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Is Internet Superstar PewDiePie Actually Vegan?

Is PewDiePie vegan?


Unless you’ve been hiding under the nearest rock, you have probably heard of internet sensation Pewdiepie.

A world-famous YouTuber with over 50 million subscribers, Pewdiepie is known for his live-streamed gaming videos, comedic commentary on life and current events, and his ever-increasingly-absurd pranks.

Yet, when it comes to getting to the man behind the vlog camera, there is one question that has always been on people’s minds: Is Pewdiepie Vegan?

Let’s take a closer look at why people are so interested in Pewdiepie’s dietary habits and the events that occurred to lead to this interesting query.

Who Is Pewdiepie?

Is Pewdiepie Actually Vegan


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his internet alias Pewdiepie has been a YouTube celebrity since 2010.

Originally from Sweden, Felix began uploading videos of himself playing video games in order to share them with the world and improve his skills as a player.

Pewdiepie continued to grow in fame as he began to upload other types of videos, including ones in which he would comment on the latest video games and share his thoughts.

However, it wasn’t until late 2012 that Pewdiepie began to take off as a YouTube celebrity- with people tuning into his channel for more than just gaming-related content.

Pewdiepie’s popularity was so impressive that brands and companies began to take notice.

In 2013, Pewdiepie began partnering with companies for sponsored videos, leading the way for YouTube stars to become mega-millionaires.

In 2014, Pewdiepie partnered with the American fast-food chain Wendy’s on a video that was viewed over 14 million times and led to him receiving free chicken nuggets from them for life.

No Stranger To Confusion & Controversy

Is Pewdiepie Vegan


Pewdiepie is no stranger to controversy, with his prank-turned-scandals that have landed him in hot water over the years.

His quirky sense of humor and celebrity-style personal life have often found their way into his videos.

While Pewdiepie has had his share of infamous moments, one question that often arises is related to his eating habits.

The question of Pewdiepie’s being vegan may have arisen following his marriage to his wife Marzia, who is a vegetarian herself.

Many times, those who marry someone who is vegan or vegetarian join them in their health journey.

Marzia also hosts her own YouTube channel, where she would often showcase her latest favorite vegan and vegetarian recipes.

Her marriage to Pewdiepie gave rise to speculation that he was going to join her in her lifestyle.

Another reason fans wondered about his diet was related to comments Pewdiepie made about refraining from eating pork after his revelation that pigs were indeed intelligent during a 2016 stream of the game Inside.

However, during a live stream in 2017, Pewdiepie addressed the questions head-on, telling fans that he wasn’t vegan or vegetarian but did not eat meat and preferred to stick to fish.

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But What About That Twitter Bio?

One of the reasons that people came to believe that Pewdiepie was vegan or vegetarian was because of his Twitter bio, which once stated the star was “swedish, vegan, Minecraft, csgo lotto CEO.”

That biography raised eyebrows but may have, in fact, just been yet another Pewdiepie troll of the internet.

In fact, many fans believe that this short-lived Twitter bio was the result of an online beef with vegan vlogger Sorsha, who once referred to Pewdiepie as “the dumbest YouTuber” due to his lack of a “core message” that he shared with his fans.

In response, Pewdiepie gave his subscribers a simple message in a video in which the star mocked Sorsha and spoke out about the amount of charity he had raised in support of both animals and people.

In that video, Pewdiepie gave a stark response to Sorsha’s accusations:

“This is why no one will take vegans seriously…because one bats–t crazy person comes out and says stuff like this, and everyone else just gets discredited.”

Fortunately, since that vegan-inspired “beef” between the two bloggers, both have enjoyed massive success on their own channels.

This continues to show that many subscribers are much more interested in seeing the response that certain questions may illicit – rather than seeing their particular questions answered!

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Pewdiepie Isn’t Vegan – But Don’t Let That Stop You!

As you can see, even though Pewdiepie is married to a vegetarian, the YouTube star himself may not be vegan himself.

Perhaps the world will never know the truth behind Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, but he may like it better that way!

Pewdiepie has been able to raise interest in becoming vegetarian or vegan – a choice that many think is too hard for them to make.

However, there are plenty of online resources to help you discover the benefits of going vegan or vegetarian and how you can begin living a vegan life in practical everyday ways.

The benefit that it can bring to you and the environment may be worth your research!

You can follow Pewdiepie online at his various channels to keep up with the latest from this YouTube mega-star and find out what other crazy questions his antics are raising.

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