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What happened to Duke on Zombie House Flipping?

What happened To Peter Duke on Zombie House Flipping? Why did Duke leave Zombie House Flipping?

Short answerDuke didn’t actually leave Zombie House Flipping, he just stepped away from filming. He still owns Hourglass Homes and continues to rescue homes and turn them for a profit. Duke is notoriously private about his home life, but it’s believed that he wanted to spend more time with his family.


It looks like everyone is still obsessed with home renovation shows.

There are hundreds of them out there that cater from everything from tiny home renovations to sprawling ranches and everything in between.

Zombie House Flipping on the A&E network is one of the quirkier shows out there.

And while the show itself earns plenty of attention for its unique premise and engaging personalities, it’s judges like Peter Duke that really won hearts around America.

So, while some might be disappointed to hear that Zombie House Flipping isn’t a show about renovating for the next Zombie apocalypse, many fans are genuinely disappointed to hear that Peter Duke wasn’t returning for another season.

Fans and followers have become emotionally invested in the hit A&E show, but what happened to Duke on Zombie House Flipping?

Here’s everything you need to know about whether Peter Duke left Zombie House Flipping—plus a few updates on the rest of the show’s cast and the season ahead.

What is Zombie House Flipping?


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Nobody would blame a first-time viewer for thinking they were tuning into a Walking Dead-style mock-renovation show.

It’s all in the name, right?

But Zombie House Flipping is actually pretty normal.

The crew of renovation and design experts take on the homes nobody else wants—think foreclosed, abandoned, effectively zombie houses.

You only need to watch the first handful of episodes to see that most of these places look like they’re about to rot into the ground.

Then, as we all expect with home renovation shows, the renovation and design crew make them beautiful.

It’s a little like the iconic Y2K car flipping show, Pimp My Ride, for near-dead homes.

Zombie House Flipping had its premiere on A&E back in 2016, with a powerhouse team that included realtor Ashlee Casserly, PM Justin Stamper, builder Keith Ori, and designer Peter Duke.

Something Is Missing


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While the A&E home renovation series continues to be a massive hit with viewers, many couldn’t help but notice that design guru Duke was absent a lot through the third season.

When the fourth season premiered in November of 2021, Duke wasn’t there at all.

By the time season 4 of Zombie House Flipping wrapped up on March 5, 2022, Duke had made a handful of cameo appearances—and that was it.

Followers of the show took to social media to find out what happened to their favorite home design specialist.

Many fans believed that the show even ran smoother when he was at the helm, and they missed his charisma and the enthusiasm he brought to the table.


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What Happened to Peter Duke on Zombie House Flipping?

Fortunately for fans, it turns out Peter Duke didn’t actually leave the show at all.

At least, not officially.

As the show geared up for its fifth season in 2022, Duke was still very much a part of the crew and featured in both advertising and social media promo work alongside the other three OG crew members.

It looks like Duke’s passion for home design and renovations couldn’t be contained by one show—and perhaps his absences in past seasons were to make time for his latest passion—launching his own home design business.

Duke has been open about promoting his off-camera work—including what appears to be a pretty major hustle with his own Hourglass Homes.


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Peter Duke Has a New Business

As fans and followers flocked to Duke’s page to find out what was going on with his on-camera work for Zombie House Flipping, it became clear that his talent has extended far beyond one hit show.

The iconic home designer has been at work creating stunning abodes in some impressive new neighborhoods with his new company, Hourglass Homes.

Does Duke miss the fame that comes with being in front of the camera?

Probably not, according to his social media accounts—it looks like he’s got all the exposure he needs for his successful business endeavor.

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What is Duke from Zombie House Flipping doing now?

In a nutshell: he’s developing entire neighborhoods!

It’s no wonder Peter needs to step back from Zombie House Flipping—there aren’t enough hours in the day to run a business as busy as Hourglass Homes and also be on a hit show that runs two seasons a year.

Just how busy is Duke?

Through 2021 and 2022, his Florida-based company has completed not one, not two, but a staggering seven home renovation and design projects.

Throw in a few new builds designed from start to finish, and you’ve got an insane amount of work on your hands.

As Peter Duke gets busy developing entire neighborhoods, early 2022 even gave him the opportunity to name the roads and streets in the development.

For a creative being like Duke, building out beautiful spaces and taking on new challenges keeps his creative juices flowing—and inspires him to push his limits.

So fans don’t need to worry—while Duke might not be back for season 5 of Zombie House Flipping in the same capacity, he will be back—and ready to blow our minds.

Update – Duke returned to Zombie House Flipping in 2023.


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