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Thaddeus Matthews Net Worth | Wife & Biography

Thaddeus Matthews Net Worth – $300,000

What is Thaddeus Matthews’ net worth? Is Thaddeus Matthews married?


Thaddeus Matthews, also known as the Cussing Pastor, is an American talk radio host and the pastor of Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries.


There is not much information about his place of birth and childhood.

In 2016, Matthews launched Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries, a church in Memphis, Tennessee. According to the church website, it is ”a church where the real truth will free you from bondage and lift you up!” Also, ”This Ministry is based upon John 8:32: ‘And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.’”

During the Sunday services, about 8,000 to 9,000 people show online.

”So I don’t have an issue with the cussing,” Matthews said in an interview with Christian Post about his style of preaching. He added: ”And the people that listen to me don’t have an issue with the cussing, and I’m not trying to justify it to the traditional churchgoer,” the preacher explained.

In 2014, it was reported that a Memphis pastor (Frederick Smith) filed a defamation lawsuit against Thaddeus, claiming that he made false statements about him. ”I got my legal problems, and those things are what they are,” the Cussing Pastor said.

In September 2015, he got into an altercation with a man (Ian Jeffries, a.k.a. Shango Jakuta) in a bar that left the pastor unconscious. Later, Jeffries was charged with aggravated assault.

In March 2016, Matthews was arrested at his radio station on an active arrest warrant for harassment. Also in 2016, he released the song ”Standing on the Edge About to Fall and You Caught Me.”

On June 15, 2016, the talk radio host started his own YouTube channel. It has over 33,000 subscribers.

In December 2017, a video of the pastor insulting a churchgoer who complained to his cursing went viral on the web.

In 2019, he drew criticism for a twerking contest that was held at his church. ”I look at many of you who have criticized the young ladies who were dancing in my gymnasium in my church,” he said in a video message posted on Instagram. The talk radio host also said: ”You mother####ers who are out here judging, there is nothing in the Bible about dancing, but it is judging.”

In May 2019, Matthews and K. Michelle (an American singer who gained fame as the breakout star of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta) held a shouting match at a local Memphis restaurant. Their feud reportedly started in 2018 after the talk radio host spilled the beans on how K. Michelle was legally evicted from a rented Memphis mansion.

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Thaddeus Matthews is not married.

Matthews used to date Towanna Murphy.

In 2014, he was arrested for clicking ‘Like’ on the online status of Towanna Murphy, who filed a restraining order against him. According to reports, he was arrested for violating a restraining order requiring him to stay away from Towanna.

”I was not arrested. I paid the $1,000 bond and was released,” declared the Cussing Pastor. He added: ”Everybody in Memphis knows that if I come after you, I don’t throw rocks and hide names.”

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In 2017, his son, Kenya, was hit and killed while riding his bike. ”He was riding [his bike] down Weaver Road, and he was hit by a drunk driver [Melvin Willies] and killed on the site,” said the pastor.

In September 2017, Thaddeus filed a lawsuit against Shelby County and the county’s probation office for $1 million. According to the lawsuit, ”the defendant, Shelby County, was guilty of common law negligence for failing to make sure the interlock device was installed on Melvin Willies’ vehicle.”

”The money does not bring my son back,” said the talk radio host. He went on to say: ”But there needs to be an investigation in Shelby County about how many drivers are being allowed to repeat themselves as drunk drivers.”

In 2019, Melvin Willies was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the death of 32-year-old Kenya Matthews.

The pastor also has a daughter. ”Happy Birthday today to my youngest daughter Dominique Michelle Matthews,” he wrote on his Instagram in September 2020.


“We have turned God into our own social ideas.”

Thaddeus Matthews – Net Worth

So, what is Thaddeus Matthews is worth?

Matthews earned most of his wealth from his work at Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries.

Therefore, Thaddeus Matthews has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

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