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WhistlinDiesel Net Worth & Income 2024

WhistlinDiesel Net Worth – $4 million

What is WhistlinDiesel’s net worth? Where does WhistlinDiesel get his money?


WhistlinDiesel’s YouTube channel is practically a garage on steroids.

He’s modified an F350 with reaper wheels—if you don’t know what they are, you can check them out right here—mulched a truck, and dropped a Toyota Hilux from 10,000 feet.

He’s come under fire multiple times for his wasteful, consumerist behavior—which is probably a fair call, when you’re destroying cars worth upwards of $50,000.

Despite the heat, his fans love him.

He has earned more than 6.58 million followers on the giant video streaming platform so far, and fans have tuned in to watch his videos more than 777 million times.

So what is there to know about WhistlinDiesel?

What’s he doing when he’s not writing off high-end vehicles?

We’ll find out here.

The Origin Story


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Cody Detwiler—the man behind the WhistlinDiesel brand—was born on July 18, 1998, in Argos, Indiana. Argos is in Marshall County.

His family hails from a farming and construction background, which explains Cody’s love of—and access to—a lot of equipment and outdoors space for his videos.

When he’s not modifying four-wheel drives and crashing them into brick walls, he also enjoys hunting.

When he was 16, he went out for his first season of bowhunting.

Near the end of the season, he still hadn’t shot anything.

He set up a new position and shot a massive whitetail deer with his Bowtech Diamond Nitrous.

Although his first shot caused injury to the deer, he didn’t get a clear enough hit for a clean kill, and had to try again.

He got a score of 150 Green for his effort.


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Cody graduated from high school with plans to do something in the automotive field, and started a mechanical apprenticeship.

He didn’t last long as an apprentice, and by 19 years old, he was pursuing most kids’ dream: being YouTube famous.


Detwiler may not be a household name, but one woman, in particular, was keen to lock him down before he made it big.

In 2016 and fresh out of high school, WhistlinDiesel married Rae.

The pair honeymooned at Glacier National Park.

The loved-up couple made the move to Hawaii in January of 2021, where they purchased a piece of land.

They started building their own home and a retail building.

Rae may not be the social media celebrity that her husband is, but she launched her own YouTube channel and Instagram account anyway.

On her YouTube channel, she talks about her own love of cars, posts hilarious candid footage with her friends, and does Q&A segments with Cody’s female fans.

In June 2022, Detwiler shared a photo of his girlfriend, Katie Miller, on Instagram. WhistlinDiesel and his wife have reportedly split.

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Rise to Fame


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Cody launched his channel at 19, which featured more low-key footage of trucks than what he produces now—but he’s always been true to what his channel is about: automotive videos.

The content itself may have got a lot more crazy over time, but Cody has managed to keep his classic sense of humor and curiosity no matter how much his follower numbers grow.

Detwiler is most well-known as the guy who destroys pretty much everything he drives.

From luxury Audis to abandoned semi-trucks, Cody’s destructive nature and desire to “see what happens” have turned out to be a part of his charm.

Want an example?

In this video, Cody and his buddies install reaper wheels on a lifted F350.

The vehicle, by Cody’s own admission, is worth almost $100,000.

Then he attempts to drive it with the ridiculous set of reaper wheels churning up the frozen ground below them.

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Survives Shooting Himself


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As it turns out, Cody Detwiler isn’t just limiting himself to destroying his property—he’s hell-bent on destroying his body, too.

In January 2021, he posted a series of photos to Instagram of what turned out to be a self-inflicted, accidental gunshot wound.

Detwiler, who has been around guns most of his life, explained that he had pieces of ammo shrapnel lodged in his skin.

It all came about during a routine firing test of Detwiler’s .50 caliber rifle.

During the firing test, the bullet ricocheted.

At this point in the explanation, things aren’t making too much sense, right?

How did the bullet ricochet during a firing test?

As it turned out, Cody wasn’t completely blameless in the situation.

His firing test actually included him firing at steel plates set into the ground in front of him.

Unsurprisingly, when the bullet ricocheted, it grazed his head—causing a wound and bleeding.

Cody captioned the gory images, “Not sure how I’m alive rn…love you all and thanks for all of you.”

