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Who Is Sara Sidner Married To?

Who is Sara Sidner married to? Is Sara Sidner actually married?

Short answerSara Sidner, renowned for her work with CNN News Central, is indeed married. However, the identity of her spouse remains a mystery. Sidner has always been private about her personal life, maintaining a clear distinction between her professional and personal spheres. 


In America, being a member of the news industry invariably means that people want to know all about you.

And we mean all about you.

One of the most popular members of the American news corps is Sara Sidner, who works for CNN News Central.

She has been around for years and has been one of the main faces of CNN coverage for a long time.

For that reason, many people love to watch CNN for its upbeat nature and its professional provision of the news.

However, like many newscasters, people want to know about her personal life. For example, who is Sara Sidner married to?

There are many rumors and suggestions online about this kind of thing, so let’s try and break down the essential details.

This will hopefully give you the information that you are looking for, including working out whether or not Sara Sidner is married and, if she is, who she is married to.

Short Bio

Is Sara Sidner actually married

KTVU reporter Sara Sidner reports from downtown Yahualica while awaiting the arrival of Alameda County Sheriff’s detectives on Wednesday, December 6, 2006, in Yahualica – @Getty

As noted above, Sara Sidner is a co-anchor on the CNN News Central morning broadcast.

She has been one of the most recognizable faces on CNN for many years.

Sara Sidner was born on the 31st of May 1972 in Miami Lakes, Florida.

Growing up in Miami to an African-American father and a British mother, she attended local schools and universities.

She attended the Hialeah-Miami Lakes High School. Once she left school, she attended the local University of Florida and graduated with a degree in telecommunications.

She was also a well-respected volleyball player, helping the University of Florida women’s team get all the way to her Final Four.

Though they never won the tournament outright, it was a remarkable sporting feat for an underdog university to go all the way to the Final Four.

Before joining CNN in 2007, she had worked for WUFT-TV in Gainesville, before joining WINK-TV in Florida and then KDFW-TV in Texas.

During her time in Texas, she covered the Space Shuttle Columbia situation, a story that helped propel her abilities to a wider audience.

She also worked for KTVU, covering the weekly news reporting job, before she joined CNN.

Why Is Sara Famous?

who is sara sidner husband

Sara Sidner attends 17th Annual CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute at The American Museum of Natural History – @Getty

As noted, she is a co-anchor at CNN News Central, one of the most popular news agencies in America.

Sidner has worked for CNN for some time, having been based in various parts of the world.

She has previously operated for CNN from a range of places, including reporting on events in New Delhi and events in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Sidner has also spent time as a correspondent from Jerusalem in Israel.

However, one of the stories that made her ‘famous’ in the eyes of the public was her coverage of the 2011 Libyan Civil War.

During her wartime journalism, she gained acclaim from viewers for offering an informative and balanced review of what was going on in Libya.

She also was a major name during the Mumbai terrorist attacks of 2008.

A large part of her fame comes from the fact that she has been around the CNN team for many years.

She is a recognizable face, and unlike many journalists, she has managed to avoid drawing the ire of the public for unbalanced or partisan coverage.

However, one of her most famous moments was during the 2020 Minneapolis riots and protests after the murder of George Floyd.

Sidner carried out an interview with the Chief of Police, Medaria Arradondo, who believed that as many as three other officers should be held responsible for the death of Floyd.

Her interview was one of the most-watched of the year, helping to provide more details about the post-incident situation that revolved around the death of Mr. Floyd.

sara sidner husband

Journalist Sara Sidner attends as Byron Allen & theGrio Celebrate Gayle King at the Washington D.C. Gala after The White House Correspondents Dinner – @Getty

Is Sara Sidner Married? Who Is Sara Sidner Married To?

Yes, Sara Sidner is married. Rumors have swung around for years that she was married, and the rumors intensified after a March 2015 comment that implied that she was, in fact, married. During a chat about her work-life balance, she noted that her international commitments and her busy work schedule had put a strain on her marriage and were one of the biggest challenges that she had faced.

She also told how her wedding came to life over the phone while dealing with the Libyan Civil War story.

However, we have no idea who her husband is: Sidner has never given a name publicly, and nobody has been confirmed as her husband.

As is increasingly common in the news industry today, Sidner has often looked to keep her personal and professional lives apart.

She wants to be known for her newswork, not for anything else.

As such, there is no publicly available information about who Sara Sidner’s husband is.

We do, though, know that she is married and must have been married sometime between 2011 and 2012 due to the comments about the Libyan Civil War.

Loved for her fearless reporting and her optimistic approach to what can often be quite a tired industry, Sidner is someone who fans of CNN have a lot of time for.

For anyone thinking of trying to pop the question to the news anchor, though, you might be disappointed to know that Sara Sidner is married!


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