Kephrii – Wife, Divorce, Net Worth, Age, Overwatch

Kephrii (real name – Brian St. Pierre) is an American gamer, Twitch streamer and YouTuber.

He became widely known for being a former professional Halo player, and for competitively playing Overwatch as well as other team-based multiplayer FPS games. He also worked as an Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Army.

The Origin Story

On March 18th of 1994, Brian St. Pierre was born in northern Virginia, United States.

He was raised by a single mother by the name of Jennifer and grew up alongside his younger brother.

Brian loved playing video games since he was a child, the first game he ever played being “The Legend of Dragoon,” launched in the early 2000s for PS1.

As he got older, he acquired a liking for first-person shooter games, otherwise known as FPS games.

In spite of his enduring love for video games, St. Pierre joined the U.S. Army when he was seventeen years old.

During his time in the army, he completed an Associate Degree in Science and a Bachelor of Arts, both in Intelligence Studies.

He served four and a half years of active duty as an Intelligence Analyst. In December 2017, a couple of years after being discharged, Brian completed his Masters of Arts in Intelligence Studies.

In 2019, Brian wrote on his Instagram account:

”Thank you to all of those who have served their country or are still serving.”

He added:

”It takes a lot of sacrifice & it does not go unappreciated.”


St. Pierre created his YouTube channel in June of 2011 but didn’t use it consistently until much further, time in which he would accumulate over 80 million views.

After leaving the military, he was ready to begin a contract job, but there happened to be a two-week interval right before.

Brian decided to make the most of the free time he had left and started playing Overwatch, prior to which he played Halo 5.

“My initial interest in Overwatch was due to the size of the community; the ability to interact and meet so many people has always appealed to me,” he said about his choice of game.

Also, despite initial doubts on Overwatch being a game worthy of his time, Brian realized that if the game was big enough to be advertised by Taco Bell, then it was worth giving it a shot.

While playing, another user by the name of DuckOnQuack suggested that Brian streamed his gameplays, acknowledging his skills as Widowmaker, a character of Overwatch, which would eventually make him one of the world’s top-ranked players.

The gamer, despite not being that interested in streaming, gave it a try. During his first Twitch stream, he gathered ten viewers, the following time, it was fifty, and the more he did it, the number continued to grow.

During one of his games, Brian came across a player with a name that caught his attention: Kehpri.

Subsequent to some research, St. Pierre found out the name belonged to an Egyptian idol, representative of the creation and renewal of life.

The name resonated with him, so he decided to keep it, but not without making a few changes to it by placing the “h” after the “p” and adding a second “i.”

That’s how Kephrii was created.

In December 2015, he joined OverDrive, an American Halo team, to compete in the Halo World Championships of 2016 as an Online Qualifier.

By December of the following year, Kephrii realized he was making enough money from streaming on Twitch and his YouTube channel to quit his job and dedicate himself to streaming full time.

The rising Twitch star –with over five hundred thousand followers as of 2021–, also won first place at the BTS Overwatch Cup Week Two Qualifiers in 2016 and took yet another victory at the 2018 TooManyGames Fusion Showcase.

He also joined the “Global Esports Pantheon KR to contest in Overwatch Contenders Season 3: Pacific” that same year.

Among other competitions, he has participated in are the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as well as League of Legends and World of Warcraft tournaments.

Who is Kephrii’s wife?

In August 2013, Kephrii married his wife, Devyn Breanne, a girl not only from his hometown but next to whom he spent a number of years and experciences; middle school, high school, and even driving lessons remain an important part of the couple’s history.

A bit further into their marriage, Devyn and Brian adopted a dog and even opened a self-titled collaborative vlogging channel on YouTube.


In September 2019, Kephrii announced that he is divorcing Devyn. He tweeted:

”You may have noticed I have been a bit distracted or not quite myself lately & that’s because Devyn & I are divorcing.”

Brian also wrote:

”This isn’t easy to say and I’m extremely hurt, but I wanted you all to know.”

In August 2017, Kephrii confessed to cheating on Devyn.


”Take control of your life & be the change you wish to see.”

”I had a hacker demonstrating hacks to 2,000+ viewers live on stream for hours, and he never got banned.”

”Widowmaker is not currently in a fair position from a balance perspective, and I do encourage Blizzard to change her.”

”I finally succeeded in taking a day off from the gym & eating garbage without feeling bad about it.”

”I just continuously keep running into things that urgently need my attention, unfortunately.”

”You can only be disappointed when you have expectations.”


He had played multiple games, including World of Warcraft, Halo 5, CS: GO, and League of Legends.

In February 2020, Brian accused Aimbottz, a popular Twitch streamer, of hacking.

Other famous gaming streamers are – Asmongold (real name – Zack), Søren Bjerg, and IWillDominate.

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Kephrii – Net Worth

Brian earned most of his wealth from the prize money he received after participating in e-sports tournaments, streaming on Twitch, and advertisements on his YouTube channel.

From e-sports tournaments, Bryan earned over $28,000. From Twitch, Kephrii makes money from sponsors, ads, donations, and subs. On this platform, Brian has over 400 subscribers, meaning over $1,000 per month in revenue.

From YouTube, Brian has earned more than $250K. In addition, Brian has made money from sponsors, especially on Instagram.

Therefore, Kephrii has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

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