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Shin Lim Net Worth 2024

Shin Lim Net Worth – $7 million

What is Shin Lim’s net worth? Who is Shin Lim’s wife?


Shin Lim is a Canadian-American magician who rose to fame after winning America’s Got Talent in 2018.

He had already appeared on the Penn & Teller Show and had amassed an impressive following on YouTube before his appearance on the hit talent show, but his win proved to be a turning point in his career.

As well as a significant amount in prize money, his win has also landed him a long-term residency in Las Vegas, which has contributed to his sizeable net worth. 

The Origin Story

Shin Lim was born Liang-Shun Lim on September 25, 1991, in Vancouver, British Colombia.

He holds dual Canadian and American citizenship and is born to Singaporean parents. 

His father moved to Canada to complete his postgraduate studies before returning to Singapore while Lim was still young.

The family then returned to North America when Lim was 11, settling in Actor, Massachusetts. 

Lim was a talented musician from a young age but was inspired to try out magic when his older brother showed him a basic card trick at home.


He admits to being inspired by David Blaine as he used to watch his performances on TV. 

He attended the Lee School of Music but was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome when he was 20, which forced him to choose between music and magic. He took a break from his musical studies, which is how he was able to forge a career as a musician. 

After enjoying the fame that has arisen since his appearance on America’s Got Talent, Lim has settled down in Boston, Massachusetts.


Shin Lim is married to Casey Thomas, whom he met during his tour of Macau in 2015. 

The pair got to know one another when they were performing in the same city, and they got chatting during after-show events. 

Shin Lim – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Shin Lim worth? How much does Shin Lim make?

As a magician, Shin Lim has amassed most of his net worth from touring performances and from his online endeavors.

After taking a sabbatical from his music school, he decided to sign up for the International Federation of Magic Societies World Championship in 2012, finishing sixth. 

He was approached by an agent and offered the chance to tour across China following his success on the show, which he duly accepted.


He modified his routine, primarily by dropping his narration and returned to participate in another World Championships in 2015, which he won.

Lim got a big break when he was offered a place on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, which then went viral on YouTube, racking up 70 million views.

He appeared on the show again in 2017, successfully fooling Penn and Teller, while further impressing his followers. 


At this stage of his career, Lim was making a name for himself online as well as on TV, regularly broadcasting videos of his magic tricks to his followers on YouTube.

Lim has 1.25 million subscribers on his channel, and his videos have been viewed more than 150 million times since he joined the platform in 2011. 

In addition to his trick on Penn and Teller, other videos that have enjoyed success on YouTube include Never Perform the Same Trick Twice and 52 Shades of Red.

Thanks to the success of his videos, he has earned more than $450,000 in ad revenue alone from YouTube.

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America’s Got Talent

Emboldened by his initial successes on Penn and Teller and YouTube, Lim decided to perform on America’s Got Talent in 2018.

His tricks proved to be much loved by the audience and judges, and he walked away with the crown, as well as $1 million in prize money.

He was also given the chance to perform as the headline act at the Paris Theatre in Las Vegas.

Lim’s America’s Got Talent Win proved to be a huge turning point in his career, as he landed a long-term Las Vegas residency at the Terry Fator Theatre in the Mirage Hotel.

He also joined up with The Illusionists and toured the US performing to packed audiences. 

Reflecting on his impressive win, he credits Simon Cowell with being the biggest influence on his career since hitting the mainstream:

“He just says what he thinks. I remember he was critiquing my quarter-final performance, and he wanted me to be more of a showman and to take it off the table. I’m really glad he said that as it made me think about my magic as a whole and to try and bring it out a little more.”

Since his win on America’s Got Talent and his Las Vegas residency, Lim has emerged as one of the biggest names in magic in America and has developed a cult-like following.


His fans adore his look and techniques, and he has gone on to surpass his wildest dreams, admitting that he never thought a career in magic would be possible.  

He has appeared on a range of American TV shows, including The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and The Today Show following his rise to the top. 

Thanks to his winnings in prize money, his YouTube performances, tours, and long-term residencies, Canadian-US magician Shim Lin has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

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