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Tokyo Vanity Net Worth $1.5 million

What Is Tokyo Vanity’s Net Worth?

Tokyo Vanity is a rapper who has appeared on Love & Hip Hop and has a net worth of $1.5 million. Tokyo Vanity made waves when she joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in 2018.

The youngest-ever cast member in the show’s history, she was 23 when she appeared in an episode called Oh, Baby.

Her time on the show might have focused primarily on her struggles with her boyfriend, Tabius, and a feud with fellow cast member Spice, but she cuts the dead wood free for her appearance in season 8.

If you’ve never watched Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, you might recognize Tokyo Vanity from somewhere else—like her viral rap video back in 2015.

So far, that video has garnered 33 million views on YouTube.

Here’s what else this young rapper has been doing with her life.

The Origin Story

Kaila Oni Asugha was born on September 28, 1994, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

She is of Colombian and Nigerian descent and was raised by her mom, Heleniece, in New Orleans.

She wouldn’t leave her hometown until she joined the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast in 2018.

Kaila is close to her mom, with Heleniece appearing on an episode of the show in 2019 with host Rasheeda.

The show was specifically dedicated to mother/daughter bonding.

She also comes from a big extended family, with great-aunts—Mertis, Virginia, and Cleorniece—an aunt named Michelle, an uncle named Gregory, and some cousins—Randy, Aja, Denzel, Dexter, Kirby, and Paul.

Sadly, Kaila and her family lost their beloved matriarch, grandma Elaine Roussel, in June of 2018.

This would be one of several deaths that would see Asugha facing mental health issues and depression in season 8 of Love ; Hip Hop Atlanta.

A First Time For Everything

what is the net worth of Tokyo Vanity

Tokyo Vanity and Luchia Ashe – @Getty

Tokyo may be outspoken, raunchy, and one of the most extroverted characters on VH1’s hit show, but she’s clearly got her boundaries.

Case in point: she openly shared on the show that she planned on remaining a virgin until she meets the right guy.

Given that she made her bold statement when she was already dating hip hop artist and Usher doppelganger Tabius Tate, it’s looking like she knew he was not the “right guy” she was looking for.

The pair broke up after several relationship ups and downs, and he began dating fellow LHHATL staple, Spice.

Tokyo moved on to rapper BC Jay, making things Instagram-official in April of 2019.

Based on some of her tweets in early 2020, fans speculated that Tokyo’s long guarded virginity was a thing of the past.

One of the tweets stated, “Idc how mad my [boyfriend] make me I ain’t going [have intercourse with] no other [expletive].”

Things were definitely hot and heavy for the pair as 2019 wound down—they often featured together in her social media posts, although many have been deleted.

Fans also noted that BC Jay’s Instagram made no mention of Tokyo, and the pair appeared to have broken up.

Then, in July 2020, fans got confirmation—BC Jay was expecting a baby with someone else.

The baby mama, named Jane Smith on Instagram, was celebrating with the proud daddy to be at what appeared to be her baby shower.

Jay took to social media to apologize to Tokyo—although he didn’t say what he was apologizing for—and ended the post with “I love you, Tok.”

Between Tabius and BC Jay, Tokyo also dated Blac Chyna’s former boyfriend, Ferrari.

Ferrari dumped Tokyo on Instagram Live after she did a storytime special about him being married.

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Changing Times

what is tokyo vanity's real name


Her relationship status may have been all over the place, but after setting some clear weight loss goals in January 2020, the scales were steadily tracking downwards.

Tokyo Vanity scored herself a personal trainer to achieve her goal of losing between 15 and 25 pounds per month until July of that year.

She teamed up with the training crew at Big Girlz Move, a facility outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

She posted a series of progress shots to her social media accounts, with The Shade Room even posting a side-by-side comparison in early 2021.

Folks were impressed with her transformation, including the 2000’s rap megastar The Game.

The Hate It or Love It hitmaker posted a series of emojis and an NSFW comment—to which Tokyo coyly replied “gone on” and a laughing emoji.

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That’s My Best Friend

where is tokyo vanity from


Back in 2015, the feisty rapper turned reality TV star was busy putting out a song called That’s My Best Friend.

It gathered a huge following on Vine—receiving thousands of views overnight and going on to reach 30+ million views on social media.

Net Worth

So, how much is Tokyo Vanity worth? Kaila earned most of her wealth from being part of the Love & Hip Hop franchise as well as from her music. Therefore, American rapper Tokyo Vanity has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

On YouTube, Asugha has over 50 million views — about $150k in revenue.

Want to learn more about Tokyo Vanity? You’ll find her on YouTube.

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