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$uicideboy$ Net Worth (Ruby the Cherry & Scrim)

What is $uicideboy$’s net worth? How much is Ruby the Cherry worth? What is Scrim’s net worth?

$uicideboy$, also known as suicideboys, is a New Orleans-based rap duo composed of two cousins, Ruby the Cherry and Scrim who have a combined net worth of $4 million. Finding success in the underground rap scene, $uicideboy$ are well on their way to a long-standing successful music career.

They have also pursued outside business ventures, such as opening their own music label called G59 Records.

$uicideboy$ is composed of two members Ruby the Cherry and Scrim.

The cousins gained fame from the underground rap scene, where their music became popular on services such as SoundCloud and have attained a cult following from their fans.

ruby da cherry net worth

Ruby Da Cherry and $crim of $uicideboy$ perform live on stage at the Verti Music Hall – @Getty


$crim, also known as Scott Anthony Arceneaux Jr, was born in Marrero, Louisiana, on April 11, 1989.

His music career was originally inspired by the likes of Kanye West and T-Pain, amongst others, but with a much more harsh and brash style and lyrics.


$crim of $uicideboy$ performs live on stage at the Verti Music Hall on March 19, 2023 in Berlin – @Getty

Arceneaux notably struggled with drug addiction in the past but has stated he is drug-free since February of 2019.

$uicideboy$ Net Worth


$crim began DJing in his youth and would play at events at a local community college. He held various job occupations before he found fame but had been let go from multiple companies because of his tattoos.

Ruby the Cherry

Ruby the Cherry, also known as Aristos Norman Petrou on April 22, 1990, in Louisiana.

Ruby the Cherry

Ruby da Cherry of $uicideboy$ performs during 2022 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival on June 18, 2022 in Manchester – @Getty

His father originally moved to the United States because of a full-ride athletic scholarship at the University of New Orleans.

His music career began at a young age, much like his cousin, and he began playing instruments as early as seven years old.

Throughout his academic career, he played in school bands and eventually joined a garage band as the drummer. Following disagreements between the band, Vapo-Rats, Petrou formed $uicideboy$ with his cousin with who he had grown up.

They termed the duo $uicideboy$ because the two were unhappy with their current situation in life and created a pact that if their music career did not work out, they would commit suicide. Luckily, they have become a widely recognized group and have found success in their passion.

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suicideboys net worth

$crim and Ruby da Cherry of $uicideboy$ perform at the Sahara tent during the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival – @Getty

Net Worth – Ruby the Cherry & Scrim

So, how much is $uicideboy$ worth?

$uicideboy$ have amassed a large following on social media since their formation in 2014.

The group made its start on the internet, releasing underground EPs and mixtapes to various platforms, most notably SoundCloud.

Their music is largely different from mainstream rappers and has been categorized as punk rap or trap metal.

Although they gained their following through SoundCloud the platform and accomplished hundreds of millions of streams through the platform, their wealth is not a result of payments from SoundCloud.

The rap duo has found significant success on the YouTube scene over the course of their career. $uicideboy$ have amassed 3.68 million subscribers since their inception and have a staggering 2.4 billion views total.

Their most notable videos, “…And To Those I Love, Thanks For Sticking Around” and “PARIS,” have 84 million and 152 million views, respectively.

Due to their underground rap scene upbringing in the music industry, much of their music was at one point only available on services like YouTube, which has led to a continued growth in views.

Rapper Ruby Da Cherry from SuicideBoys

Rapper Ruby Da Cherry from SuicideBoys – @Getty

The duo has also gained a hefty following on social media. The $uicideboy$ main Instagram account has 2.7 million followers and is utilized for brand deals as well as to keep fans informed about new music or tour dates. Both members also have personal accounts with a combined 2.7 million followers.

They have also gained access to more mainstream music platforms due to their successful underground career.

On Spotify, the group collects 10 million monthly listeners, and their top three songs have nearly 1 billion listens collectively.

Their 2019 EP release featured popular star Travis Barker and famous Korn guitarist James Shaffer. The 6-track project was titled Live Fast, Die Whenever, and was a massive hit for the duo.

Rapper Suicide Christ from SuicideBoys

Rapper Suicide Christ from SuicideBoys – @Getty

In 2021 after a year apart, the duo reunited and released their second album, The Long Term Effects of Suffering, and went on tour shortly afterward.

In 2022, they released the album — Sing Me a Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation.

$uicideboy$ have also notably started their own record label, G*59. Other members of the label also joined them on their 2021 tour.

The group has ownership of most of their music and operates as a label owner to many other artists. This business provides the duo additional revenue to coincide with their music career.

Therefore, American hip-hop duo (Ruby the Cherry & Scrim) $uicideboy$ have an estimated net worth of $4 million.

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