Abuses his $400k F8 Tributo


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Car lovers, look away now!

WhistlinDiesel has a habit of doing some pretty extreme stuff when it comes to his social media persona.

His profile tends to be built around him doing ambitious and often quite crazy things with his possessions – most notably his F8 Tributo car.

A Ferrari F8 is not something that many drivers ever get the chance to own – but for Detwiler, it was something he could afford.

So, in February 2023, he decided to trash the vehicle.

After posting a video titled ‘The Fastest Way To Lost Half A Million Dollars,’ fans tuned in to watch Detwiler work his way through the Ferrari F8.

It was like something out of a TV show like Top Gear.

Given that a big part of his YouTube fame comes from basically destroying cars that would have otherwise been seen as the desires of someone’s entire life, this video drew a pretty strong response from car lovers and Ferrari fans alike.

As the video goes on, we see the car spitting out numerous error codes to inform the driver that something has gone seriously wrong with the vehicle while it is in action.

At one point, he tears through a field with long, ranging grass in it.

This sees the car get stuck in a dirt mound, which is when the warning signs kick in.

According to people familiar with Ferrari error codes, most of these warnings revolve around things like overheating and the car being unable to move.

As he works through various damaging tests on the car, he manages to wreck the whole vehicle in pretty short order.

Given that a big part of the appeal of Detwiler is that he does shocking stuff that most normal people would never even consider, it would be fair to say that this video is one of his most prominent.

Who, though, wouldn’t love to have a spare half a million to throw at a funny video?

Arrested: What Happened?

One of the big appeals of WhistlinDiesel’s account is that he often teams up with other popular YouTube personalities to go and do pretty daring things.

In the past, though, this behavior has landed in some pretty serious legal trouble. The most recent experience came in the summer of 2023 when WhistlinDiesel teamed up with Danny Duncan and Jake Paul.

During the video, the crew are driving around on a scooter which is not registered.

The scooter is being carried out as the boys pull off a few ridiculous stunts, including riding the scooter in a turn lane.

The police turned up and chastised the boys for their behavior. After getting a warning from the police, though, Detwiler, Paul, and Duncan, all give up using their scooters in such an egregious way.

This, though, isn’t the first brush with the law that Detwiler has gone through. Back in 2022, a video on TikTok appeared to show WhistlinDiesel getting arrested.

He was out and about with another popular YouTube personality, Justin Norton, and Norton posted an Instagram post of himself in handcuffs with the caption, “A night out with @whistlindiesel landed me in handcuffs.”

The footage that was posted showed the boys messing around in some high-powered cars, ending with the video showing what appeared to be both in a police car. WhistlinDiesel himself posted around October 15th, too, saying, ‘WhistlinDiesel word of the day – imprisonment.’


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Another example of WhistlinDiesel having some trouble with the law came also in 2022 when he had a run-in with the Tennessee police.

This came as he was riding jet skis around with his friends – his argument with an off-duty officer for splashing could have landed him in jail.

The group managed to sink one of the boats they were using, and they continued to splash around.

They were told by the officer they were in a “no wake” zone and got into an argument with him.

While it looks like nothing more serious came from his legal trouble with the police at this time, Detwiler has built up a few different situations where it seems like he has been arrested – or could be on the verge of some trouble with the law.


WhistlinDiesel is about 5 ft 10 in tall.

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WhistlinDiesel – Net Worth


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Detwiler earned most of his wealth from sponsors, selling merch, and ads on YouTube.

So, how much does WhistlinDiesel make on YouTube?

On YouTube, Cody has more than 812 million views, meaning about $2.5 million in revenue before taxes.

In 2022, Detwiler bought Whistlindiesel Headquarters for about $1 million, though he said $8.7 million.

Therefore, YouTube star WhistlinDiesel has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Want to get to know WhistlinDiesel a little better? You can watch him drive a modded truck into the ocean—wasting police resources and polluting the water—right here.


WhistlinDiesel accidentally shoots himself in the forehead

Is WhistlinDiesel still with his wife, Mrs.Whistlindiesel?

WhistlinDiesel introduces girlfriend Katie Miller

Where does Whistlindiesel live?

