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Tom Misner Net Worth | Is Tom Misner a billionaire?

Tom Misner Net Worth – $350 million

What is Tom Misner’s net worth?


Tom Misner is one of those names that doesn’t usually need an introduction.

The highly respected music industry executive created a revolutionary educational institute back in the ’70s and spearheaded its growth over the next 40 years—finally calling it quits after growing SAE into a staggering 50+ campuses worldwide.

His name is synonymous with audio and media content across nearly 30 countries, and since he retired from the educational space he created, he has focused on building and backing a diverse stable of business ventures—from tech to education, to property, fashion, and media.

Tom Misner’s career has spanned six decades, so there’s a lot to unpack.

Here’s what we know about this force of nature in the music industry.

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The Origin Story


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Thomas Misner was born in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, in 1955, and he immigrated to Australia with his mom, Inge, in 1969.

Being a teenager at the time, Misner developed a love of music and was fascinated with the intricate workings of his favorite songs.

That fascination didn’t extend to his academic career, and Misner dropped out of high school by the time he was 16.

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Tom Misner met and married Kathy Falls, and the pair started their own cleaning company in Sydney.

The pair had two children before they divorced.

His children went to live with their mom while Misner grew the SAE group.

Misner wasn’t always wealthy, and his family grew up on a modest income.

He didn’t remarry after his divorce from Kathy, although he often appears with a beautiful younger woman on his arm at events.

In 2010, following the sale of the SAE Group for more than $300 million, he moved his son Robert to live with him in Europe.

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Tom’s Son, The Media Target


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Misner may have built an empire off his own back, but following the sale of SAE, Misner’s son (Bobby Misner) was sitting pretty.

Suddenly a Rich Kid living the high life in Europe, Bobby was thrust into a life of partying with celebrities, attending elite private events, and driving fancy cars.

Misner had his hands full with his son, who he enrolled at Millfield school in Somerset, England.

The prestigious private school, which educated Romeo Beckham and Lily Allen, expelled Tom’s son before he could graduate.

Tom hired him to work at Abbey Road Studios before Bobby bailed again—this time making his way to Los Angeles on dad’s dime to start a clothing label called Rich Misfits.

Bobby—as he was going now—even got social media-famous uploading videos of all the ultra-expensive stuff his dad owned.

In interviews, Tom’s son lamented that people would label him a “spoiled brat,” claiming that is is “actually quite a simple boy.”

The media wasn’t buying it, and Bobby continued to cop heat—and also millions of views—on YouTube. 

Tom Misner’s son might be making his name off his dad’s wealth and possessions—like a private jet, luxury yacht, and mansions around the world—but he is quick to give credit where credit is due.

Sure, Tom continued to give him an allowance even when he was an adult, but he doesn’t claim to know what Misner does about making money.

In Bobby’s words: “I’m not gonna tell people, ‘I know how to make you millions.’ I don’t know.”

Bobby clearly idolizes his dad, though.

He talks often about the life lessons Misner has passed on to him and is vocal in his vlogs about his dad’s impossible work ethic and drive.

Sister Yasmin flies under the radar and seems to be living comfortably in her brother and her uber-successful dad’s shadow.

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The Making of a Mogul


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Tom’s son may be living off dad’s name, but the man himself put in the hard work for over four decades to build the reputation he’s got.

He had a passion for music from an early age and a drive to make money that those close to him say stemmed from his humble beginnings.

After building his cleaning company with his wife, Kathy, he set his sights on bigger business endeavors.

He launched the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) Institute in 1976 in Sydney with only one classroom—a small advertising studio.

From 1976 to 1982, he grew it into four more campuses in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane.

By 2000, Misner had expanded the SAE empire into London, Frankfurt, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Paris, Hamburg, Zurich, Cologne, Stockholm, and Milan, as well as in New Zealand, the United States, India, and Southeast Asia.

Misner wasn’t done.


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By the time he sold the SAE Institute to Navitas in 2010, it was in 27 countries.

New campuses would open in Indonesia and Romania, and Tom would focus his sights on Studios 301.

Studios 301 would become a state-of-the-art audio and event space designed to be one of the best acoustic spaces in the world for musicians, artists, producers, and sound engineers.

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Tom Misner – Net Worth

So, is Tom Misner a billionaire? Misner earned most of his wealth from founding and managing the SAE Institute. He’s currently the owner of Studios 301. Therefore, music industry icon Tom Misner has an estimated net worth of $350 million.

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