BBC One reality show The Apprentice.

After making it to the semi-final, she used the experience to launch her own business, and she has multiple roles in her own companies.

In this post, we explore Sabrina Stocker’s net worth and look at the different ways that she has earned her money. 

The Origin Story

Stocker started playing tennis when she was seven years old and eventually represented her county.

She won a tournament at the prestigious Queens Club and then moved into tennis coaching from the age of 14. 

She got the idea for her tennis business after earning her boss thousands of pounds, only for him to pay her next to nothing for all of her hard work.


Stocker used it as the motivation to create her own mini-tennis company, which is now one of the biggest tennis event companies in the UK. 

She attended Bishop Ramsey Sixth Form, where she graduated as a straight-A student. While she was considering a career in tennis, she graduated from Edinburgh Business School with a Distinction in her MBA, which provided her with the foundation from which to build her business successes. 

Aside from her business endeavors, she is a certified Level 3 tennis coach and still coaches in her spare time for the love of the game.

She is also a qualified personal fitness trainer and has admitted to going to the gym most days. 


It’s not clear if she is currently dating anyone or whether she is single.


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Sabrina Stocker – Net Worth

So, how much is Sabrina Stocker worth?

As an entrepreneur, Sabrina Stocker has accumulated most of her net worth as a result of her business endeavors.

She appeared on the BBC One show The Apprentice, making it to the semi-finals. 

After enjoying success on the popular show, she went on to launch her own company, Two Comma PR, which is a marketing agency that works with various brands in the UK.

She is also the founder and CEO of My Tennis Events, which is one of the UK’s largest tennis events companies. 

Talking about getting started in the tennis business, she said:

“I was a regular competing junior, and I won Queens at the age of 12. And I started tennis coaching when I was nineteen out in the (United) States […] my whole career growing up was trying to become a tennis player, and that’s definitely bought the mindset attributes of playing into the business world.”

She built her business to six figures within just twelve months, and she now has a team of more than forty employees working across both organizations.

One of her newest ventures is Shopping Slot, which has grown to half a million customers in its first six weeks. 

The website makes it easy for customers to search for home delivery slots for free.

It’s yet another example of Stocker’s entrepreneurial spirit, and the success of the site has undoubtedly contributed to her financial success.


In addition to building several successful companies, Stocker has also coached and mentored hundreds of young entrepreneurs in the UK, inspiring them to get started with their own projects in the private sector. 

Another way that Stocker earns money is as an international speaker and presenter.

She has been a keynote speaker in front of live audiences at Google and Microsoft, and she has also been featured on stage at The International Business Show.  

Sabrina is active on LinkedIn and Instagram and uses both social media platforms to build her brand and provide her followers with an insight into her life away from the business world. 

She has more than 32,000 followers on Instagram and promotes her business and various other ventures via the platform.

She also shares tips about NFTs and Crypto, which are two avenues that her PR firm is involved with. 

During Wimbledon 2022, Sabrina launched the First British Honorary Tennis NFT.

Therefore, British businesswoman Sabrina Stocker has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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