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Big Nik Net Worth | Height, Eye, Biography

Big Nik Net Worth – $500,000

What is Big Nik’s net worth? How tall is Big Nik?


Big Nik is a charismatic Florida boy with a difficult past and a stellar social media career.

Once known for his Vine videos—which garnered him more than three million followers on the now-defunct platform—he transitioned to YouTube alongside some of the most famous names in social media.

Those famous names—including David Dobrik—would form the Vlog Squad.

Eventually, BigNik would see the light and bail on the embattled content creator group, but what has he been doing since?

We’ve got it all here.

The Origin Story

Nik Keswani was born on September 11, 1998, in Boca Raton, Florida.

He is the only son of Anil and Vaishali Keswani, who also have two daughters—their eldest is named Devina, and Sarina is the youngest of the three kids.

Keswani was born with a rare form of dwarfism, and is also blind in his right eye—which appears blue in most of his social media.

Keswani was raised in Naperville, Illinois, although he and his sisters did two years of high school at Torrey Pines High in San Diego, California.

Near the end of his high school career, Keswani was faced with multiple leg, hip, and ankle surgeries to correct some medical issues associated with his dwarfism.

He would be in a wheelchair for much of the next two years.

Big Nik height


His parents enrolled him at Laurel Springs Academy, an online school, to minimize the impact his surgeries would have on his education.

His parents value education, with both his mom and dad having medical degrees and practicing in the medical / health field.

Keswani is Christian, and speaks openly about his devotion to his faith.

He lives in Dallas, Texas, with his girlfriend.

He celebrated his 21st birthday on September 12, 2019, posting a current photo of himself alongside a candid shot of him as a kid with a neck brace on.

He captioned it:  “FINALLY 21 YEARS OLD TODAY 🎉 blessed to have all you guys in my life witnessing this moment 💙”

Family Matters

Fortunately, Anil and Vaishali are also very progressive and modern.

Devina, Nik’s youngest sister, was actually born male—but identified as female from a young age.

Nik has spoken in the past about how difficult it was for him to accept he didn’t have a brother anymore.

He said he hoped to watch his younger brother play all the sports he’d never been able to play.

Despite his initial confusion, he is vocal in supporting his sister.

After his leg surgeries were completed, Nik started recording videos for Vine while he was stuck in a wheelchair.

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A Career Climb

Big Nik Net Worth


Nik’s tenacious spirit and desire to succeed saw him turn his health struggles into inspiration.

He named his Vine channel (and later his YouTube channel) BigNik, and gained a reputation for having an epic sense of humor, a big personality, and a strong, resilient attitude.

His first video on Vine went viral.

His intrinsic worth ethic—and some clear guidance from his hard-working parents—wouldn’t let him sit back and coast on one video.

He started posting content daily.

It was originally just a way to pass the time, but between January 2014 and the end of 2016, he gained over 3 million followers.

He also appeared in multiple magazines and online publications.

In a 2016 interview with The Morning Call, he shared that having so many surgeries—he lost count at 40—he matured quickly, so he knew getting an ego over Vine fame was a waste of time.

Keswani’s humility and unique approach to social media stardom shone through.

When most Vine stars were pulling stupid pranks and using drama for attention—the Paul brothers got their start on Vine—Keswani was making light of his own situation, inspiring others with health issues, and giving fans a laugh in a wholesome way.

He also appeared in ET, People Magazine, and the Daily Mirror.

He made a successful transition to YouTube after Vine shut down in 2017, alongside buddy David Dobrik.

Dobrik—who at the time had fewer followers than BigNik—formed the Vlog Squad, and BigNik joined.

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No More Drama

big nik height

Big Nik attends Screening Of G2’s “Be Somebody” – @Getty

Keswani’s resilience would be tested when he joined David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad.

After leaving the content creator squad in 2018, many of Dobrik’s now 19 million fans questioned why the mainstream influencer had kicked loveable Keswani out.

The truth wasn’t so simple. Speaking on the H3H3 After Dark podcast, BigNik explained that Dobrik often used Keswani as a joke, making fun of his dwarfism and humiliating him in front of other people.

He said it became a thing that almost the whole Vlog Squad would do.

BigNik had the maturity to recognize that it may have been partly his fault, since he allowed it to happen. But eventually, it became too much.

He said the group’s behavior was cruel and harmful to his mental health.

At one point, he took Dobrik aside to ask that he stop making fun of BigNik’s height and dwarfism.

Dobrik agreed, and stopped including Nik in his content.

Keswani said on Ethan Klein’s Frenemies podcast that he would come home drained, and that the vlogger group was “kind of like a cult.”

Trisha Paytas, who once dated Vlog Squad member Jason Nash, agreed, calling the Vlog Squad toxic.

Keswani left the group of his own accord.

Hot on the heels of his move, more allegations were made against Dobrik and his crew—allegations of sexual assault, harassment, bullying, and racism. Dobrik removed several videos from his channel in response.

In March 2021, Keswani took to Twitter to thank Dobrik for calling him and making an apology video.

what happened to big niks eye

Brennen Taylor and Big Nik attend the Rio Vista Universal’s Valkyrie Awards – @gGetty


Big Nik is 4 ft (121 cm) tall.

Big Nik – Net Worth

So, how much is Big Nik worth?

Keswani earned most of his wealth from posting videos on Vine, selling merch, ads on YouTube, donations on Patreon, and sponsors.

Therefore, American YouTuber Big Nik has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Want to learn more about BigNik? Check out his new release Hope right here.

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