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Sergey Karjakin Net Worth | Wife (Galiya Kamalova)

Sergey Karjakin Net Worth – $3 million

What is Sergey Karjakin’s net worth? Who is Sergey Karjakin’s wife?


Sergey Karjakin is a Russian chess grandmaster who was awarded his grandmaster title in 2003.


He was born on January 12, 1990, in Simferopol, Crimean Oblast, as Sergey Alexandrovich Karjakin.

Karjakin learned to play chess when he was five years old.

”I started to play chess when I was 5, and my father was my first teacher,” Karjakin told iChess in August 2011. He added: ”I went to chess club at 6 and slowly started to participate in tournaments.”

Sergey was later coached by Vladislav Borovikov.

In 1999, Karjakin won the U10 European Youth Chess Championship.

He earned the IM title at 11 years and 11 months. In 2001, Sergey became World U12 Chess Champion.

Karjakin became the youngest ever Grandmaster in history, at the age of 12 years and 7 months.

”I was 12 years 7 months old when I became the youngest grandmaster in the world,” Karjakin said in an interview. ”At the moment, in 2002, that was, of course, a colossal achievement.”

At age 14, Sergey defeated Vladimir Kramnik during the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting.

In 2004, he played in his first Chess Olympiad.

Sergey Karjakin Net Worth

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In April 2005, Sergey was ranked 64 with an Elo rating of 2635.

In July 2009, he adopted Russian citizenship because he had been unable to get the coaching he needed in Ukraine.

In 2010, Karjakin won the ACP World Rapid Cup.

In July 2011, he had 2788 on the FIDE rating list.

In 2012, Sergey won the World Rapid Chess Championship. The total prize fund was $200,000.

In 2013, Karjakin earned a degree in social pedagogy from the Russian State Social University. In the same year, Sergey won team gold with Russia at the World Team Chess Championship.

In 2014, he won Norway Chess against Magnus Carlsen.

In 2015, Sergey won the Chess World Cup in a match against Peter Svidler.

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World Chess Championship 2016

In March 2016, he won the Candidates Tournament in Moscow. The prize fund was 420,000 euros.

In November 2016, Karjakin lost the World Chess Championship in New York City to Magnus Carlsen. The prize fund was around $1.1 million.

what is the net worth of Sergey Karjakin

Magnus Carlsen vs. Sergey Karjakin during the game at 2016 World Chess Championship at Fulton Market Building – @Getty Images

The match opened with seven consecutive draws. The match was decided with a rapid chess tie break. ”In rapid chess, it’s better to be in a good shape, and I wasn’t,” Sergey said.

In December 2016, Sergey beat Magnus on tiebreaks to win the World Blitz Championship in the Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiya Arena in Doha.

In 2017, Karjakin became a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.

In December 2017, he reached 8th place in the London Chess Classic.

In March 2018, Karjakin competed in the Candidates Tournament. The prize fund was $516,000. Sergey finished third, one point behind the winner Fabiano Caruana. Caruana was defeated by Magnus Carlsen in the 2018 World Chess Championship.

”Both Carlsen and Caruana are influenced by computers – in a good way, of course,” Karjakin said in an interview with Chess. ”Modern players are more universal.”

In 2019, Sergey reached 2nd place at Shamkir Chess in Shamkir, Azerbaijan.

In 2021, Karjakin appeared as himself in the TV Series documentary, Redaktsiya.

In December 2021, Karjakin reached 11th place at FIDE World Rapid Championship.

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In May 2014, Sergey Karjakin married the secretary of the Moscow chess federation, Galiya Kamalova.

The couple had their first son in October 2015.

Sergey Karjakin and wife Galiya Kamalova

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Karjakin was previously married to Kateryna Dolzhykova, a Ukrainian chess player who won the Ukrainian women’s championship in 2011. She holds the title of Woman International Master.


Sergey has two sons with Galiya.

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5′ 10¾” (1.8 m)


”I’m regularly recognized, and that’s really very pleasant.”

”I fight until the end. It’s not that I’m a defender, I’m simply a fighter – from every position.”

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Sergey Karjakin – Net Worth

So, how much is Sergey Karjakin worth? Karjakin earned most of his wealth from sponsors and participating in chess tournaments. Therefore, Sergey Karjakin has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Sergey earned around $500k from playing in World Chess Championship 2016. He also earned 95,000 euros for winning the 2016 Candidates Tournament in Moscow and $40,000 for winning the 2016 World Blitz Chess Championship.

Starting in November 2016, Karjakin is sponsored by Kaspersky Lab, a global cybersecurity company.

In 2017, he became an ambassador of the brand Fonbet.

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