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What Happened To Big Budah On Fox 13?

What happened to Big Budah on Fox 13 Utah?


When it comes to the news world, one of the main factors we consider in a news story is how likable the presenter is.

Someone delivering the news to the public usually has to be an upbeat and personable person.

They need to be able to tell the story without bias and give the public the facts of the matter.

Sometimes, though, we like having someone with a bit more personality and cheerful nature. Therefore, it is unsurprising that ‘Big Budah’ was a popular hit.

As part of the Fox 13 team, he was one of the most popular members of that particular news ground.

His comical way of putting things across and his upbeat mannerisms made him someone fans could enjoy listening to.

At the same time, though, he did not mince his words and was not someone who always stuck to the editorial line.

For that reason and others, he was someone who fans of the Fox 13 team loved. However, he has since departed the show, and many fans have wondered one thing: what happened to Big Budah on Fox 13?


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Who is Big Buddha?

If you are unfamiliar, Big Budah is one of the most recognizable faces in the Utah media world.

He was a feature reporter and host for KSTU’s Fox 13 program.

Before being involved with Fox, he also worked for the American Pastime company as an actor, having played the role of Bambino House before moving to Fox.

He also appeared on shows such as Howdy Town 2 and Forever Strong. So, his career has been pretty varied away from the media world.

Big Budah is married and has been with his wife for many years. They have five children and appear to share a loving and plutonic relationship.

Despite being known as Big Buddha, he is not especially tall.

Given his name, Big Budah stands at around 5ft 9”, which is a fair bit smaller than most would have assumed.

He is a Utah resident and attended the University of Utah in the early 2000s. There, he gained his BA in Mass Communication and Media Studies.

Noted for his Samoan heritage, Big Budah has broken ground in the media world since he was often the first Samoan-American to take certain media roles in the country.


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What Happened To Big Buddha On Fox 13?

Given his popularity with the audience he interacted with daily, many were wondering what happened to Big Budah.

He was one of the most popular members of the Fox 13 team, so his disappearance from the show naturally led to many online rumors. The usual speculations came out – that he had been fired, was ill, or was in legal trouble.

Of course, it came out in November that he would be taking some time away from the public eye and Fox to help improve his mental health and his quality of life.

Like many people in the TV limelight all day, Big Budah found himself in a position where he just needed a break from all of the usual interference in his day-to-day life.

He mentioned via social media, on Facebook, that he would be taking time away from the show and needed time to get into a better mental place. However, there was no mention of a resignation or leaving the show. However, according to his LinkedIn channel, he has since left the Fox 13 team.

Having been one of the flagship faces of the KSTU Fox 13 “Good Day Utah” show and part of “This Place,” Big Budah was part of the show from 2003 until 2022. However, it now looks like he has stepped away from the show, as he noted that March 2022 seemed to be the end of his run with the Fox 13 crew.


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Was Bid Buddha Ill?

No, he was not ill as such – he stepped away from Fox 13 to have more time with his family and focus on his personal life a little bit more. However, in 2013, he did suffer from an illness.

He had to go for gastric bypass surgery, and it meant that in the early part of 2013, he was missing from the show as he recovered from the surgical procedure.

However, his exit from Fox 13 does not appear to be linked in any way, shape, or form to his physical well-being.

Instead, it looks like Big Budah has moved on from the show to spend more time doing other activities.

The life of a news professional can be quite consuming, so taking the time to be with his family on a more regular basis makes a lot of sense.


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What does Big Budah do now?

Since moving on from the Fox 13 team, Big Budah has worked as the lead host for Mornings On 92.5 The Beat. It would appear that he joined the company in late 2022 and has been one of the anchors on the show dubbed ‘Utah’s #1 For Throwbacks’ – so that is pretty nice.

He has taken over the morning slot from 6AM to 10AM every weekday morning.

Saying that he had returned to his “first career love,” it appears that Big Budah is in a much better place than when he first took time off from Fox.

Having been a mainstay in the Utah media scene for over 20 years, his departure from Fox 13 should have carried more fanfare.

Still, at least fans know where they can find one of Utah’s most interesting TV and radio personalities.

He is back doing what he loves the most and has made a very impressive name for himself within the Utah media scene.

Given his personable nature and his upbeat mannerisms, it should come as no surprise that Big Buddha has managed to secure himself yet another excellent position within the Utah media world.

Not many people come with the same joy and happiness as Big Budah!


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