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Why did Heather Storm leave Garage Squad?

What happened to Heather Storm from Garage Squad?


Ah, reality TV. That guilty pleasure none of us really like to admit we’re into.

We secretly binge The Real Housewives franchises, know all the good home remodeling shows, and would never admit it but have watched an episode or two of the Kardashian’s show.

What we will admit to, however, is the disappointment any time one of our favorite cast members leaves the show.

We get attached and love seeing them every week on our screen. So when they’re gone, it kind of feels like we’ve lost a buddy.

In this article, we’ll talk about the changes the reality TV show Garage Squad went through in terms of the original cast. A

nd, we’ll also tell you where that cast member is now – and why they actually left the show in the first place.

What is Garage Squad?

Garage Squad is one of those reality TV shows we tend to watch when you need to decompress after a stressful day.

If you’re into cars, fixing things, or just want something mindless (but not boring) to binge, then this should be top of your list.

It’s centered around a group of mechanics mostly living in the Chicago area who look for chances to help fix and repair old cars.

They all bring their own expertise to the table in different areas to restore real people’s hobby cars back to their former glory.

Each episode, a different submission is selected, and the group of mechanics, hosts, and builders that make up the show get to work on the chosen car.

They show the owners of the cars how to finish that project that had been sitting in their garage for months, taking up space.

They’re sponsored by several companies, including Cooper Tires and, in order to source and cover the cost of various supplies. 

The series first aired in 2014 on Velocity Network TV and has been running for seven seasons.

An 8th season is scheduled to come out in October 2021.

Who is Heather Storm?

Why did Heather Storm leave Garage Squad


Heather Storm was one of the co-hosts of Garage Squad until she left after season 4 wrapped up.

She’s been in the entertainment industry in one form or another for many years – mainly as an actress, writer, model, and producer. 

Her love for things that could be typically considered more masculine came from her dad, and the time they spent together as a kid.

Her appreciation for cars, knowledge of remodeling homes, ability to shoot guns, and experience using tools were all instilled during her early years at home.

When she was fresh out of high school, however, her life took her on a small detour before she ended up in the entertainment industry.

She graduated from college with a degree in Environmental Science and spent several years in Puerto Rico working on sustainable tourism initiatives.

While she considered her time on the island invaluable, the call of Hollywood was too strong, and after a while, she made her way to Los Angeles.

While attending auditions and acting classes to improve her craft, Heather made ends meet by working as a personal trainer, brand ambassador, and model.

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Why did Heather Storm leave Garage Squad


Why did Heather Storm leave Garage Squad?

So, why did Heather Storm leave Garage Squad? In April 2019, the network airing Garage Squad announced via a public statement that Heather Storm would be leaving the show after its 5th season. Cristy Lee, a motorcyclist and car enthusiast, took over Heather’s part in the show. A long-time co-host of the series, fans were saddened to hear the unexpected news. 

In the statement, it was shared that she was leaving to pursue other passion projects, although there has been some speculation that she was actually fired. In another statement she herself shared on her Facebook page at the time, she shared with fans that she was leaving with nothing but fond memories of the previous four years.

That her time helping hobby car mechanics finish their dream projects and doing it side by side with the team were some great moments she’d cherish.

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Where is Heather now?

what happened to heather storm

Heather Storm visits Build Brunch to discuss the show ‘Garage Squad’ at Build Studio – @Getty

After leaving Garage Squad, Heather Storm stayed within the world of reality TV. She produced and hosted her own TV show called Drive Yourself Local.

It aired on YouTube between 2018 and 2019 and showed Heather traveling across the USA in her very own 1965 Ford Mustang.

Each episode followed her journey across a new small town and the things she saw and did there.

Heather also co-hosted the Man Seeks Adventure podcast along with Brad Fanshaw, a former part of the show Car Warriors, and Dave Marek, who is Acura’s Executive Creative Director.

The podcast centered around the three hosts chatting about their love for cars and traveling, which aligned perfectly with Heather’s interests. 

She’s also a certified personal trainer and has made various show guest appearances.

She has a pretty active social media presence and can also be found on Cameo, the celebrity messaging platform.

Lastly, she’s also the CEO of her own boutique event planning company Black LAB.

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