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Cody Rigsby Net Worth | Bio

Cody Rigsby Net Worth – $2 million

What is Cody Rigsby’s net worth?


Instructors are one of the most significant components of a fitness studio that offers online training services.

They lead the workouts, answer questions, and motivate participants to keep going when they reach their limits.

Cody Rigsby is an instructor with an enviable net worth. Read more to find out.

The Origin Story

Cody Rigsby is a familiar name among peloton riders, even if you’re new to the sport or have been pedaling for years.

His ‘boos’ are his devoted followers, and he enjoys motivating and challenging them.

Cody, one of the most prominent Peloton teachers in the game, is looking for a new way to interact with people.

cody peloton net worth

Cody Rigsby poses at the NYC opening night screening of the new film “Theater Camp” at Metrograph – @Getty

As a result, his workouts are eagerly anticipated, making him one of Peloton’s most well-known faces.

Cody, who was born in North Carolina and now lives in New York City, began his career as a dancer.

He has collaborated with industry titans such as Nicki Minaj and has dabbled in fashion.

As well as riding horses, he enjoys traveling, meditating, dancing, and music.

The man is an excellent role model. Aside from making people work hard, he wants them to vote and protest.

Andrés Alfaro, a fellow fitness teacher, has been in a long-term relationship with him.


What is the net worth of Cody Rigsby


As a native North Carolinian, Rigsby says he’s lived in New York City for the past 11 years and that he moved up there shortly after the 2008 financial crisis.

Cody was born on June 8th, in the year 1987, in Greensboro, The Gate City of North Carolina.

He is a fitness expert and sports instructor who specializes in online fitness.

Rigsby is well-known in the industry with millions of followers on his social media accounts, where he shares exercise videos and motivational advice to all enthusiastic.


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Cody Rigsby and P!nk attend the P!NK ‘TRUSTFALL’ Album Release Party at The Edge at Hudson Yards – @Getty

Cody has gained an interest in dancing and fitness since his childhood.

After spending years in his high school in North Carolina, he attended a ballet class at the community dance center.

This young man was awarded a full scholarship at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City because of his talent and talents in the field.

Due to his hard work and talent, Cody became a famous fitness instructor and professional dancer.

To pursue his ambition of becoming a professional dancer, Cody came to New York City in 2008.

In his prime, he performed in music videos and concerts for several international celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry.

He enjoyed being a professional dancer for years, but he realized that he wasn’t truly satisfied.

Moving forward, one of his friends, who was a dancer, joined a company that specializes in fitness and training (Peloton).

He managed to get an interview session and began his first day as a fitness instructor the next day.

Cody constantly strives to make his lessons relatable, real, and vibrant, and he has been successful in doing so.

As a rider, he will push you to be resolute and have fun by being “sassy.”

As a musician, he is an expert at matching the ideal soundtrack to each session so that each rider gets the most out of their training.

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Everyone in Cody’s class enjoys his continuous sarcasm and tough love as he pushes everyone through the class.

Despite his lack of star status, his discipline and pleasant energy make him a sought-after instructor.

After years of hard work and dedication, Rigsby is now the director of cycling at Peloton.

In addition to managing his staff of teachers, he’s also a social media influencer.

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In 2018, Cody Rigsby began dating Andres Alfaro, with whom he has been in a relationship for the past three years.

In addition to being a Barry’s Bootcamp teacher, Andrés Alfaro shares Cody Rigby’s enthusiasm for fitness.

As part of Barry’s, Andrés has worked in various places, such as San Francisco, Dallas, and New York City.

In spite of his San Francisco roots, the fitness guru has made his home in New York City.

A popular Instagram user, he regularly posts pictures of himself working out and hanging out with Cody.

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how much is cody rigsby worth

Matty Maggiacomo and Cody Rigsby attend a Pride Celebration – @Getty

”When you feel uncomfortable, when you feel sad, when you feel unfulfilled, that’s when you inspire, that’s when you find a reason to go in a new direction.”

”I love to get uncomfortable because that means we’re moving in the right direction.” (Parade)

Cody Rigsby – Net Worth

So, how much is Cody Rigsby worth? Rigsby earned most of his wealth from working as a Peloton instructor and sponsors (like Adidas). Cody also worked as a professional dancer. He was also sponsored by Thayers Natural Remedies. Therefore, Cody Rigsby has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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