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Do Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher have children?

How many children do Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher have?


TV stars of the modern era must be prepared for the public to talk very loudly about their personal lives.

When you are in the public’s gaze, you need to expect people to talk about you in various ways.

This often leads to rumors about major lifestyle incidents and changes.

From people getting married or divorced people getting kicked off TV shows they appear on, rumors exist.

When it comes to Alaska: The Last Frontier, though, fans of the series want to talk about the cast members.

Two of the most popular cast members are Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher.

Both are two of the most beloved members of the cast and come with great reputations with the fans.

Fans, though, want to know more about them – including trying to find out about their lives away from the TV cameras.

For example, do Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher have children?

This is a commonly asked question about the duo, purely because fans of the show have such a deep love for the cast.

Given the self-sustainable life that they both lead, many people are inspired by their personalities. Others want to try and be more like them, to learn from how they live their lives.

Hunting and fishing can be quite gratifying lives, and both do so to a great degree of competence. However, given their self-sufficient nature, fans naturally want to know whether (or not) they have any kids of their own.

This is a commonly asked question about the duo; the answers are intriguing.


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Do Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher have children?

With over fifteen years of marriage to one another, most fans assume that Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher have children. Fans can be assuaged, then: the couple does have children. It is known that they have two children, and they might have more. They have a son called Etienne and a daughter called Piper. However, are they both the biological parents of their children? Let’s investigate.

The cast has slowly revealed more about their lives during the Discovery TV series.

Atz Lee and Jane are childhood friends and have known each other for many of their lives.

Jane admitted that Atz Lee’s musical taste helped draw her to him, as he is a talented singer and guitarist. However, before both eventually got together – and then married–they had other relationships.

Both Atz Lee and Jane had been married to other people.

During her marriage to another man, Jane fell pregnant and gave birth to her daughter, Piper Kassouni.

Her ex-husband, Dicran, was the daughter’s father, who briefly appeared on the TV series with her mother.

Atz Lee was previously married to Nantia Krisintu. When matched together with Nantia, Etienne Kilcher was born.

So, both Atz Lee and Jane DO have children – but they are children that were born in another marriage. Not much is known about the children except that Etienne was born in 2001, and Piper was born in 2003.

As the older of the two siblings, Etienne is a bit more visible on social media. It is known that the former freshman football player is in a long-term relationship with his partner, Paige, but little is known about them outside of this.

Like many families who appear on TV regularly, the Kilchers do what they can to protect their family and professional lives.


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Why Etienne And Piper Kilcher Are Not Major Parts Of Alaska: The Final Frontier

As mentioned, the Kilcher family is keen to ensure that press speculation does not invade their private lives.

It must be exhausting to have so much interest in your personal life.

Considering that the children were also in the middle of growing up and doing their studies, it would have been unfair to have them involved in the TV show excessively.

For that reason, both children very rarely, if ever, appear in the Alaska: The Final Frontier TV show.

The show focuses mostly on the hard work of creating a self-sustainable life for the family, so there is not much time to focus on matters away from their day-to-day challenges.

The family has long followed this way of life, with Yule Kilcher and Ruth Weber, the great-grandparents of Etienne and Piper, starting the journey for the whole family.

While the children likely intend to be involved in following in the footsteps of their parents and their predecessors, they rarely appear in the TV show itself.


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One of the main reasons is to avoid the typical internet lambasting that comes with any family.

Despite the Kilchers being fan favorites of the show, the internet is a place that is filled with slander and cruelty.

It was noted that the kids would be kept away from the gaze of the cameras until they were ready – and they decided – that they wanted to be involved in the show. It would not be imposed upon them by their parents.

Both kids have since appeared in the odd episode of the show since they have grown older, but the early years of the show meant that their parents decided they would not be majorly involved.


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Do Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher have children together?

While they share children from a previous relationship, fans have also wondered whether or not they have a child together. The news to report back is that Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher do not have a child together. Raising their children from previous relationships is enough, and the work involved in running their self-sustaining lives is enough to ensure that both individuals have plenty to occupy themselves with!

While it is likely that Etienne and Piper might one day become regular members of the Alaska: The Final Frontier series, it is not for today.

Both have their own lives to form and their own experiences to go through before that kind of TV time would become realistic.

So, as Jane noted in her 2018 Facebook post revealing why the kids were not involved in the show, they are not a secret.

The Kilchers do not want their children disturbed, abused, or insulted online.

Seeing how the internet works, it would be fair to say this is probably the correct decision.


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