Thomas Harold Shirley III

Tuesday 18th of January 2022

Be safe brother too easy to get hurt. Thanks for the entertainment in such a boring time while I'm sitting around with nothing to do. God bless you Cody. Just keep up the good work and keep yourself healthy and out of trouble bro....

Bulgarea Candin Stefan

Wednesday 10th of January 2024

Hey Thomas Harold Shirley III,

The entertainment value of Cody's content is undeniable, and it's heartening to hear that it brings joy to viewers like you, especially during idle times.

Edward J Mulholland

Tuesday 28th of December 2021

12-28-21 Hello Cody I was on my phone today and watching a video of LAPD chasing down a bad guy. The next video was one of you catching your neighbor stealing some of your property behind a gate, and spray painting your cellular cameras. I am a 65-year-old guy that is NOT very tech savvy, I don't even know how your videos or others find their way on my phone. That fact is I had not even known there were Cellular phone cameras... What is interesting is that we both share some common ground, Diesel Trucks and Equipment. I have been an independent seller of used very low mile commercial trucks and like low hour equipment for over 30 years. I even got a very simple website made about 3 years ago. I'm so no tech that I can't even update it without getting assistance from my friend in Prescott AZ where I have a summer cabin. That means this time of year either waiting for spring or driving up to get help. The purpose of this note is to share my most passionate project of my career. So for a little background back in the early 1990's when (prior to internet) I was buying commercial trucks like 3/4-ton pickup, cargo vans, small flatbeds, and occasional dump trucks i ran into unforeseen obstacles. For instance, when buying trucks at auction it may not have been noted the A/C was inop (in AZ very key), or other mechanical issues I had to repair in addition to some I was aware of. That often times got me in the hole as they say... Well, the occasional medium duty dump truck almost always made me enough money to pull me out of the financial ditch... Time and time again maybe 6-7 times this happened. I made a promise to the powers to be that I call Karma, if I ever find a suitable (Diamond in the rough) Medium Duty dump truck with several caveat's i.e. 1. Had to be a diesel that after all recon would be usable in the construction industry NOT one to be parked in the garage but one going to work regularly. 2. One with ETREMELY LOW MILES. 3. One with the body in Super good shape i.e. Rust Free for sure as well as Extremely Straight body wise. 4. Had to have A/C even if I had to get it installed (I'm in Phoenix AZ). 5. One that I could somehow make from the basic bones of this truck into something ICONIC, one that on one would ever forget. So, I have done this over the past 3 years and am still trying to finish it to my satisfaction. The truck is a 1992 Ford F700 Dump Truck (former US Army spec built for and sold to the Army) Thus the issue of how to do something COOL that stated out OD (Olive Drab) green... Although not all the way to the finish line it is close. Please take a look at my website and see this truck I think you will enjoy it.

Oh Yeah P.S This is a 5.9L Cummins Diesel / Allison 5 Speed Automatic transmission/ Air Brake / under CDL truck with 24,000 Original Miles Best Wishes in 2022 Ed I

Marvin Gardner

Sunday 26th of December 2021

The Future Farmers of America are not amused.

Larry Falardeau

Monday 20th of December 2021

Hi Whislin Diesel. ( Cody ) I really enjoy whatching your video's... I get some good laugh , and sometime's I'm surprise or scratching my head at some stuff that you do, but it's all in good. Especially when you are destroying a " Ford " or a " Dodge ", but what ever you destroy is all thumbs up.... Sorry to hear about getting negative comments. Do you regret leaving your g/father's farm, you had more video's out there. It would be nice to see more of Monster Maxx 2, and Mrs. Whislin Diesel. Looking to see more video's in the near future, and good luck with the new home and destination... Larry. From Val Caron, Ontario, Canada.

Bulgarea Candin Stefan

Wednesday 10th of January 2024


His entertaining antics and vehicle destructions are not just amusing but often leave viewers, like yourself, surprised or even baffled.

As for the negative comments, it's an unfortunate side effect of online visibility.

Disslin Wixie

Monday 1st of November 2021

Whistlin’ has a great thing going. He polluted nothing and the cops and USCG had no problem with him. BTW.