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David Goggins, often referred to as the toughest athlete on the planet, is an American retired Navy SEAL who is best known for being a triathlete, cyclist, and ultramarathon runner.

Goggins has competed in over 60 endurance races and has placed third at the Badwater Ultramarathonas – “the world’s toughest foot race.”

He frequently works as a motivational speaker, discussing mental power and how to overcome obstacles.

Cameron Hanes, a fellow-ultrarunner, described Goggins:

“For most humans, this wouldn’t be wise. But Goggins isn’t most humans.”


He was born on February 17, 1975, in the US. His father, Trunnis Goggins, was the owner of Skateland roller rink.

David, his older brother, and mother were victims of his abusive father.


At 24, Goggins was earning $1,000 a month, “popping doughnuts like tic-tacs” and weighed 21 stone.

Then one day, David decided that he wanted to become a SEAL himself. However, he weighed almost 300 pounds and was told that he was too heavy to make it through SEAL training. He lost 106 pounds in less than 3 months. Later, he was accepted into SEAL training.

In 2004, David graduated from Army Ranger School with the distinction of enlisted “Top Honor Man.”

First Ultramarathon Race

David Goggins
Image credit – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:David_Goggins_Badwater_Ultramarathon_2007.jpg

In 2005, after several of his friends died (after the Navy SEALs suffered the worst tragedy in a mission that went horribly wrong) in Afghanistan, David began long-distance running to raise money.

During an interview, David said: 

“It touched me. I was trying to find a way to help after that, and I thought about how the cost of a college education is huge now.”

Goggins went on to say:

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Your mind wants to grow so you have to feed it. Your mind doesn’t ask “what have you done for me lately?”, it asks “what have you done for me today?” You have to apply pressure to things in order to make them grow. When you are in the hurt locker, you have to take great pleasure in the fact that no one wants to be where the fuck you are right now. Take great pleasure knowing that your mind is stronger than the conditions being put in front of you. When it's cold outside, I must go on. When I'm tired from a bad nights sleep, I must go on. When I look in the sky and the clouds say rain is coming, I must go on. When day is too hot, I must go on. When I lose my job, I must go on. When my spouse leaves me, I must go on. When death hits close to home, I must go on. Because no one else wants to, I must go on! Life is fucking relentless, I must go on! At the end of this journey, there may not be a pot of gold but there will be a shit ton of self-respect! A lot of people in life are very successful but I think very few are fulfilled. Fulfillment comes when you know you tried your hardest and have given your absolute best when responding to life with “I must go on!”

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”Most of the guys who died over there had kids.”

About 70-miles in his first 100 miles race, David was peeing blood down his leg since he couldn’t make it to a toilet 20 feet from him. Also, all the metatarsal bones in his feet were broken. There were muscles tearing, shin splints, and stress fractures. 

Later, Goggins said:

“Everyone asks me, were you thinking about the guys that died at that time? I’m not gonna lie; I wasn’t.”

David continued:

”This became a personal thing, this became me against this race; me against the kids that called me nigger; me against me. It just became something I took so violently personal.”

Goggins went on slowly to finish the race, finishing the 100 miles in 19 hours.

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Fight Until You Hear the Bell! If you drop your arms before you hear the bell, you are going to get knocked the fuck out! As humans, we fall in love with the idea of being someone great. The second we hit a roadblock in our plan to greatness, a lot of us throw in the towel. Instead of giving up on your goals, learn to look at it from a different angle. It’s important in life not to be fixed-minded. The journey you are on is constantly changing. You have to be willing to compromise. Sometimes you have to be willing to let go of your original plan. A lot of us don’t want to get our hands dirty when shit gets hard. You have to have the self-discipline to see your plan through until the end. Self-discipline is so important because very few of us have anyone who is going to wake us up in the morning to keep us on track. Stop relying on other people to push you, encourage you, coach you, etc. You have to establish habits that make it second nature to keep your hands up in the fight until you hear the bell. You also have to be ready for a cheap shot after the bell! Your best work has to come when you have the least inspiration. It’s on those days that you have to remind yourself why the fuck you are even doing what you are doing. You can not drop your arms just because you are tired!! If you want to achieve greatness in life, it comes with a huge compromise in your life. To be a doctor, it takes about 13 years after high school. To be a lawyer, it takes about 7 years. To be a professional athlete, it can consume your whole life. To train for a marathon, it can take a runner 16 weeks of training. In all of these instances, you are compromising time with friends, family, social time, maybe sleep, etc. Only you can define the meaning of success to you. Everybody is different. Judging and comparing yourself to other people is a fucking waste of time. If you are one of those people looking for more, you will have to sacrifice. Sticking with sports analogies, if you don’t play until you hear the whistle, don’t be surprised when life knocks you on your ass!

