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What state does WhistlinDiesel live in?

What state does WhistlinDiesel live in? Where does WhistlinDiesel live?


WhistlinDiesel has achieved a lot in a small amount of time—if trashing high-end utility vehicles, making weird modifications, and violently assaulting yourself can be counted as achievements.

But there’s much more to Cody “Whistlin Diesel” Detwiler than just mulching trucks, accidentally shooting himself, and getting hit with citations while holidaying at Center Hill Lake in Tennessee.

He’s also managed to attract more than 5.36 million subscribers on YouTube alone—and racked up over 770 million views—in the 6 short years he has been posting on the video streaming platform.

He’s been given more vehicles than most of us will ever see in a lifetime.

He’s cost hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to vehicles and property.

He’s a hunter, an adrenaline junkie, and an influencer who practically epitomizes consumerism and waste.


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But fans can’t get enough of his “live for today” attitude and unapologetic behavior.

There’s a lot we know—but there seems to be one thing WhistlinDiesel isn’t sharing with his fans: where does he live?

So, what state does Whistlin Diesel live in?

We narrow down the options to find the answer.

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Does WhistlinDiesel live in Indiana?


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Not anymore—but Whistlin Diesel was born and raised in Argos, Indiana.

Argos is in Marshall County, and it was here that Cody Detwiler was raised on a steady diet of hunting, farming, and monster vehicles.

His family has long been involved in the farming and construction industries.

WhistlinDiesel’s grandpa is a big part of his farming community, and Cody is always keen to show off what his grandfather owns—like in this video, where he gives viewers a tour of all his new tractors.


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Growing up in Argos, Indiana, Cody always thought he’d get involved in the automotive industry—maybe working on heavy farming vehicles or even cars.

He undertook a mechanical apprenticeship after he left high school in 2016 to do exactly that.

The draw of being Insta-famous was too strong. Cody—who already had a YouTube account—started posting videos and growing a following.

By 2021, he had more than 3.4 million subscribers and 600 million views.

2021 was a big time for WhistlinDiesel.

Not only did he surpass half a billion video views, but he also left Indiana.

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Does WhistlinDiesel live in Tennessee?


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Yes, he does.

On March 19, 2021, he uploaded a video of a farm he’d bought—in Tennessee.

“I finally escaped my hometown,” he captioned the video.

WhistlinDiesel went from owning zero properties in Indiana—he often commented in videos about how he couldn’t do a house tour because he rented—to owning two within a year.

He purchased his first property in Readyville, Tennessee—a cattle ranch with sprawling acreage and its very own cave.

The property sits around 15 minutes east of Murfreesboro.


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He also bought the WhistlinDiesel headquarters in College Grove, Tennessee—15 minutes west of Murfreesboro.

According to what Cody said in a video he posted to his channel in May of 2022, he had spent more than $8 million on renovating and fixing the property.

Fans had long had a growing suspicion that WhistlinDiesel lived in Tennessee.

For starters, he had been active on social media from somewhere in Tennessee pretty regularly.

He—and his vehicles—had been spotted around the Murfreesboro and Nashville areas.


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The move also coincided with news that WhistlinDiesel and his wife, Rae, had called time on their marriage of five years.

While she stayed in Indiana, he had clearly moved somewhere.

Finally, there was the legal hot water Whistlin Diesel found himself in at Center Hill Lake, Smithville, TN.

In court documents, Detwiler’s legal team had listed his residence as being in Tennessee.

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Does WhistlinDiesel live in Hawaii?


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No—but he did have a place there, according to him and his wife, Rae.

Back at the end of 2020, there were murmurings that WhistlinDiesel and his wife had bought a piece of land in Hawaii. In January of 2021, the pair confirmed that rumor as fact on social media.

The Detwilers claimed they were planning on building a home and headquarters for the Whistlin Diesel brand.

Some fans and critics weren’t quite buying Whistlin Diesel’s claims, though—especially as many had already seen the battle he was going through on social media to get him and his monster truck over to the islands.

Initially, he claimed that he was heading to Hawaii to drive on sacred land in his monster truck—which he would need to get there.

Following some well documented drama—where Whistlin Diesel was accused of behaving disrespectfully towards Hawaiian culture and customs, and received countless threats—the pair reconsidered.

They were back in Argos, Indiana, the following month, and the post was deleted.

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