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Why did PewDiePie diss 69?

Why did PewDiePie diss Tekashi 6ix9ine?


According to PewDiePie, there is just one correct answer to this: “I just don’t like him.”

A drama that has been over a year in the making—and has been avidly followed by millions of the Swedish internet sensation’s fans around the world—might be summed up that fast, but many casual PewDiePie viewers want to know the full story.

If you haven’t heard the track yet—now is your chance: it was deleted from YouTube for violating the platform’s policies regarding bullying but is still available here.

Why did the YouTube celebrity brutally diss the rainbow-haired former celebrity in his parody track, Coco?

As cringe-worthy as the track was, it provided entertainment to millions of viewers on the platform.

To tell that story, we need to go back to the beginning—or at least to before PewDiePie penned lyrics that included lines like “Don’t be a [expletive] snitch, Don’t be like 6ix9ine, that rainbow [expletive]” and “when you leave the tub, watch out for 6ix9ine.”

We’re unpacking the full story right now.

First up…who is PewDiePie?

Why did PewDiePie diss Tekashi 6ix9ine


PewDiePie is arguably the most influential individual on social media.

He started out on YouTube in 2010, and initially pulled ahead of the influencer pack with his gaming commentary videos.

He was well-liked, he knew what he was talking about, and he had a laid-back, entertaining persona that appealed to the masses.

So much so that in August of 2013, his channel was the #1 most subscribed channel on YouTube.

That year, his also became the first channel to reach 15 million subscribers.

He’s had a lot of first on YouTube since then.

The Harvard Business Review calls him “YouTube’s greatest success,” and he’s maintained that status to this day.

With more than 111 million (that’s one hundred and eleven million) subscribers, his channel receives an average of 47 million views each month.

PewDiePie racks up more views in a month than 97.4% of channels will ever get.

Sure, there have been bumps in the road: he was accused of being a white nationalist and of using the N-word in a live stream.

To a lesser extent, he also promised to delete his channel if it got to 50 million subscribers—which no YouTube channel had ever done before.

He got his 50 million subscribers, and didn’t delete the channel.

Despite this—and despite being dumped by Disney for anti-Semitic posts and uploading an apology where he claimed it was a joke—Felix Kjellberg shows no signs of slowing down.

Who is Tekashi 6ix9ine?

why is pewdiepie dissing 69


Tekashi 6ix9ine is the rap name of Daniel Hernandez—a rapper most well known for his rainbow hair, face tattoos, and snitching on his friends in court in exchange for a reduced sentence.

The rapper came out in 2017 with the hit track, Gummo.

He followed it up with Kooda, Keke, and Gotti—all tracks that landed on the Billboard Hot 100.

A fan of the weirdly named tracks, he released Fefe with Nicki Minaj.

His 2018 single, Dummy Boy, would reach number 2 on the Billboard 200 and go platinum.

6ix9ine—also known as Tekashi69—pleaded guilty to the use of a child in a sexual performance in 2015.

He was arrested again in 2018 and faced a minimum sentence of 47 years in prison.

He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and armed robbery, and testified against members of his own gang—including Dipset rapper Jim Jones, Mel Matrix, and his own manager, Kifano Jordan.

He also snitched on Cardi B for being a member of the Bloods gang.

69’s antics inspired memes, and the rapper became a running joke online.

Even OG rap legend Snoop Dogg joked on television:

“Here’s the winner of the Tekashi69 Memorial Snitch Award, talking about a string of house fires.”

Tekashi served two years in prison—down from 47 prior to his testimony—and was released in 2020 due to his asthma condition.

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Why did PewDiePie diss 69?

pewdiepie tekashi 69


So, why did PewDiePie diss 69? Technically, PewDiePie was dissing Cocomelon on his Coco track.

The four-minute song calls out Cocomelon—the YouTube kids’ show that competes against PewDiePie as a top performer on the platform—telling kids that Santa is fake and roasting the kid-friendly content.

Kjellberg has repeatedly told viewers of his channel that he doesn’t really have a problem with Cocomelon.

“I have no beef with it [laughter] it’s just for fun, you know?”

Kjellberg does, however, have a problem with 69, whose name he managed to work into the parody on several occasions.

From calling the “rainbow [expletive]” a snitch, to implying that 6ix9ine is a pedophile, the Swedish YouTube icon doesn’t hold back.

And he took it a step further on his live stream, saying to fans that Six Nine hasn’t responded because he’s “a [expletive] coward.”

The internet celebrity also joked that the rapper was scared:

“Imagine getting beaten up by a Swedish man, there’s just no [coming back from that].”

When a viewer comments in the stream to ask why he called out Six Nine, PewDiePie’s answer is simple: “I just don’t like him!”

The satirical diss track is no longer available on YouTube, but fans can hear it on Spotify—as well as an official instrumental and a cappella version.

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