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In 2006, he participated in Badwater-135, where he finished fifth overall.

In 2007, David again participated at the Badwater-135. He achieved his best finish by placing third overall.

In 2008, Goggins was named a “Hero of Running” by Runner’s World.

In the follow-up year, David participated in the Furnace Creek-508, an ultramarathon bicycle race that is named after the total length of its course – 508 miles.

On January 20, 2013, he broke the world record for the most pull-ups (4,030) done in 17 hours.

The main aim of his challenges was to raise money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Competing in endurance challenges has enabled David to raise over $2 million for the foundation.


David married Aleeza Goggins in 2005.

His wife once said about David:

“He realized that in order to gain the attention to raise money, he was going to have to suffer.”

Aleeza later added:

“He hates running. He hates riding the bike. I’m here to tell you he’s angry every morning he has to do it.”

According to reports, they are currently separated.


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THE POWER OF FU#*IT! 1. It’s too hot outside…FU#*IT! 2. It’s too cold outside…FU#*IT! 3. I don’t want to study…FU#*IT! 4. I don’t want to workout…FU#*IT! 5. I’m having a hard time losing weight…FU#*IT! 6. I keep failing…FU#*IT! 7. Life is kicking my ass…FU#*IT! 8. I don’t fit in…FU#*IT! The list is endless. Don’t get it twisted!!! It’s not about not caring! It’s the exact opposite! Have the attitude that nothing will ever get in your way! EVER! Success is based off of your willingness to work your ass off no matter what obstacles are in your way. Make sure you find a way to succeed! When you are having the worst day ever and life keeps coming after you, just say FU#*IT and keep going forward! Don’t hesitate for one second! Keep forging forward. Trust me…false motivation becomes real motivation. Develop an unbreakable mind.

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On November 15, 2018, Goggins released the book- ”Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds.”

In his book, David shares his amazing life story and reveals that most of us tap into only 40 percent of our capabilities.

Major Races

Some of his most important races are:

  • ran 100 miles in under 24 hours on no training – 2005;
  • San Diego 100 Mi – 2006;
  • Badwater Ultra Marathon – 2006;
  • Ultraman World Championships – 2006;
  • Ultraman World Championships – 2007;
  • Badwater Ultra – 2007;
  • Leadville 100 – 2007;
  • MiWok 100k Race – 2007;
  • Kona Ironman World Championship – 2008;
  • Furnace Creek-508 – 2009;
  • The world record for the most pull-ups done in 17 hours – 2013.


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What if you can't find motivation to workout and get in shape? It's not about finding motivation! You are measured by the amount of responsibility and accountability you have for yourself. You and only you are responsible for what you do and what you don't do! Don't always count on being motivated to accomplish the mission. I have crossed many finish lines with zero motivation. The finish line I'm talking about isn't a race, it's life. We owe it to ourselves to find more!!! You need will power! We live in a world where a lot of people need goals, motivation and a lot of other words to get started. It’s just a big excuse to not get started. I haven't been motivated in years but I still do all the same workouts and studying I used to. Why? Because I have a responsibility to myself to be my very best, and when that time comes when I find that motivation/drive, I will be ready. This shit is a lifestyle! It's not always fun. Matter of fact…it's hardly ever fun! It's like cleaning your house or studying, it just needs to get done! Nike said "just do it.” Well, I say, "Just suck it up.” Everything comes to an end! Don't let your body or mind do exactly what it wants to do! Take control!

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“I didn’t run, I endured.”

”The pain that you are willing to endure is measured by how bad you want it.”

”People want to see you throw up, cry and go through tremendous suffering.”

”A lot of people call me obsessed. That’s fine. I probably am obsessed.”

“The best conversation you’re going to have in your entire life is the one you have with your self.”

“You can hate me, but there’s one thing you can’t say about me – that I didn’t attack it.”

