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Allison Kagan Net Worth

Allison Kagan Net Worth – $500,000

What is Allison Kagan’s net worth? Is Allison Kagan married?


As a producer, director, editor, and photographer, Allison Kagan is a multitalented woman who has made a substantial living for herself.

While some of her fame has stemmed from her relationship with “Alaskan Bush People” star Joshua Bam Bam Brown, she has worked hard for what she has and has found great success in the entertainment industry. 

Continue reading to learn more about the exciting life of Allison Kagan, her numerous career paths, her early life, her relationship with Joshua Brown, her net worth, and what she’s doing now.

The Origin Story

Allison Kagan was born in 1970 in the United States.

She has been rather secretive about her early life, but it is evident that she was interested in the entertainment business from a young age.

After high school, she attended the University of New York, majoring in communications and film.

After she had turned 25 years old, she started working at a local news station, WTEN, as an editor and photographer. She went on to work at several other news stations, including WFSB, WFXT, and WNYW Fox 5.

In 2010, she shifted gears and began working as a camera operator for SiTV, working on shows including “Model Latina” and “Teen Mom 2”.  

This was an amazing opportunity as it helped create invaluable connections for Allison.

After a few years as a camera operator, she was hired as a senior producer for MTV Network.

As a producer, she has worked on a variety of different television shows, some of which include “16 and pregnant,” “The Diamond Collar,” “90 Day Fiancé,” and “Submissible Housewives.”


Allison Kagan met her boyfriend, Bam Bam Brown, when she was working as a supervising field producer on “Alaskan Bush People.”

They began dating in 2016 after being close friends for quite some time.

Since then, they have become deeply in love and share a lot of their lives together.

In fact, Joshua left the show in 2016 to spend even more time with Allison. 

“So grateful for my girlfriend Alli,” Joshua tweeted in 2017. He added: “I’m blessed that she is here with my family.” 

In 2018, Allison and Joshua began living on a 100-foot-long old ferry boat that they renovated into a luxurious home.

They affectionately named their home “Fathom This.”

They have had fun fixing up the boat, and they share their journey on social media. The couple enjoys spending their time on open water.

Allison continues to thrive working in the entertainment industry. Most recently, she was the supervising producer for shows including “90 Day Diaries” and “Darcey and Stacey.”

She has also been a consulting producer for “Alaskan Bush People” and “90 Day: Single Life.”

Fans of Allison are excited to continue following her story and seeing where her creative efforts take her.

Allison Kagan – Net Worth

So, how much is Allison Kagan worth?

Kagan makes a living through her many different careers.

She has made a fortune through her various roles in the entertainment industry.

Though the exact amount that Allison makes from each endeavor is unknown, we can estimate how much she makes as a producer, director, editor, and photographer.

Producer for Popular TV Shows

First, Allison mainly works as a producer on big-name television shows. Shows she has worked on include “16 and pregnant,” “The Diamond Collar,” and “90 Day Fiancé.”

Although it could not be determined how much Allison made as a producer, the average salary for a TV Executive Producer is over $94,000 a year, though this amount can be significantly higher.

Director for Popular TV Shows

Second, she has also worked as a director for popular TV shows.  

Some of the shows she has directed include “Alaskan Bush People” and “16 and Pregnant.”

The average salary for a TV director is around $65,000 a year, but the range in pay is very large. Some directors make over $200,000 annually, so it is fair to assume Allison has made a decent profit throughout her career as a director.

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Editor and Camera Operator

Third, she started her career as an editor and camera operator. News editors make an average of $54,000 a year, but the salary is significantly higher when working for more well-known news sources.

Allison has worked for many well-known stations, including CBS, NBC, ABC, CW, ESPN, and FOX.

The average salary of a camera operator is around $85,000.

She has worked as a camera operator for the following shows: “Teen Mom OG,” “Model Latina,” “True Life,” “Teen Mom 2,” “16 and Pregnant,” and “Unexpected.”


Finally, she has also worked as a photographer for news stations.

The average salary for a news photographer is 41,000. However, people who work in this career can make up to $126,000 a year.

Basically, Allison is a lady that works hard for her income and has found great success in the entertainment industry in a variety of different roles.

Therefore, Allison Kagan has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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