Julia Havens Net Worth

What is Julia Havens’ net worth?


Julia Havens is an American YouTuber, makeup blogger, and Instagram influencer who is known for creating lifestyle vlogs with her boyfriend.

The Origin Story

Julia Havens was born on October 21, 1991, in California, United States, and was raised by her parents alongside her siblings.

Growing up, she was always into modeling and fashion and pursued both from a young age.

Following her high school graduation, she attended a local university and graduated with a bachelor of arts.

Although she obtained an education that would be an excellent entryway to a career in the arts, she decided to pursue a career in modeling.

Although modeling was the career of her choice, and despite the fact that she spent a few years attempting to break into the industry, she failed to succeed on most occasions.

In fact, she was rejected from almost every audition and every agency she applied to and tried out for, which led her to the decision that she would need to take her career into her own hands.

Because she failed to pursue a career in professional modeling, she struggled to make ends meet. As such, she resorted to working multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet and as a way of saving enough money to build her own career online.

Social Media

Around this same time, she became aware that there was a trend with aspiring models and influencers creating accounts on the famous platform, Instagram.

Havens wanted to jump on the digital modeling bandwagon, so she created an Instagram account and began taking amateur photos and hopes to begin building a following. 

Her photos quickly caught the attention of Instagram users, and from the start, Julia started to notice significant momentum and her following.

Julia quickly accumulated a following of over 300K.

Over time, her Instagram account has morphed from being predominantly amateur model photos to lifestyle vlog content infused with fashion and beauty. 

Havens has grown to become so popular that she collaborates with very large apparel brands and promotes clothing in many of her posts.

Her collaborations have become a significant part of her growing that worse as she earns a substantial amount of profit due to her significant following on the platform.


And like all other digital influencers and lifestyle vloggers, Havens turned to YouTube and created a channel on this platform as well.

YouTube gives her the leverage to build a different type of content as she can create long-style videos and connect deeper with her fan base.


Throughout the years, Havens gradually introduced her boyfriend, Hunter (now husband – they got married in August 2015), to her large fan base.

As such, she decided it would be time to share an account with him considering her fans were very receptive to him.

The two created a YouTube channel on January 26th, 2015, under the name, “Julia and Hunter.” 

They create very engaging couple style content together infused with fashion, homeware, travel, and lifestyle.

Since the couple has been creating content on the platform, the YouTube channel has grown to be just as successful as her Instagram account.

Typically with lifestyle vloggers who utilize YouTube, their user engagement and video views tend to decrease over time, but that is not the case with Havens. In fact, nearly every one of her videos receives just under 100K views or more.

The couple does an excellent job at engaging with their viewers and creating content that speaks to the types of people who view their content.

When she uploads content that doesn’t include Hunter, she films clothing hauls where she promotes the brands that sponsor her content.

She is also an avid global traveler, and a lot of her content is inspired by her travels to different cultures that she visits and learns from.

Aside from this, she is seemingly family-oriented as she does include family members from time to time in her content. 

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Julia Havens – Net Worth

Havens earned most of her wealth from ads on YouTube and brand deals.

Some of these brands include Zara, Walmart, Sephora, Princess Polly, the clothing brand Madewell, WindsorStore, Lancôme Official, Sixpenny, Urban Outfitters, and more.

Since she collaborates with significant brands, it translates into a substantial annual paycheck.

In early 2021, Julia and Hunter bought a new house.

Therefore, Julia Havens has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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