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Joanna Zanella Net Worth | Husband

What is Joanna Zanella’s net worth? Who is Joanna Zanella’s hsuband?


Joanna Zanella is an American TV host, actress, model, and winner of the Gabriel’s Award in Excellence.

While she has made quite the name for herself, she has gained widespread public notoriety following her high-profile marriage to superstar MMA fighter, Podcaster, and comedian, Brendan Schaub.

The Origin Story

On May 8, 1988, Joanna was born in West Hollywood, California, US, and was raised by her father, Juan Carlos Camberos, and her mother, Leticia Zanella Allen.

A few years following her birth, she and her family relocated to Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Her father worked as an architect, and her mother worked for a city governor. 

Joanna and her family eventually resettled in Southern California when she was nine years old, which was difficult for her.

She recalls feeling depressed as she loved her life in Mexico and could not speak the English language.

Joanna Zanella Net Worth


Despite the initial struggles, the move would change the trajectory of her life as it opened opportunities for her to pursue her dream of becoming an actress and working in the entertainment industry.

Once she was settled and improved on her English language skills, she began pursuing local auditions for commercials, TV shows, and movies.

Her mother was eager for Joanna to become an actress, so she put her in acting classes.

The Road To Success

Her acting lessons eventually paid off because some of the first roles were for major brands, including JcPenny, Kraft, Nickelodeon, and Fargo Bank.

By the time she started building a portfolio, more opportunities were presented.

When Joanna heard that Umbrella Girls USA, a talent and modeling agency, was seeking a new spokesmodel, she jumped at the chance to apply.


She landed the job, and from here, her public image started seeing more traction as she was often aired on daytime television.

Though her resume was filling up with modeling and commercial roles, she still had her eye on more significant acting roles.

She landed some of her first roles in TV shows, movies, and a few soap operas following many auditions.

Some of her more recognized projects were Sleeping Dogs Lie (2018), Reality Terror Night (2013), and Hold The Line (2016).

In addition to these films, she also landed recurring roles in popular sitcoms, such as El Pelado de la Noche (2012).

Joanna has extensive experience as a TV host and has done quite well, primarily due to her charisma and benevolence.

She mentioned in an interview that she prefers hosting jobs over TV and movie acting because it allows her to be herself.

She was hired by TV Azteca, a Mexican television network, where she hosted a TV series.

She also landed a short-lived hosting job with Fox Deportes, an American pay television network, where she co-hosted a news show. In addition, she landed hosting jobs with Univision, an American Spanish television network, and Coors Light Beer for their popular MLS games.

Miss Mexico Fox Sports USA Pageant in 2009


Aside from her many broadcasting and acting experiences, she grew up passionate about beauty and modeling.

Her parents supported her passion, so they encouraged her to pursue a modeling career concurrently with her acting career.

She applied for the 2009 Fox Sports USA Beauty Pageant and made the final cut, representing Mexico. Her beauty and talent didn’t go unnoticed because she took home the title that year.

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Following this incredible accomplishment, she decided to pursue an Instagram modeling career which she began to focus on in 2013.

To compete with many other Instagram models, she laser-focused on physical training combined with incorporating a strict healthy diet.

She has mentioned a few times that she rarely cheats and puts her health & wellness above all.

Following the births of her two sons, she began to feel uncomfortable with how she felt in her body, so at that stage in her life, she began working harder in the gym to where it became an everyday routine.

In more recent years, she took her platform to a new level and became a spokesperson for brands like Dearden’s, a Los Angeles-based furniture store, and WEN by Chaz Dean, a hair & body care brand. 

Prior to the pregnancy of her firstborn son, she started a clothing company called Jz. Style, which specialized in clothing for curvy women.

The brand was doing well, but she decided to put it on hold until her children are a little older and when she has the time to commit to it.

During an interview, she spoke about the importance of having thick skin in the entertainment industry.

“I think growing up in the industry and being around it; there’s so much hate and competition between women and men and just the whole thing. I just built kind of like a hard shell, I have tough skin, and nothing really bothers me.”

Husband & Children

Joanna Zanella and her husband


Joanna Zanella is married to former professional mixed martial artist Brendan Schaub. Zanella and Schaub began dating in 2014 and got engaged in 2017. Joanna and Brendan have two boys, Tiger and Boston.

Joanna Zanella – Net Worth

So, how much is Joanna Zanella worth? Zanella earned most of her wealth from her career as a TV host, actress, and social media model. Therefore, Joanna Zanella has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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