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Who is WhistlinDiesel’s new girlfriend, Katie Miller?

Who is WhistlinDiesel’s new girlfriend, Katie Miller?


WhistlinDiesel might be most famous for the crazy vehicular stunts that have gained him more than 500 million views on YouTube, but viewers around the world have been just as interested in what goes on behind the scenes lately.

Cody Detwiler—the brains behind the Whistlin Diesel brand—rose to mainstream attention on the video streaming platform for videos like this one, where he put reaper wheels on a Ford F350 and attempted to drive it.

There was also that time he dumped a Toyota Hilux from 10,000 feet just to see what would happen.

In short, this unapologetically reckless YouTube influencer likes to make an impact.

The man with an appetite for monster trucks, bow hunting, and living large has made some bold moves in his personal life, too.

Married young and separated before he’d even turned 25, fans have been keenly following the young Indiana native’s love life just as they followed his controversial trip to Hawaii and his idea to put buggy wheels on a $54,000 Hellcat.

In this article, we’re unpacking his fans’ burning questions: Who did WhistlinDiesel marry? How old was Whistlin Diesel when he got married? When did he get divorced? And that most important question of all: Who is WhistlinDiesel’s new girlfriend?

Read on for all the answers you need.


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Who did WhistlinDiesel marry?

Cody Detwiler met his future wife while he was still at high school in Argon, Indiana.

The pair bonded over their love of cars and heavy machinery, and their farming backgrounds.

Rachel, who has gone by the nickname Rae since her husband found fame as an online influencer, loves fast cars and dogs, and has her own social media following.

While she isn’t hitting the same dizzying subscriber counts as WhistlinDiesel—who had racked up almost 5 million followers—she has an impressive 317k followers on Instagram, another 297k YouTube subscribers, and many avid viewers on the adult media platform, Only Fans.

Also, WhistlinDiesel’s net worth is estimated at $4m.


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How old was Cody Detwiler when he got married?

When Detwiler and Rachel tied the knot, the pair were fresh out of high school.

The pair officially became Cody and Rae Detwiler in 2016, not long after Cody had turned 18.

Cody was still on the brink of becoming YouTube famous, and his channel was quickly gaining traction, when he and his new wife celebrated their honeymoon at Glacier National Park in Montana.

Rae’s fans, and viewers of her Mrs WhistlinDiesel channel on YouTube, began to notice things were unraveling for the couple when she stopped posting content with him in 2021.

At the same time, WhistlinDiesel’s fans noticed that he hadn’t been featuring his wife on his channel, either.

For a couple who had been pretty tied up in each other’s social media content up to this point, red flags were being raised in the Whistlin Diesel fandom.

Then Whistlin Diesel fans’ noticed that he had stopped following his wife across her social media channels.

Questions were being asked, but it would be another year before either Whistlin Diesel or Mrs Whistlin Diesel would weigh in on the matter.

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When did Detwiler get divorced?

In July of 2022, Cody confirmed what fans had been suspecting for over a year—he and Rae had separated.

The controversial YouTuber didn’t post a lengthy explanation either, instead posting a photo of himself with a woman who was not Rae—and calling her his girlfriend (more on this in a minute).

Rae launched an OnlyFans channel, where fans pay to access her adults-only content.

Followers suspected that WhistlinDiesel, who has often shared some conservative views despite his high-octane thrill-seeking behavior, would not have supported his wife selling adult content online.

While some questioned the YouTube sensation’s former wife on Instagram, she chose to stay quiet on her marital status, and addressed the OnlyFans rumors by pointing out how much money she could make on the platform:

“$273k in just five hours.”

Whatever the couple’s reasons for separating, their divorce had not been finalized by the end of 2022.

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Who is WhistlinDiesel’s new girlfriend?

When WhistlinDiesel uploaded this post on Instagram, he made reference to his “gf cleaning the wheels.” Update – the post was deleted.

In the photo, he’s sitting in a Lamborghini while a girl in fishnet stockings does the splits nearby.

He tagged a woman by the name of Kate Miller in the caption.

Kate Miller, a resident of Tennessee—which is where WhistlinDiesel had been living for the past 9 months—is a former OnlyFans model and used Twitter and TikTok under the handle @Stepsiskate.

Once fans had the opportunity to scour her social media channels, they began to make links that tied the pair back at least six months.

Footage of her truck in his Tennessee shop months earlier were posted on sites like Reddit, and a screenshot of her sitting in his lap in early January 2022 was shared on Twitter.

Update – they aren’t together anymore. In 2023, some Redditors linked WhistlinDiesel with Hailey Lujan.

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