“As a human being, you always go back to wanting to feel sorry for yourself.”

“When you think you’re done, you’re only at 40% of your total potential.”

“You have to find out what you truly want in life. You have to believe in something.”


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You Don't Know Me There are so many studies out there about mental toughness. A lot of studies say you are born with it or develop it at a young age. I see the same studies about leadership. This may be true about some people but a lot of this bullshit gets in our heads and we believe it to be true. The human being is the most amazing thing ever created. Let me go a step further…the human mind is the most amazing thing ever created. I believe anyone can develop a hard mindset. I wasn't born this way nor did I develop it at an early age. Whoever says you can't develop mental toughness or anything else doesn't truly understand the human mind or the human spirit. We are built to overcome anything. The hard part is trying to find what drives us to a place mentally that most people can't even understand. The cold hard honest truth is most people love to put limits on what we are capable of. Maybe it makes them feel better. I really can't tell you. What my life has shown me is that we are capable of turning a pile of shit into a gold mine. To find what you are truly capable of you have to master your stressed personality. That is our personality that pops up when we get uncomfortable mentally or physically. I lived in that personality for years. Once I figured it out, I was able to tap into a part of my mind I never knew even existed. Most of us like to live in our preferred personality but life pushes most of us outside our comfort zone. Trust me when I say this- most people don't have a clue on what we are truly capable of. Learn to master your stressed personality to see what you are capable of achieving. You control the outcome of your life. You and only you.

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On February 19, 2018, Joe Rogan interviewed David Goggins. The interview was uploaded on YouTube. After two weeks, the video had over 1.4 million views. Currently, it has over 2.9 million views.

David had to go through three Hell Week’s in a year. 

During a routine medical checkup in 2010, it was discovered that Goggins had a hole between the atrial chambers of his heart.

The condition (called – atrial septal defect) prevents people from doing activities at high altitudes. A few days after learning of the atrial septal defect, David had surgery to repair his heart.

He also has asthma.

David is the only person to have completed:

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Good luck to Class 335 starting Hell Week tomorrow. Men don't get many chances to show their grit! U need to pray for bad weather, the coldest water & a broken fucking body! U should want the worst-case scenario in everything to do with Hell Week! Pray for it to be so hard that only ur fucking boat crew makes it all the way through! They make it through becuz u lead those mf’ers through the worst HW ever! U have to become the devil to get through Hell! This shit is about ur fucking mindset! If u are hoping for the best-case scenario in HW, u are not ready! Know that no mf’er can endure what u can- not becuz u are cocky rather becuz u have trained harder than any mf’er alive! U might think this is a fucking motivational speech…well, it's not! This is my mentality before I go into any fucking war! HW is not for the weak! It's for that mf’er looking for the beginning of his soul! U want to see where most people’s desire & will ends & urs begins! Be the man who smiles when everyone is in pain & miserable w/ their heads hanging! Not a friendly smile but 1 that says, "you think this fucking shit can hurt me?!" This is ur time to start creating the man u want to be! U can't make that man in a soft fucking environment! U must be willing to suffer more than any other! Not becuz u have to but because u want to! Many people are looking for hard shit to prove themselves but once the hard shit becomes reality, it is too much to bear. Be on the lookout for The Look! U will know it once u see it. It looks like their soul is leaving their body. It happens during deep suffering when a person can no longer handle the mental pain & suffering of what they THOUGHT they could do. After you see The Look, quitting is very near. My ? to u is this…What the fuck are u going to do when ur balls are in ur stomach from the cold? when ur body is broke as fuck & u have 50 hours left? when ur boat crew starts to quit and u feel alone? when it won't stop raining and u can't get warm? I don't know what you’re going to do but u asked me for my advice so here's what the fuck I did….I prayed to God to even make it worse! Mindset: go to war with yourself! David Goggins, Class 235

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  • Air Force Tactical Air Controller training;
  • Army Ranger School;
  • Navy SEAL training.

In 2012, Goggins completed 3,207 pull-ups in 12 hours, however, he had to stop due to an injury in his right palm.

David Goggins – Net Worth

Goggins earned most of his wealth from his service in United States Navy SEALs (currently he is retired), sells from his book – Can’t Hurt Me, tickets sold to his motivational speeches, and prize money from the races he participated in. Therefore, David Goggins has an estimated net worth of $0.5 million.


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