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Suzette Quintanilla Net Worth 2024

Suzette Quintanilla Net Worth – $3.5 million

What is Suzette Quintanilla’s net worth? Also, who is Suzette Quintanilla’s husband?


Suzette Quintanilla is a musician, producer, as well as sister of the Queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez.

The Origin Story

Born in Lake Jackson, Texas, on June 29, 1967, she was the daughter of Marcella Samora and singer-songwriter Abraham Quintanilla Jr.

She, alongside her sister Selena, was raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Susette began performing with her family in 1981 after her father opened a restaurant that required live music.

Suzette began by performing on the drums, which she felt was not cool for a girl at that time.

The family went bankrupt a year later and were forced to sell their homes.

They settled in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Selena y Los Dinos became Abraham Quintilla Jr.’s pride and joy, and he began to promote it.

They played for weddings and busked in order to make money for the family.


Suzette Quintanilla bio


When Selena y Los Dinos formed in the early 1980s, she initially resisted joining the band.

Suzette later cited her low self-esteem as being her reason for being so resistive to joining. However, her father convinced her to join anyway.

Her sister Selena’s vocal prowess made her the lead singer, and Suzette’s brother was already a talented bass guitarist, which left Suzette the drums.

She hated this at first, feeling it wasn’t cool for a girl to play drums during this time.

Originally, the band only played for weddings and busked to make ends meet.

The band began to grow, and eventually, travel demands grew.

Quintilla Jr. purchased an old bus which he refurbished as a tour bus. For their first few years of touring, the family made only enough to eat.

Selena y Los Dinos were signed to Freddie Records in 1981.

The label began selling singles from the album in stores as a promotion of the yet-to-be-released debut album.

In 1984, Freddie released the band’s very first full-length album.

After the album was completed, Freddie Records’ president and owner notified Abraham that Selena y Los Dinos were not professional enough to release a full-length album.

He refused to back down and walked out on Freddie Records.

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Cara Records

what is the net worth of Suzette Quintanilla


During Selena’s record contract, Quintizilla found another small Texas record label called Cara Records, which the group sold singles through for a few years.

Suzette began to be featured as a backing artist in tracks.

Selena y Los Dinos were signed to GP Productions for a recording contract in 1987 after they discovered the group performing.

Immediately after signing the contract, Selena y Los Dinos went into the studio to record. Selena y Los Dinos recorded their second album ‘Alpha’ that same year.

The groups’ popularity continued to explode, with studio album ‘Precious’ selling 20,000 units alone in Texas in 1988.

The bands’ albums began to sell 20,000 units a piece every time they were released, a major success.

Even though Selena signed as a solo artist in 1989, Suzette and the band still accompanied her at performances.

Suzette ended her music career after her sister was murdered in 1995.

She never joined any band again. ”Selena will always have a lasting place in music history,” Suzette said in a later interview

Suzette joined her family business (alongside her brother A. B. Quintanilla) and began promoting, developing, and producing Tejano groups and artists under the company Q Productions, which was founded by her father.

She works as the CEO.

She has also collaborated with brands such as HEB and Bumpboxx to create products using Selena’s name.

Selena’s supporters are able to learn more about Selena by attending The Selena Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas, to which Suzette dedicates a lot of her time to.

She regularly performs as a drummer for Selena memorial events and worked with Netflix on the show ‘Selena: The Series.’

On November 3, 2017, in Los Angeles, California, she attended the posthumous star ceremony for her sister, where she also spoke to the crowd.

Her attendance at Madame Tussauds’ unveiling of Selena’s wax figure in New York that year was noteworthy.

Suzette holds meet and greets with Selena fans regularly to keep the memory of her sister alive.


Bill Arriaga, her longtime boyfriend, became her husband in 1993.

The couple regularly features on each other’s social media and celebrated 25 years of marriage in 2018.

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The couple shares a son, Jovan.

He was born in 1998.

He is known for playing baseball in high school and sharing a striking resemblance to his late aunt. Aside from this, he has remained out of the public eye.

Suzette Quintanilla Net Worth


Suzette Quintanilla – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Suzette Quintanilla worth? Between her fruitful music career and the heading of the family businesses, Suzette Quintanilla’s net worth is estimated to be a hefty $3.5 million. She has dedicated most of her time to ventures that work to keep her sisters’ image alive and still earns royalty income from her time in the band.

She has an extensive social media presence.

She posts regularly and is paid to do sponsored content from time to time.

She posts a lot of content on Instagram (over 768k followers), giving fans an insight into her life.

She focuses the majority of her time on the family business, which builds up new Tejano artists. 

She sells merch on

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