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Tiny Texie Net Worth $700,000

What is Tiny Texie’s net worth?

Tiny Texie is a TikTok sensation who has a net worth of $700,000. She is the world’s smallest adult entertainer—at a teeny tiny 3 feet 6 inches.

That’s roughly the height of a 5 year old American male.

Tiny Texie is a diminutive stripper, exotic dancer, and adult entertainer with a big personality, an outgoing demeanor, and a lot of energy.

She’s also a world record holder twice over.

In 2018, she took the record for “World’s Smallest Proportioned Dancer” and “World’s Smallest Adult Feet.”

What else is there to know about Tiny Texie?

Here’s what we found out about her life.

The Origin Story

Tiny Texie was born on January 25, 1992, in Texas—hence the nickname Texie.

She is a mom of one who has kept her name—and her daughter’s name—secret to protect them from crazy stalkers.

And there are some crazy ones.

Nicolette Shea and Tiny Texie – @Getty

While Texie is in a relationship with reality TV personality Anastasia Graves now, she is no stranger to the darker underbelly that comes with being a tiny woman in the adult entertainment industry.

Even her girlfriend is treated like a pariah or a pervert at times.

The couple starred in the 2020 documentary, Extreme Love, which aired on WE Television.

At the time Texie was 27 years old, and she was living in Illinois with Anastasia—who was 21 years old at the time.

Due to Texie’s tiny stature, she explained in the documentary that she is often mistaken for a child.

Strangers often approach Anastasia on the street and ask her why she lets her daughter dress “like that” or wear makeup.

Texie laughs when she says she is often handed a kids menu at restaurants because people don’t actually look at her—they just assume she must be a child.

Things can be awkward, Anastasia explains. And at other times, people can be downright inappropriate.

“People just look at us like, ‘that’s not acceptable, that’s not OK.’ We have a tough time sometimes.”

While Texie puts it down to the couple being gay, Anastasia is judged in a different way.

For her, it’s not about being gay—she’s called a pervert “every single day.”

Extreme Love shines the spotlight on Tiny Texie and her girlfriend, but also a woman who is in love with a Boeing 737 airplane, a couple who are first cousins, and a couple who think they are mermaids.

Update – Tiny Texie and Anastasia Graves got engaged in 2023. “She’s always my backbone,” Texie said about Anastasia. “She’s helped me with a lot of struggles I’ve had, especially with people on social media.”

Kenny-Caffey Syndrome


Texie might make the most of her situation—and she’s definitely carved out her own niche in the adult entertainment industry—but she suffers from a hereditary skeletal disorder.

Kenny-Caffey Syndrome is characterized by tiny cavities in the bones, slow thickening of the longer bones of the body, and deformities in the head and eye areas.

Kenny-Caffey Syndrome, mercifully, doesn’t impact intellect—Tiny Texie is bright as a button and shows impressive business savvy. But it makes things harder on her physically.

The genetic condition is rare—so rare, in fact, that there are only 60 confirmed cases in medical literature, ever.

The condition can affect men and women equally, as far as doctors have found, and can be transmitted from a mother to her child in utero.

Fortunately, that’s not the case for Texie—her daughter enjoys perfect health.

Those who suffer from Kenny-Caffey Syndrome tend to reach a maximum of 47 inches in height—Texie is 42 inches tall, and weighs 38 pounds.

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how mcuh is Tiny Texie worth


Texie might be Tiny, but like the great state she hails from, she does everything BIG.

The tiny influencer has more than 5.4 million followers on TikTok—and a whopping 78 million likes across her videos.

Through her OnlyFans and TikTok accounts, she’s also managed to parlay her “shortcomings” into a unique entertainment business that shows no signs of slowing down.

Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Tiny Texie worth? Texie earned most of her wealth from posting on TikTok, subscriptions on her OnlyFans account, and selling tickets to her shows. Therefore, Tiny Texie has an estimated net worth of $700,000.

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