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How many times has Mike Lindell been married?

How many times has Mike Lindell been married? Is Mike Lindell currently married?


If there’s a topic guaranteed to get people fired up and spark many fierce debates, it’s politics. Particularly US politics.

Over the last decade, in particular, it’s safe to say that US politics have been all over the place.

Don’t get us wrong, global politics aren’t much better, but here in the States, it seems as if there is a greater political divide than ever before.

One of the main reasons why politics can be such a controversial topic is due to the fact that people with no previous political backgrounds are getting into it.

Throw in different theories, and you have all the makings for quite the controversial figure. This is why Mike Lindell, AKA ‘The Pillow Guy’ has such a huge following.

Mike Lindell has quite the background and has countless loyal fans, and his personal life is often in the spotlight, with many people wondering how many times he has been married.

So, how many times has Mike Lindell been married? Keep reading for the answer.

Who is Mike Lindell?

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Michael James Lindell, better known as Mike Lindell or the ‘My Pillow Guy,’ is a US businessman, political activist, and entrepreneur.

Born June 28th, 1961, he is the CEO of his own company specializing in pillows, slippers, and bedding.

The business, which he called ‘My Pillow,’ is what really gave him his big break, though nowadays he is better known for his politics.

He is a self-made millionaire and very successful businessman who came from nothing, overcame an addiction to crack, and became a hugely successful businessman.

Lindell is a very prominent supporter of former US president Donald J. Trump. He was also a former advisor to Donald.

Starting from the bottom

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Mike Lindell & Jeanine Pirro – © Getty

Regardless of what you think of Mike’s political beliefs, you simply must admire his business acumen.

Mike literally started from the bottom, quitting school, dropping out of college, and immediately getting into work.

He even managed to get fired from a grocery store.

Everywhere he went, he would clash with his employers, though ironically, the manager who fired him was actually the one who inspired him to become a businessman.

Lindell tried his hand at numerous businesses, including card counting, carpet cleaning, and raising pigs.

Each one was a failure.

Mike started drinking heavily and developed a cocaine addiction, and thankfully, it was an actual dream he had that saved him.

My Pillow

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We’ll look at how many times Mike Lindell has been married a little later on in this article. Before we get to that, however, we need to look at how he became so successful.

All of his life, Mike struggled to sleep.

The main reason for this was because his pillow was so uncomfortable.

As a teenager, he even splashed out $70 on a fancy pillow. As he grew older, his trouble sleeping only intensified.

He found it difficult to find a comfortable pillow and knew he was onto something.

One night, the idea for ‘My Pillow’ came to him in a dream in 2004.

He dedicated all his time to developing the perfect pillow, even recruiting his son to help him.

He would teach himself to sew and began learning about sleep and the art of pillow making.

After perfecting his pillow design, he began trying to make sales, first approaching ‘Bed, Bath, and Beyond’ before setting up his kiosk in the mall.

He sold very few pillows, but one customer was so impressed he invited Mike to come to a local home show he hosted, and his sales really started to take off.

Rock bottom

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Even though the ‘My Pillow’ brand was growing, Lindell’s cocaine addiction was getting worse.

He developed a crack habit, which destroyed his first marriage and lost him his home.

Lindell was so addicted that he didn’t sleep for two weeks.

Even his dealer refused to sell him crack because he could see how awful his addiction was and what a waste of potential he would be.

Mike’s business continued to grow, as did his addiction.

One morning, he woke up and no longer had the desire to do drugs.

He was convinced it was God’s plan for him.

He would go on to turn it into a hugely successful manufacturing company.

Trump’s biggest ally

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Lindell first met Donald Trump in 2016 and would quickly become one of his biggest fans.

He stated that he believed Trump to be the greatest president the country had ever seen.

Lindell committed himself to becoming Trump’s advisor, regularly speaking at campaign rallies and donating huge amounts of money to Trump.

As Trump became more controversial, so too did Lindell’s views and opinions.

To say that he is a polarizing figure right now would be a vast understatement.

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How many times has Mike Lindell been married? Is Mike Lindell currently married?

So, now we know the basics behind this man’s extraordinary life, the time has come for us to look at his personal life. Specifically, how many times has Mike Lindell been married? Well, Mike Lindell has been married twice. His first marriage ended in divorce, as previously mentioned, due to his drug addiction. He was married for more than two decades, and the couple had children together.

In 2013, Mike Lindell married a second time, marrying Dallas Yocum.

Unfortunately, the marriage lasted just a few months before she left him.

He has since been romantically linked with 30 Rock actress Jane Krakowski, though the pair denied they were an item.


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